What is the Exact Download Size of Call of Duty Mobile?

How Much Storage Space Will Call of Duty Mobile Really Take Up on Your Device?

Updated on Dec 02, 2023
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What is the Exact Download Size of Call of Duty Mobile?

With most mobile games clocking in at 300 MB or more, clearing some space on your mobile device before downloading a game is a must. When Call of Duty Mobile was first unveiled, one of the biggest questions was how much space would it take up on my device. Now, how much space do you really need for Call of Duty Mobile? Here's an article on the subject!

What is the Exact Download Size of Call of Duty Mobile?

The well-known and beloved Call of Duty is now available on smartphones and tablets as one of the top-grossing mobile games in both the Play Store and the App Store. With many elements from its iconic franchise games such as Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops II that avid fans recognized, this mobile game became an instant hit.


But what distinguishes this game and makes it so large in terms of storage capacity is that Call of Duty Mobile has a myriad of game modes, weaponry, maps, and other elements that keep players on the edge of their seats. And, with Activision Publishing Inc. releasing new content through themed events every month, it's no surprise that this game is taking up more and more storage space on the user's device.

Package Title

Download Size

Initial App Download

1.9 GB

Game Installation

1.23 GB

In-Game Downloads

14.41 GB

HD Resource Pack

1.73 GB


19.27 GB

With the number of files that players will need to download in this mobile video game, it is almost inevitable that they will require a fast internet connection to download them all. The total amount of free space required by gamers is 19.62 GB. This already covers all of the past seasons' seasonal content that has been released, not even mentioning features that allow you to change your profile picture in CoD Mobile and all kinds of customization options that we got until now. However, as the season expands due to the monthly updates received by this game, new in-game assets will undoubtedly be introduced, thus we recommend removing more than the overall file size.

That concludes our discussion of the Call of Duty Mobile download size. Download Call of Duty Mobile for free today at the Play Store and App Store to have a competitive and social play. Gather your friends and show off your skills!

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