Discovering all the Server Locations for Heartstone

Learn more about server locations for Hearthstone and why are they important for your online games.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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Discovering all the Server Locations for Heartstone

Heartstone is Blizzard Entertainment’s card game from 2014. Like all other titles published by the company, it is played through their official Battle Net platform, and, like some other games, it has a dedicated server for the Americas, Asia/Asia Pacific, China, and Europe.

Given the game’s high profile, it is easy to track any minor changes to its servers. In fact, there are several dedicated websites that focus only on this feature. While the game is not as dynamic as MOBAs or RTS titles, the lag can still ruin your experience. So, if you’re struggling with high ping in Heartstone, you should find a server that is close to your location.

Location of the Heartstone game servers


As mentioned, Heartstone has 4 main servers (like WoW):

  • Americas
  • Asia/Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • China

Each one of these regions is further segregated into countries. If a game is available in a particular country, a player is automatically assigned to a region/continent where that country is located. If you wish, you can also try your luck in other regions, but this might cause lag. If you encounter such a problem, you should check the ping in Heartstone to see if it’s up to the server location.

The only exception to this rule is China. Instead of Blizzard, the server provided is managed by their national company NetEase. Nevertheless, they still have a smooth service without lags.

Choosing a Heartstone server

To change your default server, you need to get into launcher and select the server you want to play on. You can access the options from a drop-down menu, which is located just above the play button. After that, just proceed into the game.

It is worth noting that cards and match progression are connected to a particular server. So, if you change the server, you will have to start all over again. Furthermore, you will have a different profile, which includes friends, heroes, and questions. It is as if you’re starting a completely new game.

What’s even worse, you cannot transfer items between accounts on different servers, even if they’re both yours. The only saving grace is that switching between several locations will not delete your progression on other servers.

Importance of Heartstone server location


Generally speaking, it is best to stick with the original server. Any change will increase your ping, potentially leading to lags. Even if the secondary server is still on your home continent, it will work subpar compared to the default one.

The only reason why you would consider a switch is so you can test your luck on a tougher server, play on a weaker server, or play with friends from another region. It is worth noting that Blizzard has never introduced a cross-regional match that would allow you to play with gamers from other servers.

Heartstone server providers

Activision Blizzard relies on complex AT&T technology for its servers. The company gives Blizzard access to data center space and provides management and monitoring services for the network. AT&T has supported Blizzard for the last 9 years. Besides Heartstone, they’ve provided the same infrastructure for Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo franchises.

According to the company representatives, the Blizzard’s dedicated servers are held in 10 data centers, which include facilities in Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, California, Sweden, Germany, France, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. The company utilizes a total of 20,000 systems.

How to check Heartstone server status?


You can track the status of Heartstone’s servers via websites such as On this site, you can check if the servers have encountered any issues in the last 24 hours. Additionally, you can report a problem.

Another great site for tracking Heartstone servers’ status is The website focuses on United States, European, and Korean locations. Although it doesn’t provide a lot of information about the ping, it shows us whether a particular server is working at the moment.

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