The Highest Round Achieved in Zombies [All CoD Games]

Discover the jaw-dropping highest rounds achieved in Call of Duty Zombies, including an astounding 10,751 rounds in World at War's Shi No Numa map.

Updated on Feb 10, 2024
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The Highest Round Achieved in Zombies [All CoD Games]

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Highest Zombies Round Ever in World at War

The record for the highest round ever reached in World at War is on the map Shi No Numa, with an astounding 10,751 rounds! Achieved by a player named Cruppz in 2020, he managed to reach this level by quickly defeating every zombie using the PPSH, with the Wunderwaffe as his backup weapon. It took nearly 100 hours to set this new world record. When you look at the numbers, surpassing this record seems nearly impossible. Hats off to Cruppz for this incredible achievement!

CoD World at War

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Highest Zombies Round Ever in Black Ops 1

When you think of "instakill" and easy zombie slaying in Call of Duty Black Ops 1, the first map that comes to mind should be Ascension, which is the correct answer. With features such as rushing through trains with your thunder gun, amount of free space, and overpowered wonder weapon, it's extraordinarily easy to set a new world record on this map.

Call of Duty Zombies player FurretCanWalk broke that record with 240 during a stream on Twitch. FurretCanWalk's strategy was to walk around the pack-a-punch and use all the thunder guns until the ammo ran out. When ammo was finished, it was about to renew ammo by going back to pack-a-punch. When all the ammos are finished, you go to the mystery box and get a new thunder gun. After doing all this 240 rounds, you can reach a new world record run like FurretCanWalk. It takes an incredible 70 hours in total.

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Highest Zombies Round Ever in Black Ops 2

The third record is set on the Mob of the Dead map in Black Ops 2. It is 233 rounds. The strategy used by the record holder in this record, which was broken by StealthMcfilthy in 2020, was to hoard zombies into the cafeteria and kill them all when the acid trap was active

He then went out of the cafeteria, aimed at a crowded horde, and also took advantage of the acid trap and killed them all. Also, if you get stuck somewhere, you should have Vitriolic Withering in your bag because it is a very useful weapon that can save you from any situation.

Black Ops 2 — World Record

Additionally, in this run, you use Hell's Redeemer to take down more zombies. Outside of Black Ops Cold War, this run is the longest, 104 hours to be exact. We do not think that this record will ever be broken again, as this is a rather absurd period of time.

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Highest Zombies Round Ever in Black Ops 4

Highest round ever achieved in Black Ops 4 was Undead of the Night. Many players consider this map to be one of the best Call of Duty Zombies maps and it is underrated. It is a giant mansion map with a huge forest, a cemetery, and a cool easter egg. Actually, Black Ops 4 Zombies mode has no highest round strategy, just stand in a corner with Hellion Salvo Rocket Launcher and kill every zombie that comes your way.

Black Ops 4 — World Record

The Black Ops 4 highest round record was broken by in2itScott, and he managed to reach round 420. Install in the Master Bedroom with Hellion Rockets and kill the zombies, that's it. And besides that, you may also need a few best Zombies perks. As a result, it is a record that has been broken and likelihood will never be beaten. The previous record isn't even close to that, says Zombies community.

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Highest Zombies Round Ever in Black Ops Cold War

Next up is Black Ops Cold War, the best Zombies game in the series. The highest round in Black Ops Cold War is basically the same on Firebase Z and Die Maschine. On both these maps, 935 has been achieved and they were broken by rPikachu.

Black Ops Cold War - The Zombies Best Record

Although it is not fully understood what strategy this man used, he spent exactly 174 hours, breaking the record for the longest run. There is nothing to be said for this because 935 rounds and 174 hours are beyond impossible. That's exactly over a week of gameplay. And we must add that when he reacged round 935, rPikachu's game was glitched and he could not continue, otherwise, he was ready to do more.

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