What is Lethal Equipment in Call of Duty Mobile

Get a Killing Edge with Call of Duty Mobile's Lethal Equipment
What is Lethal Equipment in Call of Duty Mobile

Players can add or use a selection of items in their Call of Duty Mobile loadout. These items can be easily obtained in-game by leveling up or completing challenges. But with many different weapons in the game, one way to deal damage to the opposing team is through Lethal Equipment. This guide includes everything the players need to know about these lethal weapons to sharpen one's game and make themselves even more formidable.

Lethal Equipment in Call of Duty Mobile

In COD Mobile, Lethal Equipment is an item that players can use to gain a strategic advantage over their opponents. This item can be used to kill foes, obtain information by utilizing it strategically, or protect oneself from being eliminated by the enemy squad. These different lethal weapons will have varying impacts on the battlefield, making them an essential part of a player's loadout.

Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade is a classic piece of lethal equipment that can be used in any shooter game. The Frag Grenade explodes after a short delay in COD Mobile, which causes an explosion.

CODM Lethal Equipment Frag Grenade

At level 2, players can immediately obtain this devastating equipment. It has a 50-damage explosive output and can eliminate an enemy within a 50-meter radius.

Sticky Grenade

Unlike the typical grenade the Sticky Grenade, often known as the Semtex, is a type of lethal that can stick places to any surface before detonating.

CODM Lethal Equipment 2

This lethal equipment will be available to players after they reach level 37. This deadly weapon has a damage output of 50 and a radius of 50. Just like the Frag Grenade, even though the damage is listed as 50, it can still kill enemies when hit or stuck directly.

Trip Mine

The Trip Mine is one of the most troublesome lethal items in the game since when deployed, this magnetic mine automatically activates and explodes when an enemy steps on its beam.

CODM Lethal Equipment Trip Mine

This lethal equipment, which has damage and a radius of 50, is unlocked at level 25.

Combat Axe

Although there is other lethal equipment that delivers a lot of damage, the combat axe kills instantly on impact. This is a high-skill lethal weapon that requires precise aiming, yet if a shot is missed, players can still retrieve it.

CODM Lethal Equipment Combat Axe

This is unlocked at level 49. This has ridiculous damage of 100 and a short radius of 35.


The Thermite is a lethal piece of equipment that sticks to any surface of an object and violently burns enemies for a short period of time. This lethal is great for clearing objectives in Domination.

CODM Lethal Equipment Thermite

Players can obtain this lethal equipment through the Credit Store. The Thermite has a radius of 50 and deals damage of 40 for a short period of time.

Molotov Cocktail

When thrown, the Molotov Cocktail explodes on impact, igniting an affected area, and dealing damage to enemies in the area. This lethal equipment is excellent for clearing Hardpoint objectives.

CODM Lethal Equipment Molotov Cocktail

At level 14, players can obtain the Molotov Cocktail. This has a radius of 40 and a damage output of 60.

Contact Grenade

The Contact Grenade is a powerful piece of equipment that is suited for an aggressive class set-up. This is due to its use in which it instantly explodes upon contact with any surface.

CODM Lethal Equipment Contact Grenade

This lethal was a seasonal challenge reward and will be available for purchase at the Credit Store soon. The Contact Grenade has the same radius and damage of 40.


This lethal is a brand-new addition to the game. In numerous Call of Duty games, this is a fan favorite lethal equipment. The C4 is an explosive that sticks to surfaces and can be detonated remotely.

CODM Lethal Equipment C4

This lethal can be obtained as part of the free Season 9 Zombies are Back Battle Pass. The C4 has high damage of 80 and a large radius of 70.

Cluster Grenade

Cluster Grenades are a form of sticky grenade that detonates in a series of smaller blasts. This grenade is excellent for clearing rooms and trapping enemies who are camping.

CODM Lethal Equipment Cluster Grenade

This lethal loot is exclusively available in COD Mobile Battle Royale. This has 60 damage and a radius of 70.

Delay Bomb

The Delay Bomb can attach to any surface and explodes after a brief period of time. This can be detonated in advance by shooting the bomb itself. This is typically used to destroy enemy vehicles.

CODM Lethal Equipment Delay Bomb

The Delay Bomb is lootable in Battle Royale. It has a radius of 40 and strong damage of 80.

Proximity Mine

The Proximity Mine is a ground mine that explodes when a vehicle passes through it. It can also be detonated faster by shooting it, causing additional damage.

CODM Lethal Equipment Proximity Mine

This is a Battle Royale loot that players can use to eliminate opposing Tanks effectively. It has a damage output of 70 and a radius of 60.

With over six lethal equipments present in the game and more on the way, deciding which one is ideal for you might be difficult. So try them all out with your favorite weapons, but before you head into battle, check out our website for the latest tips and tricks like How to Level Up Fast in COD Mobile so you can unlock these items right away!

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