What Does ADS Mean In Call of Duty?

You might have heard the term mentioned by your favourite pros or content creators, but what does ADS actually mean?

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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What Does ADS Mean In Call of Duty?

What is ads in Call of Duty

Although ADS speed is something any veteran player will be familiar with, it can often be a confusing term for newer players who have not heard it before.

Luckily, ADS is actually pretty simple once you know what it means. Just an acronym, ADS means "Aim Down Sight", and so of course ADS speed just means how fast you can aim down the sight of your gun.

This term is not unique to Call of Duty, and is used in almost all FPS games where the feature can be found, from CS2 (CSGO) to Fortnite. If you're interested in other FPS games, make sure to check out all our articles on CS2 (CSGO), as well as our Fortnite article section.

Why is ADS Important?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare ADS Gameplay

Both in Call of Duty's Battle Royale mode in the warzone, and in larger team death matches or Search & Destroy maps, aiming down sights is vital to be able to scope out the enemy and maintain accurate weapon's fire from long range.

Yet aiming down sights is vital for more than just long-range engagements. In both Battle Royale matches and any other game mode, your firing while ADS, whether with a scope or iron sights, is always more accurate than hip fire.

Is ADS Always The Best Choice?

It will, of course, reduce your movement speed, and so there are some situations where hip fire is more advantageous in-game than your ADS, especially if you are using a shotgun - check out our article on the best shotguns in COD mobile for more info.

Generally, however, ADS is the way to get kills unless you are in extremely close-quarter combat. Whether you're on a console, PC, or Call of Duty mobile, with most weapons from submachine guns to rifles and snipers, aiming down sights will help you.

For this reason, most weapons have attachments available specifically designed to reduce ADS time, and in most cases these attachments are something you should definitely equip.

What Makes COD Mobile ADS different?

Unlike every other platform for Call of Duty, where you are able to very easily point, fire and ADS all with different buttons, Call of Duty mobile is a little different. As everything is on a much smaller screen for COD mobile, Activision added a new feature where the player can toggle on their ADS option for each class of weapon.

While playing on Call of Duty mobile, players press the aim button to "aim in", however in COD mobile whether you ADS or begin standard hipfire will depend on which weapon you have.

COD Mobile ADS & Hipfire Settings

Call of Duty mobile players can simply go to the Control section of settings to decide which types of weapons will have ADS enabled for shooting, and which will use hip fire instead. To help you out on deciding which classes should do what, read our article on the best hip fire gun in COD mobile.

And that's pretty much everything you need to know about ADS, both in normal Call of Duty and in COD mobile. Make sure to test out what playstyle works for you, and figure out the best way to use ADS to win games!

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