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The Best Clothing For Labs To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

In here, you will find out what clothes are the best for Labs.
The Best Clothing For Labs To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

The Lab or most commonly referred to as "Labs" is the most high-risk high reward map in the entire game. It is the only map alongside Factory to be fully inside, with no outdoor spaces, meaning less long-range combat and more importantly for this article, less greenery. If you are looking to get any kind of advantage no matter how small it is, this article is for you.

What Is The Best Clothing Combo?

Since Labs is an indoor map with a lot of shadows, darker clothes are going to be better. So just like in our articles at the best clothing on Factory for USEC the best clothing is USEC VEKTOR for upper and USEC K4 for lower.

For BEAR we recommend BEAR Black Lynx for upper and BEAR SRVV for lower.

USEC Vektor USEC K4 best labs clothes

These clothes are good to combo with usual black gear such as the Slick plate carrier, Hexgrid plate carrier, and Exfil(black). If you play Labs exclusively or at least it's one of your most-played maps investing in these clothes is pretty good as it's useful on Shoreline and Factory too. It can work on Reserve and Customs because these areas have high PVP areas.

What Are Some Good Alternatives?

The recommended clothes are not the only ones with good camo, however. For Labs here are 5 alternative combos that we recommend. If you are enjoying this article so far check out our article on the best keys for Labs.

For USEC uppers:

  • USEC Base upper
  • USEC Aggressor TAC
  • USEC Commando
  • USEC Urban Responder Upper
  • USEC TIER2 Upper

For USEC lowers:

  • USEC Base lower
  • USEC Gen.2 Khyber
  • USEC Commando Lower
  • USEC Urban Responder Lower
  • USEC Sage Warrior

For BEAR uppers:

  • BEAR Base upper
  • BEAR Grizzly
  • BEAR Zaslon Upper
  • BEAR TIGR Upper
  • BEAR G99 Upper

For BEAR lowers:

  • BEAR Base lower
  • FSB Urban Tact
  • BEAR Zaslon Lower
  • BEAR TIGR Lower
  • BEAR G99 Lower

These clothes should serve you well if for some reason you do not want to wear Black lynx or VEKTOR. The biggest strength of our alternatives is that they are pretty cheap. You may have noticed that both USEC and BEAR base clothing is on the list. That is because it costs nothing and offers pretty good camo.

Labs hallway statue

Urban Responder is almost identical to K4, but it is so much more expensive and that is why it is so low on the list. Most of the time if you have to choose between better gear and tactical clothing, we recommend gear, but tactical clothing can still help.

What Clothing Should You Avoid?

Previously in our articles on the best clothing on Interchange and the best clothing on Woods, we recommended you stay away from stuff like USEC Chameleon. On Labs, while you do not get any disadvantage for wearing USEC PCU Ironsight, BEAR Gorka Kobra, BEAR Gorka SSO, and the previously mentioned USEC Chameleon, you do not get any advantage either so we do not recommend those.

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