Can You Actually Beat Zombies in Call of Duty?

But is it possible to beat Call of Duty Zombies? Each Call of Duty Zombies mode has its own difficulty. But ultimately it is possible to beat it.
Can You Actually Beat Zombies in Call of Duty?

The Call of Duty Zombies mode has allowed players to engage in breathtaking battles since its debut. Zombies mode, known for being as challenging as it is fun, is completed by following some strategies. And each Call of Duty Zombies mode has its own difficulty. 

But is it possible to beat Call of Duty Zombies? Is Call of Duty Zombies' endless mode really as unbeatable as the name suggests? Let's learn if it is possible to beat it or not.

Is Call of Duty Zombies Unbeatable?

Annoying zombies, challenging missions and complex maps may have made you feel like you can't beat Call of Duty Zombies. But that's definitely not true because it's possible to beat Call of Duty Zombies, even if it's endless. You may just need to slightly change your strategy and the path you follow in the game.

Some Call of Duty Zombies modes can really be pain in the ass, we know. There are modes with endless waves of Call of Duty Zombies. These are indeed designed to challenge you and may be harder to beat than others. That's why there are players who get upset and quit the game or spend days trying again and again. Considering that Call of Duty is a difficult game on its own, we have to get used to it. As a result, it is possible to finish every mode and challenge of Call of Duty Zombies. Only this can take hours sometimes.

How to Beat Call of Duty Zombies Mode?

Keep your eyes peeled, because if you want to see a floating zombie head around, you should play this mode well. Every game mode, whether it's Cold War Zombies or Vanguard Zombies, has a specific way of playing. Most CoD Zombies modes usually end with the Easter Egg. So if you found the ultimate Easter Egg, you're good at this game.

However, basically the logic of defeating zombies is common. If you follow a smooth and steady rotation, you will achieve victory. In addition, there are things that you need to pay extra attention to, such as choosing the right weapon, positioning, aiming and of course knowing the map well. Today we will share with you tips on how to be successful in CoD Zombies. But let's say in advance, we recommend you to do this with the best Zombie songs. Then let's get into it!

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How to Survive Waves in Zombies Mode?

We know that hungry undead will haunt you until it digests you. That's why you need to secure yourself before defeating them. Moreover, you should definitely not be hot-headed and run away until you get the right position. After you survive endless waves, it's time for death blow.

One common tactic is to circle a sizable area until all the zombies are behind you, at which point you can shoot whatever ammunition you have into the horde. Change to a thundergun or ray gun when your ammunition runs out to finish off the horde. You don't need to be dead accurate on this one, but still make sure that most of your bullets hit. Different enemy types may require you to follow different strategies in this regard. Keeping this in mind, zombies can track you through teleporters. That's why you have to be careful where you step, or it could be your end.

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