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Is Gold a good rank in Brawlhalla? At what ELO is Gold? How to get out of this rank?

Learn where Gold falls on the ladder, and how to get out of it!

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Is Gold a good rank in Brawlhalla? At what ELO is Gold? How to get out of this rank?

In Brawlhalla’s ranking system, there are 6 ranks: Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

What is the Gold Rank in Brawlhalla?

Gold is the fourth rank, and where the average player lays. In this division, the main things that separate good players from bad are good training regimen, and not playing too many legends/weapons.

Percent of total player base in each rank.

Is Gold a good Rank in Brawlhalla?

Being a Gold Player puts you in the top 50-15% of all Brawlhalla players. This is where you’ll spend the most time struggling back and forth, as it spans the largest percentile range of Brawlhalla.

Highest percent of total player base in each rank.

What ELO is Gold in Brawlhalla?

Gold ranges from 1450 to 1682 ELO. You can go below 1450, you’ll just stay in Gold 1, the lowest division.

How To Improve from Gold

In Silver, you started playing against mostly equally skilled players. Because of this, you were able to start reviewing your replays to analyze the neutral game. In Gold, not only are players equally skilled, but they also have a decent amount of experience. This means that people are starting to really find their niche, whether that be one Legend, or one Weapon. When you start learning a Weapon or Legend, you begin by just learning how the moves feel. Which ones do you use to juggle, to read, to catch aerial attacks, etc. At a certain point, you’re not able to just passively learn all of the intricacies of the Weapon or Legend just by playing games, you’ll need to start training. Read further to learn how to train effectively.

Before we go over your training regimen, here’s the guide on optimizing your controls: the first control to change is Press Up to Jump - if you have this enabled, it’s very difficult to perform Neutral moves. We generally press Up to perform a Neutral move, because pressing nothing is very difficult to time, and can be inconsistent. Make sure you have Press Up to Jump disabled.

Mordex SSig

The next important control to change is Prioritize Neutral Over Side. In conjunction with disabling Press Up to Jump, this means that inputting diagonally in any direction will perform the Neutral move. This is important for some combos/strings, makes juggling a piece of cake, and also increases consistency across the board. 

With that out of the way, let’s discuss training.

How to Train for any Weapon or Legend

Training is mainly about two things: learning new techniques and combos, or improving consistency of these techniques and combos. With that in mind, I’ll show you two seperate regimen, one for learning something new, and one for reinforcing better habits.

The Offline Play menu

Learning a new weapon can be a daunting process. Not only is there a whole new set of moves to learn, but you also need to learn the different niche applications for each move, and the combos and strings that are most optimal. The beginning of this process is more easily done through proper research. Once you’re familiar with how the moves feel individually, you’re ready to start learning combos. Obtain a list of combos and strings to practice, generally around 5-8 long. Go through one at a time, performing each combo slowly at first, then trying to get it frame perfect. You can check how you’re doing by turning on Show Hit Stun in the Practice Tool Settings. For combos, you should never see a purple text that says, ‘Dodge Window: X’. 

That’s the amount of frames that your opponent was out of hitstun, which makes the combo not true. For strings, you’ll probably find yourself hitting a wall on the Dodge Window, ranging from 2-7 frames. Once you feel comfortable performing each combo/string, start over. Perform each combo/string over and over, until you perform it perfectly 10 times in a row (true for combos, whatever the Dodge Window is for strings, which changes per string). Once you’ve done this, you’re almost ready to use the Weapon in ranked.

Optimal Setup for Practicing Combos in Training in Brawlhalla

After finishing the above session, take a 5-10 minute break. You just did some pretty rigorous training, and your fingers might even feel sore. Once you feel ready to play the game again, queue up for experimental. You’ll not be playing to win these matches, but playing to practice certain combos. Let’s pretend you’re learning Sword. The main combo on that weapon is DLight>DAir. Normally, you’d be using all of the moves to beat your opponent, but, while training, you’re only allowed to use DLight and DAir. Just practice hitting DLight>DAir against a live opponent as much as you can. Do this for 2-3 matches per combo/string, or until you really feel comfortable using each combo/string against a live opponent. This is the core of the process for learning a new weapon, now let’s discuss staying at peak performance.


Zariel SSig

Keeping the rust off is much more simple than learning a new weapon. Go through the Practice Tool regimen, performing each combo/string over and over until you sequentially perform it 5-10 times perfectly. Once you feel warmed up, go into experimental again. This time, don’t just use one combo, just play the game normally. It’s best practice to play 3-5 games in experimental before ranked, just so you can see if you’re playing especially well, having an off day, or if any other anomalies are present.

Orb SAir

That’s the foundation of any good training regimen, but feel free to tweak it to how you learn best, or how much time you wish to spend training.

Quickest Tips for Climbing

This is where the players are really starting to take the game seriously. You’ll really need to rapidly improve to get to Platinum. Think of it this way: Gold is where the 50th percentile starts, and Platinum starts at roughly the 10th percentile, so you basically have to become better than another 40% of players, on top of the 40-50% you had to beat to get here. This means you’ll probably take 2-3 times as long to get out of Gold as you did to get into it. Don’t worry, everyone gets stuck here for a while - just keep training, stay consistent, and you’ll get out, eventually.

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