How Much are COD Points in Real Money [Analyzed]

COD Points in real money range from $1.99 for 200 points to $149.99 for 15,000 points, with various bonuses for larger packs.

Updated on Jan 18, 2024
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How Much are COD Points in Real Money [Analyzed]

The prices below are official COD points prices authorized by Activision Blizzard

COD PointsPrice
1000 (+100 Bonus)$9.99
2000 (+400 Bonus)
4000 (+1,000 Bonus)
7000 (+2,500 Bonus)
10000 (+3,000 Bonus)
15000 (+6,000 Bonus)

However, note that these prices are usually lower at local retail stores or online marketplaces. Not only that, there are also ways to get free Operators, or even free Warzone skins, so check those out before opening your wallet.

How To Get COD Points Without Buying?

There's a way to earn COD points without directly buying them, though it's not instant, and I am talking about leveling up the COD Battle Pbutt

As these points are spread throughout the free Battle Pbutt, they also add up over time, giving you a shot at earning a premium Battle Pbutt eventually. It's not quick, but it's a solid method for those who'd rather not spend cash.

Other than that, there are some options to get COD points for free, but you should note that they will require more time commitment from you. 

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