Garry's Mod Download Size [Latest Version]

Discover the latest download size of Garry's Mod.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Garry's Mod Download Size [Latest Version]

If you're looking for the exact Garry's Mod download size, you came to the right place! Although you may believe that this information is already displayed on Steam's official page, you should know that there is a big difference between the size required for installing the game and the download size. Finding the exact download size of any game can be challenging, so we did some research so our readers won't have to. Not only you'll discover Garry's Mod download size in this post, but we'll also reveal some intriguing details about this PC game, so stick around to learn something new.

Where Can I Play Garry's Mod?

You can play Garry's Mod exclusively on PC (Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux). Unfortunately, there are no console versions of this game.

What Is The Download Size Of Garry's Mod?

The download size of Garry's Mod is 2.2 gigabytes. However, this applies to the base game only, and each mod will require additional downloads and more storage size. This game can get enormously huge, and some players even reported that their Garry’s Mod folder was almost 400 gigabytes in size!


Essentially, it all depends on the number of installed mods, but it’s definitely recommended to limit their number for an optimal gameplay experience.

If you'd like to know more interesting facts about the download size of other games, check out the download size of Destiny 2 and the download size of Rainbow Six Siege.

Where Can I Download Garry's Mod?

You can download Garry's Mod only on Steam. Since this game is Published by Valve Corporation (which owns Steam), you won't find Garry's Mod elsewhere. When it comes to game modes, you'll find all of them on Steam's workshop, and you can download them quite effortlessly.

The Founding Father Of Sandbox Games

With so many sandbox games to choose from today, it's quite easy to forget which game started it all. What began as the Half-Life 2 mod evolved into one of the most significant and most played sandbox games in history, with over 20 million copies sold. A pioneer of its genre, Garry's Mod has laid the foundations for all the sandbox games that came into existence. Surely, there wouldn't be Minecraft and all other comparable titles that we all enjoy playing today without Garry’s Mod.


Garry's Mod is more than just a game - it's an ultimate sandbox experience and a platform relying on community contribution in which anyone can create a game mode, or pretty much anything imaginable. Since there are endless possibilities and an incredible level of customization, the only limit is the level of creativity of the mode creator. Because of that, Garry's Mod has brought some fantastic game modes into this world, such as Trouble in Terrorist Town, Murder, The Floor Is Lava!, Prop Hunt, Battle Royale Plus, and The Cinema, with over 90 000 additional unique modes to choose from.

In addition to them, creators have produced comics and movies as well, using this game as a creation tool. If you're old enough, you'll surely remember the old-school hilarious YouTube gaming videos, mainly consisting of Garry's Mod.


Garry's Mod's only drawback is the outdated graphics because this game is from 2006. To be fair, Garry's Mod looked fantastic when it got released, but it's been more than a decade since then. Fortunately, there are some graphic mods that can improve the appearance of this game, but it will still run on the Source engine. 

Regrettably, Facepunch Studio (more precisely, Garry Newman) has stated that there won't be a sequel to this beautiful game. However, there is a spiritual successor in the making, and it's called s&box, so you might want to check it out. Otherwise, if you don't mind the obsolete graphics, give Garry's Mod a try. You'd be surprised to know how many active players there are, even nowadays.

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