Top 5 Hottest Male Characters in Call of Duty

Check out the top 5 hottest male characters in Call of Duty, highlighting Price's charisma, Soap's perfect "golden ratio," Ghost's enigmatic appeal & more.

Updated on Jan 07, 2024
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Top 5 Hottest Male Characters in Call of Duty

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Captain Price

Captain Price, a widely recognized character in the Call of Duty series, is the quintessential British SAS Captain. While he may not have the 'golden ratio' of looks like Soap, attractiveness isn't solely about physical appearance, and I personally see him as one of the best campaign characters in CoD.

Captain Price's appeal lies in his charisma, self-butturance, and distinguished aura. His iconic status in the games as a symbol of the American Special Forces is characterized by his signature hat, mustache, and cigar.

Captain Price CoD

Captain Price exudes a strong "daddy vibe" that many find captivating. It's not just his commanding presence but also his overpowering charisma and dominant nature that make him a favorite. 

Watching him in action, especially when he's smoking a cigar, gives a glimpse into the essence of his compelling character. He's not just a leader; he's a character with a persona that commands respect and admiration, making him a standout figure in the Call of Duty lore.

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Next in the Call of Duty heartthrob lineup is Soap, known for his perfect "golden ratio" and captivating features. In a hypothetical live-action version of CoD, Soap, or John Mactavish, would likely be the top choice for his unbelievable good looks.

A prominent character in the Modern Warfare series, Soap is admired for more than his appearance. His personality and professionalism resonate with gaming fans, adding depth to his character. As a key member of Captain Price's team, he has become one of the most beloved characters in both the Call of Duty universe and the wider gaming community.

Soap CoD

Soap's appeal is a blend of his striking attractiveness and his impressive physical build.

His robust and manly image, accentuated by well-defined muscles, epitomizes masculinity. This combination of handsome looks, physical strength, and admirable qualities firmly establishes Soap as one of the hottest male characters in Call of Duty.

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Lieutenant Ghost, also known as Simon Riley, stands out as a cold-blooded and mysterious figure in the Call of Duty series. Known for his exceptional skills as a soldier, Ghost's allure is amplified by his enigmatic persona.

His face, always concealed behind a skull-themed balaclava and black sunglbuttes, adds to his mystique. Characters with masked identities, reminiscent of Michael Myers, possess a unique appeal, sparking curiosity and fascination.

Ghost CoD

Although Ghost first made his appearance in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, he remains one of the most alluring characters in the franchise. However, it's impossible to overlook his brutal death scene, which often comes to mind when discussing his character. 

This tragic end only adds to the depth and complexity of Ghost, cementing his status as an unforgettable and enticing character in the Call of Duty lore.

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Frank Woods

Known for his appearances across most games in the series, Woods has always been portrayed with a heroic demeanor, significantly contributing to his appeal. 

His unwavering bravery and commitment during missions have made him one of the most attractive characters in the Call of Duty universe.

Frank Woods CoD

The idea of fan fiction featuring Frank Woods alongside the hottest female characters of Call of Duty... woah, who wouldn't like to see something like that?

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David Mason

Lets end this list with a character that captures hearts in a Prince Charming manner. David Mason is a Lieutenant Commander in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, one of the best CoD games ever.

David Mason CoD

This main character, whose handsomeness we have witnessed from the beginning to the end of the game, is the son of Alex Mason, who is at least as charismatic as he is. This young soldier with daddy issues is one of the most crucial characters in CoD, and it is a fact that he looks so mouth-watering!

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