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Who were the first Gods in SMITE?

Want to know about the first few Gods that HI-Rez Studios introduced in SMITE? This comprehensive guide on SMITE Gods will put your curious mind to rest!
Who were the first Gods in SMITE?

Smite came out on May 31st, 2012. With its launch, 17 Gods were introduced. All other new playable characters were released after the debut of these 17 Original Gods, the first new God being Guan Yu.

These 17 Gods were:

  • Agni
  • Anubis
  • Ao Kuang / Kukulkan (Presently)
  • He Bo
  • Hel
  • Ra
  • Zeus
  • Arachne
  • Bastet
  • Kali
  • Sun Wukong / Hun Batz (Presently)
  • Hades
  • Odin
  • Sobek
  • Vamana
  • Ymir
  • Artemis

Skills and abilities of the first Gods



  • His 3rd ability Path of Flames made him crowd control immune and not knock-up immune.
  • His ultimate Rain Fire could be triggered continuously without a delay.
  • His 1st ability noxious fumes dealt heavy damage and there was no stun mechanism involved when coupled with his other abilities.


  • His passive Sorrow only stole magical protections and this increased as he gained focus by constantly damaging enemy Gods.
  • Sorrow granted no crowd control to Anubis.
  • Sorrow did not grant magical life steal. This was introduced on June 20, 2013 which made him one of the best mage God in Smite
  • His 3rd ability Grasping hands did not slow enemy Gods.
  • The duration of his 2nd ability Mummify could be increased by increasing the focus.

Ao Kuang

  • Had all the abilities that Kukulkan has now when this God was first released.
  • Was changed by September 2014 into Kukulkan which paved the way for the current Ao Kuang in the game.
  • The new present Ao Kuang was released in November 2014.

He Bo

  • The name of the 2nd Ability was Flood waters instead of Atlas of the Yellow River.
  • It granted move speed to He Bo only and not the entire team.
  • His 3rd ability Water Sprout could be used for slowing enemies.
  • His 1st ability and Ultimate have not seen any drastic changes. 


  • The restoration ability in the light stance had a changed effect which was that Hel fires a projectile that does damage to a single enemy God and heals Hel for 50% of the damage done.
  • Repulse (Dark Stance) dealt less damage but slowed and knocked up enemy Gods.
  • Inspire (Light Stance) provided CC immunity only.
  • Other abilities including the ultimate are pretty much the same compared to Hel in the current season now.


  • There have been no major changes in the skills and abilities of this God even since its release.


  • His 2nd ability was named Aegis Shield. Aegis Shield granted Zeus additional protections, slow immunity, and increased movement speed. Furthermore, if Zeus is attacked by basic attacks from enemy Gods, a portion of that damage is reflected back to them and they have a charge applied.
  • His 3rd ability Detonate charges stunned the enemy God if the enemy God had 3 charges.
  • His 1st ability and Ultimate have almost remained the same throughout the years.



  • Her passive used to be Poison Claws where she poisoned enemy Gods with her basic attacks which dealt damage every 0.5s for 3s.
  • Her 1st ability was Broodlings where she would place up to 5 spider eggs that acted as wards and spawned broodlings if an enemy God got too close.
  • Her 2nd ability was Drain Life where she would latch on to enemy Gods dealing damage and silencing them.
  • Her 3rd ability was Tangled Web where she would spin a web that slowed enemy Gods in an area.
  • Her Ultimate was Cocoon where she would fire a projectile that if it hit an enemy God would stun them and pull them towards Arachne. This ultimate also made Arachne one of the best assassins God in Smite.


  • Her passive was Nine Lives - Bastet had a 15% reduced respawn time for the first 9 respawns.
  • Her Ultimate was Nine Tails - Bastet fires a projectile dealing damage to an enemy God and slowing them.
  • Throughout the years, Bastet has got reworked almost 4 times, but her 1st and 2nd ability almost never changed.


  • Her passive was Enrage which gave Kali a 5% lifesteal throughout the entire game. If she fell below 25% health, she would gain another 25% bonus lifesteal and this triggered once in a minute.
  • Her 1st ability was Kali Rage where Kali buffed herself with increased physical power and movement speed when activated.
  • Her 2nd ability was Blood Lash where Kali strikes enemy Gods in a cone in front of her dealing damage.
  • Her 3rd ability was Siphon Blood where Kali would attack enemies in a circle and heal up for each enemy hit, up to 3.
  • Her Ultimate was Frenzy where Kali would spin in a circle dealing damage to all enemies in the circle continuously all the while ignoring all movement controlling abilities on herself.

Tanks (Guardians)

Sun Wukong

  • Popularly known as monkey king at that time, he had model and abilities that represented the present Hun Batz in-game.
  • His passive was Fleeting feet which granted him a bonus movement speed while he was out of combat.
  • His 1st ability was Somersault where he would jump at a target ground location and deal damage slowing the enemy Gods in that area.
  • His 2nd ability was Overhand Smash where he would damage enemies in a cone in front of him.
  • His 3rd ability was Furious Monkey where Sun Wukong would hit a projectile of himself that would attack enemies in progression but he could not teleport as is present for Hun Batz in the current season.
  • His Ultimate was Year of the Monkey where Sun Wukong would cause explosive fireworks that dealt damage every 0.5s for 5s and also feared the enemies caught in the explosion for 2s.


  • Came out as a Tank (Had base stats that of a Tank God)
  • There have been no major changes in the skills and abilities of this God even since its release.


  • His passive was Birds of Wisdom which granted him double the vision on the mini-map including that of enemy Gods.
  • His 1st ability remains the same as till now.
  • His 2nd ability was Odin's Shout where Odin would buff himself and his allies with increased physical power.
  • His 3rd ability was Gungnir's Might which granted Odin a passive that granted HP5 and physical protections from basic attacks. When activated, Odin performed a swinging melee attack that dealt damage to slow the enemies caught within the swing.
  • His ultimate was the same except that it provided increased physical protection, physical power, and CC immunity while inside the ring.


  • His passive was named Armour of the Nile and only his landed basic attacks granted him protection
  • His 1st ability Charged prey stunned enemy Gods before throwing them and he was not knock-up immune.
  • His 3rd ability Sickening Strike could heal him for each enemy hit.
  • There have not been any profound changes in his 2nd ability and his Ultimate.


  • His passive Sleeping Giant also caused Vamana's ultimate to get cool downed by 1 sec for whenever he took damage from an enemy God. Moreover, his Colossal form increased by 0.5s duration up to a maximum of 10s if he took damage from an enemy God in this form.
  • No prominent changes have been made to his 2nd and 3rd Abilities up till now.
  • His ultimate Colossal fury had no CC Immunity and there was no buff that increased movement speed, strafing speed, and backpedaling speed as of now.


  • His passive Frostbite did not apply a damage reduction to enemy Gods.
  • His other abilities have pretty much remained the same ever since his release.



  • Only hunter for a while in the game.
  • Her passive Still Target granted Artemis a 5% critical strike chance buff for every 4 basic attacks that successfully hit an enemy God. It stacked up to 3 times.
  • Her 1st ability Transgressors Fate also acted as a ward.
  • Her 2nd ability Vengeful Assault only provided her with an increased attack speed buff.
  • Her 3rd ability and Ultimate have not seen any significant changes until now.

That is it for the first Gods released in Smite and how their abilities differed from their current version. If you liked this article, do check our articles on How many Gods are present in Smite and how to get free Gods in Smite.

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