Best Characters from All Halo Campaigns [Answered]

Halo has had some pretty iconic campaign characters, let's take a look!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Best Characters from All Halo Campaigns [Answered]

The Halo campaign has impacted many gamers across Xbox and PC lovers. Since the beginning, there have been many additions to the entire story which includes some of the worst campaign characters and the absolute most iconic. Below we have listed some of the best Halo characters that have been written into the entire campaign series. 

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Master Chief

I mean it is quite impossible to NOT add Mr. 117 himself. Master Chief is an icon throughout the Halo campaign as the main hero since Combat Evolved. Not only did he save humanity from a destructive alien race known as the Hive, but also from the Covenant and their aggressive war plans. Master Chief has a very loyal and confident personality, which gives him the ability to persist throughout the war's worst moments.


Although Master Chief is not in the entire Halo franchise, he is always there for the most climactic parts of the Halo games. Halo Combat Evolved is the first game of the series, where we meet Master Chief for the very first time. Throughout the original trilogy, from Halo 2 through Halo 3, we get to follow Master Chief and his journey to destroy the halo and survive the destruction of his great success. The original trilogy is a complete roller coaster, which makes Master Chief one of the best Halo campaign characters of all time.

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In the Halo story, Cortana is alongside Master Chief as he battles against humanity's biggest enemies. Cortana gives everyone emotional turmoil as she becomes corrupt and starts to turn against humanity in Halo 5 guardians. Her bond with Master Chief was unmatched, and a lot of people even shipped them as a human and AI couple (strange we know).


She is also considered one of the prettiest Halo characters of all time. With her storyline all the way until Halo Infinite, she is always a part of the main Halo campaigns as either a friend or foe. I mean, a woman playing with your emotions can either create an awesome story or just be completely catastrophic. Halo Infinite feels like we definitely experience that down fall of such a beloved Halo character development.

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The Arbiter

The Arbiter is definitely a Halo character that any original Halo fans know and love. First introduced after the events in Combat Evolved's campaign, in Halo 2. We see the game from his perspective, seeing how the Covenant works, and how their empire runs their side of the war. The Arbiter seemed to want better for himself and had a lot of emotional problems with his own race.


The Arbiter definitely added way more plot schemes throughout the mainline Halo games. His sacrifice for Chief and humankind will always make him the most respected Covenant in the entire Halo game.

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Noble Team

This entire team definitely deserves to be together from one of the best campaigns of the Halo franchise. Not only did they fight to the death to protect as many people as possible, but they kept pushing through each bad turn that they experienced in the fall of the plant Reach. They never gave up despite knowing that they would lose, and most probably lose their lives (and did) for the sake of not only humanity but something that was so important for them to accomplish.


Noble Six

The main character from the Halo Reach campaign, Noble Six is not only a favorite, but we saw ourselves in his character. We get to see from his/her point of view as a first-person shooter and as the dying hero of the war on Reach. If it was not for you, Noble Six, Combat Evolved would have never been possible, which makes the impact of this Halo game to this day, emotionally impactful.


Emile served as not only a great character, but also who didn't love his awesome skull helmet when Reach was first released? Everyone wanted to look like Emile as his customizations were actually possible to achieve throughout the multiplayer and leveling strategy from the game mechanics.

Not only these factors but also the way Emile died was pretty epic, making sure that Noble Six was protected during his delivery of the chip to the UNSC. Ultimately dying form, a covenant arbiter with an energy sword.


Carter showed amazing leadership throughout until the final mission where he commits a suicidal mission to protect Emile and Six as they advanced to delivering their secret package to the UNSC. Carter also is perceived as a very attractive character, from his confidence and leadership, who wouldn't fall for a Carter personality?


Jorge is like a giant teddy bear, someone who everyone wants in front of them in a fight to protect them from the bigger enemies. Jorge had a sense of a father figure throughout the video game story. His death was the first among all of the Team, and that first death from the Covenant ship really shocked all of the players in their first run-through.


Kat was overall an interesting character. She was extremely smart and clearly showed her power as a female figure throughout the campaign. Her death was sudden and honestly made everyone want to give up on the campaign already. As one after another, each person in the team started to die, making Kat the one character that made us bitter overall.

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One of the best villains in Halo, along with overall one of the best Halo campaign characters, Atriox proves his power and has a great character development throughout the Halo stories. From Halo Wars 2 to Halo Infinite, Atriox really sees an improvement in his character. Although he is one of the main villains in Halo Infinite, he really gave an improvement to the storyline that 343 Industries really needed to add.


Although halo Infinite is not receiving as much love as Combat Evolved ever could, it shows the beginning of a new era for Halo. Atriox brings a new story to Halo and the leader of the Banished. A group that emerges during the end of the Covenant War. Not only are they new, but they are presented as very powerful compared to what we knew since Combat Evolved. Thus, making the Infinite Campaign definitely one of the best.

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First introduced in Halo 2, Gravemind is one of the biggest and worst enemies in the entire Halo Series. Gravemind was literally the mind of the Flood. The controller and ultimately, an extremely smart being. He had a way with words as well, as his dialogue was very compelling.


Some of his most famous phrases were, "I am the monument to all of your sins" and "This is not your grave, but you are welcome to it". He was also known to be an extremely manipulative character, along with being over 100ft tall, no doubt, this character brought chills to every Halo player. Gravemind is also considered one of the strongest villains in Halo ranked.

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Dr. Catherine Halsey

Dr. Halsey is finally revealed in the beloved Halo game, Halo Reach. In Halo Reach, we get to experience not only the Noble team but also a character form since the beginning of the Halo universe. Not only this but she is probably portrayed as one of the most interesting Halo characters in the newer Halo games so far.


Dr. Halsey plays a very important role throughout Reach as one of the main characters, and also how she is incorporated in Halo 4 and especially in Halo 5 she makes the best parts of the campaign's storyline.

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