How Good is Diamond in Brawlhalla? [Rank Overview]

Diamond rank in Brawlhalla is the pinnacle of competitive play, placing you among the top 0.7% of players and offering prestige within the community.

Updated on Feb 25, 2024
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How Good is Diamond in Brawlhalla? [Rank Overview]

What is the Diamond Rank in Brawlhalla?

Diamond rank represents the pinnacle of competitive play in Brawlhalla, sitting as the second-highest rank in the game.

If you've reached this level, you're among the elite players. Given this, I'll explore a more advanced training regimen tailored for those striving to master the game at this high level.

Brawlhalla Diamond Rank Distribution

Is Diamond a good Rank in Brawlhalla?

Yes, being a Diamond player places you in the top 0.7% of all Brawlhalla players, making it an incredibly prestigious status within the game's community. 

Brawlhalla Overall Rank Distribution

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