Top 8 Easiest Call of Duty Zombies Maps

Some COD Zombies maps are easier than others, and if you're looking for a chill time this is the place to be. From IX to Buried, here's the 8 easiest maps.

Updated on Mar 21, 2024
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Top 8 Easiest Call of Duty Zombies Maps

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Tranzit | COD Black Ops 2

Tranzit COD zombies map

After getting past the fog and some other difficult elements of the map, Tranzit is one of the easiest COD zombies maps not just in Black Ops 2, but overall.

What makes it so easy is the massive open area out in front of the Farm, with only the bus to block your line of site. This makes running zombie trains unbelievably easy, and gives little opportunity for challenge.

2 /8

Shi no Numa | World at War

COD Shi no Numa zombies map

Part of the original World at War zombies map line-up, Shi no Numa is the ultimate map for new players, with almost everything lined up in the player's favour.

What makes this map one of the easiest is a combination of only 24 zombies per round, as well as some of the best, most overpowered wonder weapons in COD zombies. The hellhound rounds are not enough to make this map difficult.

3 /8

Der Reise | COD World at War

COD Der Reise zombies map

The fourth World at War COD zombies map, this map is a breeze to play as long as you know the tricks to pull and the tactics to follow. A pretty balanced map overall, the two aspects that make this one of the easiest COD zombies maps are the teleporters and the catwalk.

Players can abuse the maps teleporters to reposition zombie trains and escape tight spots, while the catwalk is an excellent camping spot to mow down zombies from, especially as a squad.

4 /8

IX | COD Black Ops 4

Call of Duty IX Zombie map gameplay

One of the more addictive and fun maps on Black Ops 4, and also one of the easiest, IX has pretty much everything you need to coast through a Zombies map. 

Plenty of open space to run zombie trains all day long certainly helps makes this one of the easiest COD zombies maps, and the easily accessible perk totems ensure even if a player goes down, getting back to domination is a simple task.

5 /8

Firebase Z | COD Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty Firebase Z Zombie

What really makes Firebase Z so easy are the huge open areas across the map, allowing you to run trains of Zombies around the place with no trouble.

Firebase Z hosts one of the highest rounds of Call of Duty Zombies - make sure to check out our article on the longest streaks ever achieved in COD Zombies. 

Whether it’s mowing down zombies or hellhounds with your fully customized weaponry and seemingly unlimited ammo, Firebase Z is the map you choose for a laidback slaughter of the enemy. And if you’re wondering exactly how hellhound zombies work, check out our article explaining Hellhound Zombies in Call of Duty.

6 /8

Kino Der Toten | COD Black Ops

Call of Duty Kino Der Toten Zombies map Gameplay

Also known as Theatre of the Dead in German, Kino Der Toten is one of Call of Duty’s most iconic and popular zombies maps, and for good reason - make sure to check out our article on the best COD zombies of all time to see where it ranks.

This map brought a host of new features, and from its crawler zombies and fire pit trap, the Thundergun is the addition that outshines the rest, making this map ridiculously easy as you blast your enemies to oblivion.

7 /8

Buried | COD Black Ops II (Vengeance Pack)

Call of Duty Buried Zombies Map Gameplay

The map with all the perks and all the space, Buried was brought to Call of Duty in the Black Ops II Vengeance pack, and boy did it not disappoint. Holding the record as the easiest map to get all the perks on, along with some decent open space Buried has a treasure trove of treats for COD Zombies players.

Buried’s bank mechanics allow players to store up ungodly amounts of points with ease, ensuring you can always be stacked going into future games.

8 /8

Ascension | COD Black Ops

Call of Duty Ascension Zombies map Gameplay

As with the other maps on this list, Ascension has plenty of space for players to move around and divide the map, allowing you and your team to tee off on zombie trains with impunity.

All this combined with the frankly overpowered use of the PhD Flopper perk makes this one of the easiest COD maps, negating the splash damage of the Ray Gun, and allowing you to laser down zombies with impunity and get out of tight corners without setback.

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