How to Demolish Wall in Rust (Fastest Ways For All Scenarios)

There is more than one way to destroy your own or your neighbors' wall in Rust. In this article, we will talk about these methods.

Updated on Aug 16, 2023
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How to Demolish Wall in Rust (Fastest Ways For All Scenarios)

There is more than one way to demolish walls in Rust, depending on whether it is your own wall you want to destroy or another player's wall. A lot of times in Rust construction mistakes happen, and sometimes things have to be destroyed. If you want to know how and you want to learn more about the game, our Rust guides have come to your rescue.

Most players can accidentally put their wall backward, or worse, in the wrong place and this leads to the ruin of the house. To prevent this from happening in Rust, try your base design on a build server before playing any official server, it is always useful to be careful.

How to Demolish a Wall in Rust

There are several different methods for demolishing walls that are unwanted around the house in Rust.

Methods #1: Demolish Walls with a Hammer

This method can only be used if the wall you want to remove is your own walls or, in other words, if you have access to the tool cupboard.

If you wish to remove your own walls that you have accidentally placed, you can do it with the hammer tool. After you put your stone walls or wood walls in Rust, it doesn't matter which one it is, you can remove the entire wall in 10 minutes with the hammer tool.

But if it is more than 10 minutes, unfortunately, it is not a problem that you can get rid of so easily.

Methods #2: Demolish Walls with a Soft Side or Fire

It doesn't help to have access to the tool cupboard for this method. If you miss the time limit of 10 minutes, it means that you will break the entire wall backward with your tools or melee weapons. Or, if it is a wooden wall, you can get rid of this problem by burning it.


This option is the most viable option rather than spending Explosive. If it is wooden walls or stone walls you are lucky because in Rust these types of walls are much easier to break than metal walls and armored walls.

Rust is one of the wildest survival games out there, as hard as it may sound to try to demolish your own walls, in situations like this, whichever method you choose, you have to choose one and get rid of this problem, otherwise, you will be easy prey in Rust. In order to survive in this savage world of Rust keep reading and follow our other Rust guides.

Methods #3: Demolish Walls with Explosives

Remove walls in Rust with Explosives is another dimension. Unwanted walls in Rust can be annoying, but sometimes you just have to give up. This is usually not a good solution in Rust if the walls you need to spend explosives on are your own.


Either side of a wooden wall can be easily destroyed, but things are different when it comes to stone walls. It makes sense to break a stone wall only from the back side with the help of tools, you should not waste gunpowder on a misplaced stone wall unless you have to.

Methods #4: Remove Walls with Decay

Another solution is for the tool cupboard to do its job in natural conditions and decay the wall. But it is better to be careful because this will not only destroy the desired wall but the whole base and other players can take over through your destroyed wall while you are not in Rust.

Since sheet metal resources are better and more durable than stone and wood in terms of health, sheet metal wall decay takes much more time than stone and wood.

How to Destroy Any Wall in Rust

Walls in Rust, there are many ways to efficiently demolish your own walls in Rust.

How to Destroy Wood Wall in Rust

As mentioned above, wooden walls are not a problem, they can be easily destroyed in any way. Wooden walls are brown on the front side and light brown on the reverse side.


If you are in a position to hit the light brown part, you can get rid of the wooden structure very easily in a few minutes with tools or melee weapons.

If you are stuck on the hard side of the wood wall and can't pbutt to the opposite side, you can still easily destroy it.

To use our intelligence, what is the strongest element in nature against this element? Fire, of course.


Incendiary shells or other fire material like molotov cocktails is the best and most efficient option for destroying wood or any door.

How to Destroy Stone Wall In Rust

On the other hand, it is very difficult to deal with the stone wall from the hard side. If you are on the hard side of the wall and even if it is your own wall, there is no other choice to destroy it but to use explosives.


If you are on the opposite side as in the image, you can easily finish this job with only 1 jackhammer.

How to Destroy Metal Wall in Rust

Since metal is a strong material, it is harder to get rid of sheet metal supplies than others. It is very difficult to demolish metal walls without a craft timed explosive charge or rocket, but another thing you should pay attention to when using a rocket is the splash damage that the rocket causes to other walls.

If you only want to destroy a single wall, a timed explosive charge is a way to go. Since Rust is one of the hardest survival games, it is very difficult to find and stockpile materials, explosive and sulfur are the most important raw materials in the game.


Metal walls in Rust are fireproof so you'll have to pbutt on that option.

The reverse of the metal wall is relatively weak, just like the others. Raid cost of the hard side is just 4 timed explosive charge if you are trying to blow up the hard part of a single wall. If you need to blast multiple barriers next to each other, you can take advantage of the splash damage of the rockets.


If you are on the backside, you can break it with a Jackhammer in 12 minutes and refill the Jackhammer 3 times from any workbench.

As a result, if the wall we want to destroy belongs to us, we can easily remove it in 10 minutes, but if time has pbutted, it can be a bit difficult, depending on the material of the wall and which side we are on. If it is an enemy's wall that we want to destroy, we can only work with explosive tools as long as they do not put their walls backward.

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