Is Gold a Good Rank in Brawlhalla? [Analysis]

Having a Gold rank in Brawlhalla puts you in the top 50-15% of players, marking a significant milestone.

Updated on Feb 25, 2024
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Is Gold a Good Rank in Brawlhalla? [Analysis]

What is the Gold Rank in Brawlhalla?

Gold is the fourth rank, and where the average player lays. In this division, the main things that separate good players from bad are good training regimen, and not playing too many legends/weapons.

Gold Rank Distribution Brawlhalla

Is Gold a Good Rank in Brawlhalla?

Being a Gold Player puts you in the top 50-15% of all players in the Brawlhalla ranking system. This is where you’ll spend the most time struggling back and forth, as it spans the largest percentile range of Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla Gold Rank ELO Breakdown

RankELO Range

Gold 1

1390 - 1447
Gold 21448 - 1505
Gold 31506 - 1563
Gold 4 1564 - 1621
Gold 51622 - 1679

Brawlhalla Overall Rank DIstribution

How To Improve from Gold Rank in Brawlhalla

This is where the players are really starting to take the game seriously. You’ll really need to rapidly improve to get to a Platinum rank

Think of it this way: Gold is where the 50th percentile starts, and Platinum starts at roughly the 10th percentile, so you basically have to become better than another 40% of players, on top of the 40-50% you had to beat to get here. 

This means you’ll probably take 2–3 times as long to get out of Gold as you did to get into it. Don’t worry, everyone gets stuck here for a while — just keep training, stay consistent, and you’ll get out, eventually.

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