Best Loadouts for Flores in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Looking to make full use of Flores’ RCE Ratero drones on the battlefield? Check out our Flores loadout guide that will help you be a menacing threat.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Best Loadouts for Flores in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Flores was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Crimson Heist, who had a bunch of explosive drones alongside a deadly buttault and marksman rifle in his arsenal. Similar to what R6 Zofia's loadouts and R6 Ash’s loadouts do, the RCE drones are also able to provide you with site intel alongside a fatal explosion that forces defenders out of position.

So if you’re looking to master him and his explosive drones, check out our article to see which loadout you would feel most comfortable devouring enemies.


Best Flores Loadouts

Here are some of the best Flores loadouts that will help you and your team to gain the upper hand on the battlefield:

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Best Flores Loadout For Breaking Enemy Utility

If you’ve chosen Flores to help your team take out some enemy util and take map control, or want to get rid of some anti-breach gadgets, here’s the loadout for you:

  • AR-33 with Angled Grip and Flash Hider. A scope of 1.5x or 2.0x will work fine in this case

  • GSH-18 with Muzzle Brake

  • Stun Grenades Or Claymore (situational)

The AR-33 is a pretty easy-to-use rifle with a low skill set that can gun down enemies in no time. If you’re busy sending out your Flores drones to destroy enemy gadgets, you’re a sitting duck waiting to be killed. With so many aggressive players in Rainbow Six Siege, there’s a high likelihood that someone will probably come out to kill you.


If you see someone in your RCE drone running towards you to kill you, the Angled Grip will come in handy since you’ll need that extra second to ADS to take the defender out. The Flash Hider will compensate for the recoil the Angled Grip will provide.

You’ll also be needing the extra magnification from either 1.5x or 2.0x to help you win those long-range combats if you decide to peek.


The Stun Grenades or Claymore is situational. For instance, if you’re outside the basement in Oregon, Stun Grenades would be the better choice to burn ADS of Jager. Similarly,s a Claymore would come in handy if you’re helping your Hard Breacher out on 2F in Kanal or Clubhouse.

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Best Flores Loadout For Clearing Roam

If you’re someone who’s usually buttigned the task of taking out the enemy roamer, here’s the loadout you need:

  • AR-33 with Vertical Grip, Flash Hider, and 1.5x

  • GSH-18 with Muzzle Brake

  • Claymore

Keep in mind that there needs to be someone else with you as well to use this loadout. Use your regular drones first to find out where the roamer is. If he’s somewhere where he has a clear peeking/angle advantage, then use your Flores drones to push him out of his hiding spot.


Once he’s trying to escape, the AR-33 with a Vertical Grip and Flash Hider will provide you with the maximum stability you need to take out a roamer trying to save his life. In case he decides to fight back and you run out of ammo, the GSH-18, with its high damage, will give you a good fighting chance against your opponent.


The Claymore will come in handy if you’re trying to cut off the place the Roamer might run to. Even if he does break the Claymore, you’ll still be able to hear the sound and then will have to act accordingly.

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Best Flores Loadout For Long Range Combats

Want a Flores loadout with a more conservative and defense-minded approach? Then check this out:

  • SR-25 with Vertical Grip, Muzzle Brake. Scopes can vary from 2.0x to 3.0x

  • GSH-18

  • Claymore


The SR-25 is a great marksman rifle when it comes to holding down angles. You can use it to hold down angles on the breached wall if you’re hard breacher is going somewhere else to open up another wall. The Vertical Grip and Muzzle Brake will provide your weapon with the stability it needs so that it won’t spiral out of control.

The Scopes on the SR-25 can vary. Most people would take the 2.0x, but if you’re more comfortable with the 2.5x or 3.0x, then go with it. Since there’s a high probability that you’ll be rappelling, make sure to bring a Claymore to avoid any sneaky runouts from the enemy.

Tips and Tricks To Play Flores

If you’re looking to learn the mechanics of Flores offered in Operation Crimson heist, here are some Flores tips and tricks you need to know about nifty thief from Buenos Aires:

Use Him As Support

Many Rainbow Six Siege players make the grave mistake of using Flores as a fragger, but instead, he works best by being used as a support. Deploy Flores drones to pave the way for your fraggers to enter and destroy gadgets such as Mute loadout’s Mute Jammers, Maestro loadout’s Evil Eyes, Bulletproof Cameras, Shock Wires, or even Deployable shields.

You can also use his drones to destroy soft surfaces/soft walls or non-reinforced hatches since they work exactly like an impact grenade.

Don’t Waste His RCE Drones

Another common mistake Rainbow Six Siege players make is being so predictable with Flores’ RCE Ratero drones that the enemy takes them all out, which is a total waste. Use a regular drone first to check if the area is clear, then deploy the Flores drone to take out enemy utility.

Cloud Your Sound With The Ratero Drone

Since Rainbow Six Siege is a game highly dependent on audio, you can use Flores’ Ratero Drone to cloud the sound and push along with it. The enemy might get tricked into believing no one is following the drone, and it’ll be an easy kill for you to pick.

You can also come out of the Ratero Drone’s camera; however, keep in mind that the Flores Drone will then go in a straight line, and you won’t be able to move it in a certain direction.

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