How to Get Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

Are you ready to show off your skills in Call of Duty by earning one of the hardest medals there are in the game?

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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How to Get Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

Medals in CoD Mobile are titles a player can earn when playing multiplayer matches, there are multiple types of medals in CoD Mobile, and some of them can be even considered some type of easter egg because of how hard or strange it is to obtain them. On this occasion, we're going to talk about the Relentless medal in cod mobile and how to get it. Do you think you have what it takes to achieve it?

How Can You Get the Relentless Medal in CoD Mobile?

To get the relentless medal in CoD mobile you need to play multiplayer matches, preferably, non-ranked multiplayer matches, so you protect your rank in the game, but that's up to you. You can only earn relentless medal in CoD Mobile by killing 20 enemies without dying during your matches and believe us when we tell you, that this is not an easy feat, therefore, you need to know your way around high-tier weapons in CoD Mobile to get the relentless medal, as well as the best multiplayer map to secure kills.

Best Maps to Earn Relentless Medal

If you plan to get this medal, you should be familiar with the dangerous locations on every map so you can avoid them, or use them to your advantage so you can easily kill enemies in Call of Duty Mobile. A few tips to take into account is to avoid rushing, even in a non-ranked multiplayer match, this way you can score kills without taking the risk of dying. Some of the best small maps to get this medal are:

  • Nuketown
  • Killhouse
  • Shipment


On big maps, you want to utilize assault rifles or sniper rifles from a safe distance if you want to achieve these consecutive kills and get the relentless medal in CoD Mobile. On the other hand, when it comes to small maps, these are the easiest to get those consecutive kills, but dying is just as simple, therefore you should be skilled in short-range combat as if you were in high-ranked matches.

Best Weapons to Get Relentless Medal

Call of Duty Mobile has a wide variety of weapons for players to win the toughest challenges the game might offer, and if you're planning to get this medal, then you need to master a powerful weapon such as a sniper rifle or shotgun to get easy kills in close range combat. To be more specific, here are the best gun categories for it:

  • LMGs work well due to their high fire rate.
  • Shotguns can one-shot enemies if you're close enough.
  • Sniper rifles, although hard to master, guarantee kills.


There are also operator skills that you can utilize to kill enemies quickly, a killstreak reward is also super useful such as sentry guns to kill enemies automatically, or predator missiles to start reigning fire all over your opponents. Some of the most useful operator skills to get this medal, or any other neat achievements related would be the Purifier, K9, or Bull Charge. As with everything in this game, bear in mind that you should use the skill that best suits your playstyle.

Easiest Way to Get Relentless Medal

The simplest way to get this medal would be after a major patch when every rank has been reset and not everyone can update immediately, or with AI bots, being the last one mentioned here the simplest and quickest way to get the Relentless medal in Call of Duty Mobile. Playing in bot lobbies is your key to getting multiple eliminations, and eventually, the so-desired medal.


Something to take into account is to not underestimate AI bots. It is well known that they're quite trashy but still, AI bots can kill you, which means you should still be careful when playing in this game mode.

What Other Medals Can You Get?

In case you haven't seen more comments about this topic, things don't end in the medal we're talking about. It turns out there are more medals you can get in Call of Duty Mobile as you achieve more kills past 20. Here's a list of what medals you can get past the 20 kills.


Amount of Kills Necessary








More than 30

Medals in Call of Duty are a huge deal, you might be surprised by how many there are in the game, and these are for sure some of the hardest ones to get. Although they're easy to get against bots, it would take a level of expertise otherworldly to get this on a standard multiplayer match, let alone a ranked one.

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