How to Fix Error 5027 in Call of Duty Mobile?

Connection errors in any game are confusing, and although most times the solution is quite simple, this case is the total opposite.

Updated on Aug 01, 2023
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How to Fix Error 5027 in Call of Duty Mobile?

What is Error 5027 All About in CoD Mobile?

Players might receive the Error code 5027 in Call of Duty Mobile as the result of using a VPN app to "play" CoD Mobile from a different country, and if this happens to be your case, then you've come to the right place to find a solution to it. Although there are several ways to solve this Call of Duty Mobile error code, we'll show you a rather simple fix, for this, we're going to use UFO VPN basic completely free.

How to Fix Error Code 5027 in Call of Duty Mobile?

To fix Call of Duty Mobile error 5027 you have to know about certain things first, such as how to delete the Call of Duty Mobile cache, and to know your way around your network or connection settings, which is the same in most mobile settings, so you won't have many issues if you play CoD Mobile in different a different mobile device. Follow these steps to fix this Call of Duty Mobile error.

  1. Download UFO VPN Basic in APK format.

  2. Install it, and open it.

  3. When looking for a location, choose COD Mobile for your VPN connection

  4. Open the game and the error message should be solved.


Some things to take into account when fixing this Call of Duty Mobile error and using a VPN, you might experience game lag, but this could be solved if you pay the monthly subscription.

What to do if it doesn't work?

If this doesn't work, you might want to try deleting the CoD Mobile cache in the mobile device. Deleting the cache of any app on a mobile device will have certain consequences, but nothing that might be too serious, the most notable one being the fact that you might have to sign in to your original account of Call of Duty Mobile again.

When you want a game running in another country, whether because of your nearest server or to have any other game options, you should have in mind that the Call of Duty Mobile error 5027 is no longer a problem since there is a global version of the game, which has been the fix from Activision so players from all around the world can enjoy the game regardless of their true location.

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