How you can Change Your HUD Theme in Smite (step-by-step-guide)

It gets bland to look at the same old HUD all of the time, so why not change your HUD? Here's how you can do that.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How you can Change Your HUD Theme in Smite (step-by-step-guide)

We're all familiar with the good old Smite HUD, with its yellow lines and its blue hues. Well, you can only take so much of the yellow and blue before you go mad. Or, alternatively. You look at the other options available and go "Damn, I want that!" Well, here's how you can get that.

Guide on how to Change Your HUD in Smite

  1. Once you get in-game, head straight to your player profile.
  2. Once you open your profile, you'll be greeted with a lot of options. Head to the bottom of the list and find the "Loadout" button and click it.
  3. After you've opened your Loadout, you'll be greeted with another load of buttons. Head down and find the HUD theme button.


Great! Now that you've located the HUD Theme section (which is located below the Music Theme section), you can finally change your HUD Theme to something different than the default - If you have the different HUDs unlocked that is. Me on the other hand... Well, I'm stuck with the "ol' faithful" until I can unlock a HUD Theme myself T_T

How to Get More HUDs in Smite

Now, you might also be wondering. How do I get more HUDs in Smite? That's a common question people ask. Along with how to get free gods in Smite and the best way to get gems in Smite. Here's how.

Play Odysseys and Earn Rewards

As with most things in the game, you can either earn them with hard work or buy them with hard-earned cash - you decide which you prefer. But let's talk about the first method.


You earn the rewards by collecting odyssey points which you get by completing the requirements assigned to you by the quests. This usually comes in the form of "play X games", "do X things" and that sort of stuff.

At each milestone, you unlock a certain amount of odyssey points and possibly an extra reward as well. Sometimes it's a skin, sometimes it's an avatar, and sometimes it's even a HUD theme. The problem here is that not every odyssey will have a HUD theme as an unlockable mind you.

You can also use the odyssey points to unlock new parts of the map. What, what map?

Smite Odyssey Map

This map.


This is the odyssey quest map. It's filled with different zones that you have to unlock with the odyssey points that you earned previously. This is where the main bulk of unlockable goodies is actually hiding.

It's usually spread across different zones that you unlock (duh!). Each has its own quests and voyages that you can attempt after you've finished your quests. Each grants you different rewards, sometimes it's chests, sometimes it's cosmetics. Who knows, until you earn them that is.

Just make sure to read the rules for the quests in-game, as they are essential in understanding how you can go about doing the quests in the first place. They also include a FAQs section for specific questions that might arise.

What Kind of HUD Themes are There?

There are 4 HUD themes that you could unlock. There might be more to come in the future. but here are the HUD themes that are available as of now.

Demonic Pact Theme

The Demonic Pact theme was the first theme to be released.


It strayed from the "sacred" look of the default HUD and instead adopts a more "profane" look. With spikes everywhere, themes of red and black instead of the blue and gold, and spikes and teeth everywhere. Quite edgy. You could unlock this theme by reaching level 18 in the Odyssey 2017 event.

Fire and Ice Theme

The second theme that was released was the Fire and Ice theme. Instead of being a contrast, it opts to unite the two previous themes.


With motifs of unity and harmony between the two color pallets. The Fire and Ice theme is for those who enjoy the harmony in the colors. You could unlock this theme by reaching level 24 in Odyssey 2018.

2018 Season Ticket

Ahh, 2018. A good year, one year before everything went wrong. Oh, and it's also when the 3rd theme was released, the 2018 Season Ticket theme.


The 2018 Season Ticket theme was for those who'd like to reminisce and remind themselves of their team's best plays during the 2018 season. You can unlock this theme by reaching Team Badge level 3. What's cool is that each team had their own variation of this theme, with different color schemes and logos. Pretty neat!

Regal Theme

The last theme to be released was the Regal theme.


This theme is for those players who enjoy royalty and elegance and want to show it. If sublime and awe-inspiring motifs are your thing, then this HUD theme is for you. You could unlock this theme by reaching level 27 in Hera's Odyssey. 

Speaking about reaching certain levels. Ever wondered how to rank up faster in Smite so that you can reach level 30 easily? We've got you covered, just head over to the article we've written previously about the topic and you're set. 

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