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Call of Duty Hottest Male Characters

Are you curious about the hottest male characters in Call of Duty? Here are the top 5 most iconic and hot male characters in all of the Call of Duty series!
Call of Duty Hottest Male Characters

Over the years, we have seen the most good and the most evil characters in dozens of Call of Duty stories just like Dead Space. But who are the characters that attracted the most attention in this game with their good looks and charisma? Let's see together!

In this article, we decided to go out of everything and list the hottest male characters in the Call of Duty universe for you. The characters we will list are the most admired and attractive characters in the Call of Duty universe. We are sure that they are among the most iconic video game characters! So without waiting any longer, let's take a look at our hotties.


Captain Price

Finally, the most well-known character of CoD is the British SAS Captain, Captain Price. Although his golden ratio isn't as good as Soap, hotness isn't just about looks. Captain Price's charisma, self-assurance and, of course, his old man aura make him very attractive. He became the most important symbol of the American Special Forces in the games, along with his standard hat, mustache, and cigar. A quick study claims Captain Price is the most praiseworthy character in the lore.

Wouldn't you like Captain Price, who is giving a full daddy vibe, to boss you over? Personally I would. He has been the favorite of many with his overpowering charisma and dominant character. Just watch him smoke and you'll know what I mean.



Next up is tempting and ravishing Soap with his geometric golden ratio. If we were to see CoD live action characters, Soap would be the most sought after due to his golden ratio and unbelievably good looking. Captain Soap, whose real name is John Mactavish, is one of the leading characters in the Modern Warfare franchise which is one of the best games of all time. Gaming fans truly admire Soap's personality and professionalism. Soap is on the team of Captain Price.

Soap is one of the most loved characters in both CoD and the video game world because he's a real hot stuff and dreamboy. We know he's one of the hottest male characters Call of Duty. Drop dead gorgeous! His body and muscles look so juicy and thick! Who wouldn't want someone manly like this?



Lieutenant Ghost, whose real name is Simon Riley, is a cold-blooded and mysterious person. Ghost is a highly accomplished and outstanding soldier. Besides, Ghost's face is covered, which makes him even more heart-throb. Ghost hides his face with a skull-themed balaclava and black sunglasses. Masked characters with a Michael Myers vibe have always been very appealing. It feels so good to even imagine what's under the mask! The most exciting feature of Ghost is that the mask leaves everything to your imagination.

Although Ghost, who entered our lives with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, is one of the most alluring characters in the video game series, the brutal death scene comes to mind when his name is mentioned.


Frank Woods

Now there is a stunner character who has appeared in most games of the Call of Duty Black Ops series. He always had a heroic demeanor throughout his mission. This is enough to make Frank Woods one of the most attractive characters in Call of Duty. However, he has definitely become one of the players' favorites at the time, with his sexy tattoos and athletic body. We would love to see fan fiction of the hottest female characters in Call of Duty with Frank Woods! Just imagine.


David Mason

We end our list with a character that captures hearts in a Prince Charming manner. David Mason is a Lieutenant Commander in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

This main character, whose handsomeness we have witnessed from the beginning to the end of the game, is the son of Alex Mason, who is at least as charismatic as he is. This young soldier with daddy issues is one of the most crucial characters in CoD and it is a fact that he looks so mouth-watering!

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