How to Play Prop Hunt in CoD Mobile [Step-by-Step]

You can play Prop Hunt in CODM in just a few steps, but only if it's available in the current season - yup, it's a time-limited game mode.

Updated on Feb 10, 2024
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How to Play Prop Hunt in CoD Mobile [Step-by-Step]

Prop Hunt in Call of Duty Mobile is a limited-time game mode, and it wasn't available until season 13 after the game's launch. 

To play Prop Hunt in Call of Duty Mobile when it's available, here's what you need to do:

  1. Open your Call of Duty Mobile account.

  2. Choose "Multiplayer" mode.

  3. Tap on game mode selection.

  4. Select "Featured".

  5. Start your match.

The game mode features randomly selected maps, and it's crucial to familiarize yourself with various maps, your best perk combinations won't do it alone. Knowing your surroundings can give you an edge, especially if you're playing as a prop, helping you decide where to hide, jump, or run during the game.

Prop Hunt CoD Mobile

General Tips for Props and Hunters in CoD Mobile



Know well your maps in Call of Duty Mobile. Being familiar with the maps you play will help you find the best location for you to hide with any of the props available, especially if you are playing in some of the smallest maps where it's hard to hide.

Don’t be afraid to shoot at literally any object. There’s no general location where props will be if you’re the hunter in Call of Duty, so don’t be afraid to use your weapons as your primary tools to search.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. If possible, always try to have at least one of the hunters in your sight, of course, this requires you to have ninja-like stealth when turned into one of the props in Call of Duty Mobile.

Always try to memorize your surroundings. Although difficult for obvious reasons, if you manage to at least memorize and identify any changes in the objects of a zone, it will make your hunt, and win the round easier.

Think outside of the box when finding a place to hide. In some maps, the slightest corner will keep you safe from enemy hunters. On the other hand, there are maps where you can hide right in their noses.

Try to cover as much ground as possible. Although is great to work in a team with another player because two pairs of eyes watch more than one, some maps do require everyone to split up to hunt the props.

Don’t be afraid to blind your enemies. If an enemy hunter has the slightest clue of where you might be, you can always “throw” a flashbang to blind them temporarily so you gain time to jump around, change shape, or find a new hiding spot to win the match.

Use a headset. Headsets improve your awareness in Call of Duty Mobile since it allows you to hear your opponent's footsteps. But when it comes to Prop Hunt, the whistle will always give you a hint of where the props might be, and you want every possible hint to hunt them.

Beware of the periodical whistle, and always plan your next move. “The whistle” in prop hunt is a sound your character makes every 20 seconds, this gives the hunters a clue of where to search for props, that’s why you should always be on the move. If the hunter finds you, it’s over.

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