Most Evil Villains in Call of Duty History

We have listed the most evil Call of Duty characters for you.
Most Evil Villains in Call of Duty History

Villains can brutally kill or unforgivable betray your favorite character in any game or story. In Call of Duty, this is a situation that players are often used to. We've encountered many villains in the Call of Duty franchise, but these are ultra-villains...

We've compiled a list of pure evil characters that create memorable moments that players will never forget. Then let's find out who is the most evil villain in Call of Duty history!


Edward Richtofen

We start our list of the most badass villains of Call of Duty games with a Nazi maniac, Edward Richtofen. This villain, which forms the basis of almost most Call of Duty Zombies games, is responsible for not being able to defeat unbelievably powerful and hardest to kill zombies. The man loves to use violence and always yells with pleasure when a zombie dies or a zombie kills someone.

He seemed to be hoping for the zombie apocalypse to occur. How can a crazy person like this not be a villain? If you're wondering who created the hyperactive zombies in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, Edward Richtofen is the bad guy you are looking for. So if you like to play this mode, definitely give credit to him.


Imran Zakhaev

Another notorious villain of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is of course the cool Imran Zakhaev. In Modern Warfare 3, he laid the groundwork for the movements that would eventually result in World War III. Years before the events of the current storyline, Captain Price attempted to assassinate him, but he managed to escape with just losing his left arm. Many think that Imran Zakhaev is the mastermind in Modern Warfare because he started most of it. While playing Modern Warfare, this villain will most likely give you a cold war feel.


Raul Menendez

Next up is Raul Menendez, a Call of Duty Black Ops villain who undergoes a complete character change after Frank Woods accidentally killed his sister. In fact, even though he had some pretty bad intentions before that, this event derailed him completely. Still, Menendez is the most sympathetic villain in the Call of Duty franchise. Menendez, the most iconic villain in Black Ops, has one goal: to see everyone die in agony.

Most Call of Duty Black Ops players love Raul Menendez because he argues that even his insanity fits his style. Also, the team, who finds Menendez sympathetic, says that he was completely right in what he did. Still, that doesn't change the fact that he's the most badass villain in the Call of Duty Black Ops games. And his evil version is more charismatic than his normal version so we can say he is one of the hottest male characters!


General Shepherd

Perhaps responsible for the most heartbreaking scene in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Shepherd becomes the second villain Call of Duty character on our list. The betrayal scene in Modern Warfare still aches in our hearts. In what appears to be the biggest plot twist in the Call of Duty franchise, General Shepherd garnered everyone's hatred by killing Ghost. No one expected General Shepherd to do such a thing, since he was not seen among the main villains, but it turns out he was a pure villain.

Even a person who has not played Modern Warfare or any Call of Duty game before will be heartbroken when they see this scene. His betrayal of both Ghost and Roach at the same time is still talked about to this day. And of course we were bewildered as no one expected that from Shepherd. We thought he was one of the best characters in Call of Duty, but it turns out that he is one of the best disguised Call of Duty villains.


Vladimir Makarov

And we come to the most memorable villain of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare games, perhaps of the entire Call of Duty universe. The main antagonist in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series is Makarov. Vladimir Makarov is a man who nearly started a third world war and killed millions of innocent civilians. And most importantly, Vladimir murdered Soap and Yuri, some of Call of Duty fans' favorite characters. That's why we hate him! Makarov demonstrates how simple it would be for one person to turn the entire world into a hell on earth.

Vladimir Makarov, the walking nightmare of Modern Warfare, struck terror with his unimaginably terrifying deed. He made everyone, including Captain Price, swear revenge on him for killing Soap. That's why the primary villain of not only Call of Duty Modern Warfare but the entire Call of Duty universe is Vladimir Makarov.

We introduced you to which are the most charismatic and evil villains in Call of Duty. If you are a fan of the Call of Duty series, you should definitely fight against these villains with playable characters! We hope you can take revenge. Take care!

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