How to Get Most Scrap in Rust (Most Effective Methods)

In this article, we will examine the safest and fastest ways to earn scrap.

Updated on Aug 19, 2023
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How to Get Most Scrap in Rust (Most Effective Methods)

Rust is a very punishing online survival game, and you will pay dearly for your mistakes. It's almost impossible not to die countless times, especially if you're playing alone or just starting out with a friend.

Players will often find themselves dying in the Rust and it will get annoying after a while because as you die, your stock in your base will run out and you will find yourself alone with your rock in hand.

The faster you earn scrap and research items, the more you will be ahead of other players.


Although scrap farming is easy, the main problem is usually getting the scraps you have collected back home safely.

Finding scrap is possible from almost every item in the game, you can recycle unwanted items in the Bandit Camp. The best items to recycle in the game are Tech Trash and Rifle Body.

Tech Trash gives 20 scraps per piece while Rifle Body gives 25 scraps.

4 Efficient Methods to Find Scrap in Rust

Method #1: How to Get Scrap by Looting Monuments

Looting monuments in general is always a good method for farming scrap and must be done. In the early game, items from military crates, elite military crates, and normal crates will get you that precious scrap for Workbench Tier 2 and will also allow you to earn more powerful gear.

The best monument for loot and getting scrap fast is the Rocket Launch Site and Underwater Labs.


These monuments have much more military crates, valuable items, and much more scrap than other monuments.

In addition, there are scientists in these monuments and you can loot scrap from the scientists you kill.


Recycling unwanted items afterward at safe zones like Outpost or Bandit Camp allows you to recycle items and get your scrap fast and safer.

Method #2: How to Get Scrap by Fishing in Rust

The fishing method is one of the safest and relatively fastest scrap farming methods. When joining a new server, you can get a tier 2 workbench in half an hour just by fishing.

The reason it is safe is that the fishing will be held in Fishing Village, which is located by the sea and is a safe zone.


In other words, unless you leave the safe zone, you will be safe and will not be harmed by other players.

Fishing can be started immediately after obtaining a fishing rod task from any Fishing Village fisherman NPC and obtaining fishing rod very easily.


A fishing rod and some bait will come from the mission to start, small fish caught can be used by cutting and making bait.

The most common tradable fish caught in Fishing Villages will be Small Trout, Small sharks, and Salmon.

The biggest trick here is not to sell the caught Small Trouts and to hook them as bait without cutting them. Thus, there is a very high probability that Small sharks, Salmon, or Small Trout will be caught again.

After a while, you can sell the caught fish for scrap vending machines in Fishing Villages.


Method #3: How to Get Scrap by Sea Looting in Rust

Another almost safe way to get scrap is by sea looting you can find scrap easily.

This method is a little more dangerous, but thanks to this method, you not only find scrap fast but also get the chance to get components and many more different items.

The most efficient way to apply this method is again through Fishing Village.

You need to have a diving kit to breathe underwater, thus you need to buy diving equipment from Stuff Vendor.


In addition to that, you might want to take the Pump Shotgun quest, you should select "I'd like to go diving" if you desire.


While doing this quest, you gain loot from both sunken chests and above-water barrels, sunken chests make it easy to find relatively hard-to-find and useful items like the Satchel Charge or the Jackhammer.

When you are looting in the sea, it is very normal to fill up quickly because you are looting a lot of things, sunken crates, barrels, and normal crates.

It is important to know which items you should leave in situations like this.

You will keep the best items to recycle with you, for example, if you have an item that gives Tech Trash, you should definitely keep it in your inventory, but if you have an Empty Propane Tank, you can throw it away, and at the end of the farming run you can recycle items to get a decent amount of scrap.

After a while, you can leave your valuable and non-recyclable items at home and go to a recycler run this time.

If you are going to recycle during the day it is best to go to Outpost or Bandit Camp.

Recycling at night is much safer than any other method in my opinion because most players are going AFK at nighttime.

Usually, harbor recyclers are a little safer as you can come and out with a boat quickly at night.


While doing sea loot, the person should not forget a diving set and harpoon.

This is because of other players, if another enemy player is approaching you must jump into the water immediately.

If the enemy jumps into the water, an enemy can easily be taken down with a harpoon gun because there is a high probability that the harpoon gun will surprise the enemy.

Method #4: How to Get Scrap by Trading in Rust

Although this method differs according to the servers made, we can trade scrap and it is the method with the most enriching potential.

This method requires more investment than others, but this method is also one of the safest and you do not need to fight with other players.


Setting up a cloth farm. Cloth is one of the most vital items in the game. Rust players who are a fan of PvP need a lot of cloth to craft medical syringes.

In order to implement this method, electrical materials and farm materials should be researched and you need a vending machine to sell your clothes.


If this method is implemented on the first or second day of the wipe, a very large amount of profit can be made.

The cloth selling method can be sold for anything desired, not just to get scraps.

The amount of scrap you will earn with this method is one of the best ways to get scrap in Rust. Whether you have someone in your clan who is dedicated to cloth farm or do it as a solo. This is basically a good strategy for easy gain.

If this method is applied, the person will have a large number of clothes, so the probability of getting into the raid radar of other players will increase, so the farm base should be strong and durable.

Another important point is not to put too many clothes in the shop at once, this can make the base a target.

What is the Best Scrap Making Method in Rust

The best way to earn scrap varies from team to team and from gameplay to gameplay. Some groups may only get scrap by doing PvP, while other groups may only get scrap by scrap gambling - not in real-life on sites like Bandit Camp. The bottom line is that it is easy to earn scrap in the game, and it is best to apply it according to how you will enjoy it.

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