Can You Actually Beat Zombies in Call of Duty? [Explained]

Each Call of Duty Zombies mode has its own difficulty, but ultimately, it is possible to beat it. Here's how!

Updated on Dec 03, 2023
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Can You Actually Beat Zombies in Call of Duty? [Explained]

Annoying zombies, complicated missions and intricate maps may give the impression that beating Zombie Mode in Call of Duty is impossible. However, this is not true! In fact, you can beat any CoD Zombies mode, even if it's infinite! It may only require minor changes in strategy and the path you take in the game.

Some Zombie modes in Call of Duty can indeed be frustrating. Like, I've spent 10 hours on beating my first CoD Zombie mission, and I can't even tell how many rage-quits happen before that.

Moreover, there are versions with infinite waves of zombies that are designed to be challenging and can be harder to beat than others, which is why many players quit the game out of frustration or try repeatedly for days. Still, every mode and challenge in Zombies in Call of Duty is beatable, although sometimes it can take hours.

Beating CoD Zobmies

How to Beat Call of Duty Zombies Mode?

Choose the Right Equipment

First of all, choose the weapon that best suits your style of play. I personally prefer automatic weapons because of their shooting speed and effectiveness in a crowd of zombies; and when you play zombies in CoD Mobile, you just need to have a good M4 Loadout.

And of course, don't forget about weapon upgrades. Pack-a-Punch is your best friend in the Zombie mode, increasing firepower significantly.

Learn a Map That You Play On

Knowing every corner of the map is crucial if you really want to tryhard the Zombie Mode. Knowing about zombie spawn points, places for weapon upgrades, and the location of Perk Automats can make gameplay much easier

Moreover, I recommend you use teleports and other elements of the map to move quickly and avoid mbuttive zombie attacks. And be humble in all that, because even on the easiest CoD zombie maps, you can lose fairly easily if you forget some elements of the map.

Apply a Kiting Strategy

Something that I consider a big game changer is using a "kiting" technique — this involves leading the zombies in such a way that they form a single, manageable group behind you.

When you have a crowd of zombies behind you, you simply turn around and open fire. From my experience, you just can't beat Zombies in multiplayer without this strategy, especially when encountering some of the hardest CoD Zombies easter eggs.

Interact and Communicate With Your Team

Speaking of the multiplayer mode, another aspect that you can't neglect here is communication. Share resources, support each other and decide on strategies together. And of course, respect your teammate's time — be ready for several hours of grinding, and do not rage-quit.

Legion Boss CoD Zombies

How to Survive Waves in CoD Zombies Mode?

First thing to keep in mind is that every wave will be more challenging than the previous one. Understanding how attack patterns change and the appearance of different types of zombies is key here.

The best thing you can do, in my opinion, is to use the environment to your advantage. Find areas on the map that offer good defensive positions and allow easy retreat when the situation becomes risky. Still, even when the situation becomes chaotic, stay calm and try to think about how you can adapt. 

For example, use the slower moments between waves to regenerate, buy ammunition, upgrade and plan your next steps. And in multiplayer mode, maintain communication with team members, plan strategies together and help each other. Divide roles so that everyone has a specific task (e.g., one player may focus on upgrading weapons, another on buying perks).

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