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Ranked Seasons in Smite: Everything You Need to Know (Duration, Rewards, etc...)

Find out how long the seasons in SMITE are, what season rewards you get, when the next season is starting and what changes each season.
Ranked Seasons in Smite: Everything You Need to Know (Duration, Rewards, etc...)

The beauty of Smite is that the developers have invested a lot of time and love into the game. That can be seen by the fact that the game has remained alive for so long. In an era where online video games come as a fad and then quickly die out - Smite stands out. 

This is partly thanks to its seasonal ranked system and how it's designed. So let's see what makes the Smite seasonal ranked system stand out when compared to other games, that might also share a similar system.

But first, let's take a look at...

What Smite Ranked Seasons Are

Smite ranked seasons are a period of time in which all tournaments and championships for the year take place. This period usually lasts for about a year (check out the ranked season table below). 

But it isn't divided just on that basis alone. Smite is a highly competitive game, so each season, your ranking is reset. That way, the same players won't always hog the top spots on the leaderboards. That way, new players gets a chance to progress. But with progression, comes certain rewards for that season. More on that later.

Before you can even begin playing ranked though, you must fulfill certain ranked requirements in Smite to be able to play ranked. Aka, you have to have won 30 normal matches and own 20 gods. The first one is easy, but the second one might require you to spend some more time in-game.

How Long do Smite Seasons Last?

Smite ranked seasons usually run for about a year, give or take. The only exception being Season 1 which was only 10 months. Here's a handy table to look back at the seasons.

SeasonStart DateEnd DateTotal Days
106.05.201411.02.2015282 days
357 days
366 days
364 days
378 days
352 days
363 days
364 days

What Smite's Seasonal Ranked System is

The basic gist of Smite's seasonal ranked system is that each season, you get new events that allow you to unlock new time-limited skins or other rewards.

Smite Season Reward

The beauty of this system is that it constantly keeps you coming back again, and again, and again. Especially if you're one of those people who wants to own all of the best skins in SMITE. In that case, it's impossible not to keep coming back to grind out the skins. And remember to watch out for the latest news, a quick google search goes a long way.

You can always track your progress to your next reward in the current season rewards tab next to the ranked matches. The same goes for the split rewards. But more on those later.

The final thing that's really captivating about this system is the competitive aspect. Some players really enjoy competition - while others like to just play and enjoy the game (cough!). 

How the Ranked System is Split

Because Smite has multiple game modes, that means that each separate game mode is tracked. If you have a high rank in ranked conquest, for example, that won't transfer into your Joust rank. 

Smite Game Modes Ranked

The reason for this is that the philosophy and the play style for the different modes is different. Thus, there's something for every player. The things that transfer between the game modes are your knowledge of the gods and your knowledge of how to build the god you are playing appropriately. The things that don't transfer are your knowledge of the map and the tactics that you can employ. Both of the latter requires some time to get used to them. 

That is why a lot of players who enjoy playing ranked just pick one mode that they like playing the most and stick with that one, while they avoid the others. In essence, they pick the cake that they like and they eat it. And there's nothing wrong with that. The beauty of Smite is that it gives you options, what you enjoy is what you enjoy. No game mode is superior to the other game mode. And don't let the elitists tell you otherwise. 

But What are Splits?

Splits are extra goodies that you can unlock by playing and winning ranked games. 

Split Rewards

In principle, these aren't as demanding as seasonal rewards. As they are meant to be completed in a shorter time span. It's 15 wins for a victory chest, and 50 wins for 50 gems. All in all a good deal, who doesn't like free gems? 

Take note. There are a couple of splits during the season, so don't forget to keep coming back to grind them out. Or else you'll miss out on all the goodies!

The Different Ranks in Smite

All in all, Smite has 7 ranks that can be achieved. Although not many of us will live to achieve the final rank, as the competition is rather intense.

Smite Rankings

Seeing as only the top 50 competitive players, who have the highest MMR can qualify for the Grandmaster category, it's rather understandable that the competition is very intense then. Even with the Master rank, only 2% of players can qualify for that position. And once they reach it, they have to keep grinding to increase their MMR even further in the hopes of reaching Grandmaster someday. Truly a position for only the most competitive players - living legends among mortals. 

Still. The reason these players get up there in the first place is that they are exemplary team players. We talked about the importance of team play when we looked at the fastest way to reach level 30. The fact of the matter is that team play is what wins games, not individual skill. So, be a support for your partners. And reflect on how you can improve in the future.

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