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How Much Are COD Points?

Call of Duty cosmetics are a major part of Warzone, which is why you'll need to know how much each COD Points pack costs.
How Much Are COD Points?

The in-game currency in newer Call of Duty titles is Call of Duty points; the only way to obtain in-game content that isn't free would be through that currency. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard all had a COD points system, and there were many skins and packs released as a result. All of that naturally costs money, and today we want to show you how much of it you'll need to spend in order to get the COD points you need.

COD Points Prices

Call of Duty Points

There are plenty of options to choose from when buying COD points. This was likely made due to the various types of cosmetic in-game content that can be bought. This applies to the Battle Pass as well. Here's a full table of how much each option will cost you:

COD Points
1000 (+100 Bonus)$9.99
2000 (+400 Bonus)$19.99
4000 (+1,000 Bonus)$39.99
7000 (+2,500 Bonus)$74.99
10000 (+3,000 Bonus)$99.99
15000 (+6,000 Bonus)$149.99

If you're planning on buying COD Points for the premium Battle Pass or even just Battle Pass tiers, then we recommend going for the option that gives you 1000 or 2000 COD points. Both of these options will also grant you an additional amount of points as a gesture of good faith. Every option starting from 1000 will grant you bonus COD points.

What to Buy with COD Points?

There are plenty of things that you can buy with COD points. Bundles and the premium Battle Pass in particular contain a lot of exciting in-game items that you can equip across multiple Call of Duty and Warzone game modes. Operators, skins, and other miscellaneous cosmetic items are also something to keep in mind. There are plenty of epic operator skins that can be bought with COD points.

Warzone Bundle

Make sure to always check the in-game store in the newer Call of Duty games, there's always something good that can be bought with COD points. Call of Duty titles and the newer Warzone game sold separately, but the stores are still synced, meaning that you can buy COD points that will be registered in multiple titles.

What is the Price of 2400 COD Points?

As mentioned previously, 2400 COD points are worth about $19.99. It's technically worth 2000, but the 400 bonus points are what make this the optimal option for people that don't want to overspend on COD points. Bundles in Warzone cost around 1000-2000 COD points, so keep that in mind when you're shopping for new skins and operators.

Warzone Pro Pack

You can usually find better deals on COD points in your local retail stores or even on online websites like Amazon. If you can't spend any money on skins or operators, we have a guide on how to get free skins in Warzone.

How many COD Points do you get for 100$?

100$ is a lot of money if you're using it to purchase COD points, and you'll be able to get precisely 13000 COD points with that amount of money. 10000 is the base value of points that you'll get with 100$, but you are gifted an additional 3000 if you decide to go with that option.

There are plenty of things that you can buy with 13000 COD points. The only question left is what can you not buy with that amount of COD points.

Can you get COD Points without buying them?

It may not be an instant solution, but there are ways for you to earn COD points via the Battle Pass system. The way you would do this is by unlocking the free Battle Pass tiers that give you COD points. These are usually put scattered throughout the free battle pass and give players the chance to get earn themselves a premium Battle Pass.

Call of Duty Warzone Battle Pass Poster

You don't get a lot of COD points in free battle passes, and it would likely take seasons worth of playing for you to be able to afford the premium pass. However, if you do have the premium battle pass, then you'll naturally get more tiers with COD points. All of this will allow you to easily earn enough to buy another premium pass next season.

Another way to get free COD points would be to utilize the services of Get Paid To sites. We've covered these websites extensively in our guide on how to get free COD points, and we'd recommend checking that out if you're interested.

Other than that, there's not much more to say when it comes to the prices of COD points. With Activision publishing Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 2022, there will surely be more demand for COD points.

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