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How Much Data Does Call of Duty Use Up?

Modern games often need a lot of storage, but how much data do you need to actually play them? Here is how much data Call of Duty game's need for online gaming.
How Much Data Does Call of Duty Use Up?

How much data does call of duty use Call of Duty

Whether you're looking to play COD mobile on the move, or simply don't want to go over any data limit on your home internet connection, it can be super important to know at least roughly how much data Call of Duty uses as you play.

Although there is no guaranteed, stable number, there are some pretty good estimates and averages on how much data the game uses. The data usage of Call of Duty often depends heavily on the game modes being played, and more importantly which Call of Duty online game is being played.

As developers attempt to leave you with as much free storage space as possible, it is common for games to need more data while playing, whether an online game or not. Here is everything you need to know about how much internet data Call of Duty uses.

COD GameData Usage Per Hour
COD Warzone160Mbp
COD Modern Warfare (2019)35Mbp
COD WW240Mbp
COD Black Ops 480Mbp
COD Mobile20Mbp

How Much Data Does The Average Call of Duty Game Use

Each Call of Duty game is different, and the data consumption of the game will depend entirely on which game you are playing. 

Of course, one way you keep tabs on whether your internet connection is struggling with the game is to check your ping during the match. 

If you don't already have that information on your screen, you can simply go to your game settings - check out our article on how to show your ping in Call of Duty for more info.

What Connection Speed Should I have?

In terms of how much data you need to play Call of Duty at any given moment, it's recommended that you have download speeds of around 15Mbps or higher, although theoretically you could play on just 1Mbps.

To know how much data per second or per hour your Wi-Fi or internet connection can support, you can run a bandwidth test on your PC or mobile device (just using google), which will tell you your internet speed. 

Because this measures the internet connection itself, this speed applies to all devices, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Case Study

Wanting to find out more about the amount of data Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War uses, a team of researchers did an in-depth analysis on PC to determine how much data each game mode actually used.

Unsurprisingly, the game mode had a huge impact on how much data the game required.  Strangely, the game mode "Combined Arms", which takes place on a huge map with lots of other players, uses less data than the smaller Team deathmatch mode, while Zombies used even less than both.

The researching team determined that data consumption for a single online game or match roughly equals 15 to 20MB of data usage. While this will vary slightly from game to game, it is a good guideline for any game, from Call of Duty Modern Warfare to Call of Duty Cold War.

How Much Data Does Call of Duty Warzone Use?

Call of Duty Warzone Gameplay

This is the real kicker. Just like every other new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty Warzone has a massive file size (check out our article on the download size of COD warzone for more info), but unlike every other COD game, Warzone takes data usage to a whole new level.

On average, it takes Call of Duty Warzone 160MB of data usage every hour to run. This is likely due to the sheer number of players, along with the game server having to handle a massive map with tonnes of textures and features, handling graphics settings for 150 people.

Per hour, Call of Duty Warzone uses easily the most amount of data out of any COD game, and its overall data consumption is more than almost any other game available, not just COD.

How Much Data Does Call of Duty Mobile Use?

Whether you need to watch your mobile hotspot, or simply have a cap on your mobile data, Call of Duty mobile also uses more data than you'd think.

The amount of data Call of Duty mobile uses depends slightly on how good you are, as less data is needed when you are on the menu screen. If you are in a game for a full hour, non-stop (which is unlikely), then COD mobile's data usage will be around 30MB per hour.

For a normal player, the average amount of data usage is unlikely to be more data than 20MB per hour. Although not awful, it's definitely worth using free Wi-Fi to play or download the game if possible - read our article on COD mobile file size to learn more on how to download it.

And that's everything you need to know on Call of Duty data usage! Make sure to keep an eye on your ping and any cheeky game updates to manage your data usage.

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