The Best Hip Fire Gun in Call of Duty Mobile

If you are searching for the best hip fire guns in Call of Duty Mobile, you are at the right place.
The Best Hip Fire Gun in Call of Duty Mobile

For every battle pass reset, we gain a new weapon. Over the seasons have collected a massive library of weapons to choose from in Call of Duty Mobile. From guns that have a high fire rate, mobility, hip fire bullet spread, and ADS Movement Speed, to guns with a decent damage rate, this makes choosing your weapon challenging. So in this list, we are going to talk about the best hip fire gun: Call of Duty Mobile edition.

Best Hip Fire Guns for COD Mobile Players



Starting off the list with one of the best shotguns in the game - the KRM-262. This pump-action shotgun can kill an enemy target with just one shot at close range. This gun is constantly used by pros, and this is because of its consistency. The only major drawback of this gun is its slow fire rate, so missing a shot is quite punishing.

Attachments that you can add to your gunsmith build for this shotgun are Marauder Suppressor, Extended Barrel (+2), No Stock, MIP Laser 5mW, and Stippled Grip Tape or Speed Up Kill.



The Cordite is one of the most versatile weapons in-game. Among all the submachine guns, this one can deal good damage at close range, has a high rate of fire, low damage drop-off, low recoil, and a large magazine size which makes this an above decent gun. Although it has a slow ADS speed compared to the other guns in its category (300 ms), this gun in turn has the best hip fire bullet spread accuracy in Call of Duty Mobile.

Attachments to further boost the hip fire accuracy and range for this SMG are Monolithic Suppressor, OWC Marksman, YKM Light Stock, MIP Laser 5mW, and Stippled Grip Tape.



Despite being quite terrible at long-range combat, this fully automatic sub-machine gun is extremely dominant in close-range gunfights. The PPSh-41 features a fast fire rate, fast ADS speed, and good hip fire accuracy. Making this possibly one of the best sub-machine guns for small maps in the current COD Mobile Season.

Attachments that you can use for this weapon are Monolithic Suppressor, OWC Skeleton Stock, OWC Laser-Tactical, 35 Round Fast Reload, and Sturdy Grip Tape.



This fully automatic sub-machine gun features one of the highest fire rate in Call of Duty Mobile. The Fennec has top-of-the-line hip fire accuracy and fast mobility. Its only real setback is its short range and uncontrollable recoil. But if you are using this at close combat, shooting enemies becomes easier. This is one of the best guns to use in the battle royale.

Attachments that you can use for high accuracy in terms of hip fire are the Monolithic Suppressor, Akimbo, MIP Laser 5mW, Extended Mag A, and Stippled Grip Tape. With the Akimbo perk attached to this submachine gun, you won't be able to ADS but instead, you will have 2 of this weapon for each hand.



The FR.556 A.K.A FAMAS, didn’t exactly carry the same 3-round burst mechanism it had in other Call of Duty such as COD Warzone, but in Call of Duty Mobile, this is a fully automatic assault rifle with a high fire rate and is highly accurate in mid-range. Compared to any other assault rifles in COD Mobile, this has the best hip fire accuracy of all of them.

These are the attachments you can add to increase accuracy in hip firing: MIP Light Flash Guard, OWC Ranger, YKM Light Stock, MIP Laser 5mW, and Merc Foregrip.



If you didn’t know this was a secondary, you would probably think this was one of the best SMGs in the game. This pistol is fully automatic, has high burst damage, and has great magazine capacity which can sometimes outgun other primary weapons. Although it is arguable that the Crossbow has the best hip fire accuracy as a Pistol, in terms of actual short-range gunfight capability, the L-CAR9 outshines the Crossbow. This is a suitable weapon for switching to your secondary when your primary gun runs out of bullets.

Here are some of the attachments we recommend: Agency Suppressor, Light Weight Stock, 5mW Combat Laser, Fast Reload, and Firm Grip Tape.



This secondary weapon is labeled as a toxic gun in COD Mobile because it overpowers other weapons, even a sniper rifle. The Thumper can shoot down your enemy with one shot in all ranges. Even though its blast radius has been severely nerfed, with the right skills and timing, you can still properly execute a kill with it.

There are no attachments available for this weapon.That completes our list of the best guns for the hip fire mode in Call of Duty Mobile. Now that you know what guns to use for hip firing, instead of trying hard to compete in longer ranges, learning your own way to play the game might just be the key to more victories. Although hip firing may seem impractical, once you master this technique, close-range fights will be easy. Who knows maybe one day you'll be a pro in the mobile gaming industry.

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