Best Rocket League Decals

Decals in Rocket League are one of the best ways to make your car stand out. We have compiled a list of the finest RL decals for you!

One of the key ways to jazz up your battle car is through classy decals. These are custom stencils and paint jobs that really elevate your cars design to new heights. These also come in animated varieties too, adding a more dynamic style to your cars paint job.With so many to choose from on the marketplace and through acquiring them in blueprints, it can become daunting to pick the coolest option available. So we have taken the time to sift through the duds and deliver you a list of the best decals on the market.

Saving you time so you can focus on playing to your potential. Here is the rundown of the best Rocket League decals on offer.


We start off with this Octane body decal, Biomass. This is a design that looks rather like blood cells. This is only further highlighted by the animated nature of the piece. The accents move slowly through the body as if floating in plasma. It’s an outstanding piece that isn’t for the squeamish type. This decal is a black market rarity and is worth approximately 600 credits or €6 to buy.

If blood makes you feel faint we might suggest you try another one. Though if this looks good to you and you want to make your squeamish opponents lose their composure, Biomass is a great choice.Body : Octane (Painted Crimson)

Decal : biomass (Primary color : red, accent color : black)

Wheels : Draco (Painted Crimson)

Boost : Ion (Painted Crimson)


Next up we have Dissolver. This decal features a beautiful animation that moves throughout the body of the vehicle. This is represented in a fizzing animation. Picture dropping an antacid into water, though you have the choice of what colours to have on show. Our pick would be green and pink to represent the retro candy, Refreshers. This decal is a black market rarity and sells for approximately 2000 credits or €20.

The way the fizz fades and tails off towards the bumper of the car is also a nice touch. Give this one a try and see how you like it.Body : Octane (Painted Titanium White)

Decal : dissolver (Primary color : pink, accent color : sky blue)

Wheels : Cristiano (no paint)

Boost : Flamethrower (Painted pink)


Now we have the fire God decal. This one is absolutely mesmerizing. This animated decal allows you to ride around with a fearsome ethereal flame burning on your car body. You can mix up the colour palette too. Offering green witch like flames, deep red for hell fire, or baby blue which looks rather like a sun kissed sea. This decal is a black market rarity and sells for somewhere between 1500 and 1600 credits or 15/16 euros.

This design is so versatile and can offer a lot of different aesthetics depending on how you pick your colours. So be sure to pick this one up and have an experiment with it.Body : Octane (Painted Sky Blue)

Decal : Fire God (primary color : sky blue, accent color : white)

Wheels : Draco (painted sky blue)

Boost : Lightning (no paint)


Now we have heatwave. This animated decal has an overall design that will make your car look sun-scorched, supercharged or even like a tiger depending on how you style this one. This decal is a black market item and currently sells for somewhere between 2500 and 2700 credits or 25/27 euro, making this one of the more expensive items on this list.

The animation also has subtle smoky shading that looks phenomenal when rising on the car body. This is perfect for players that love bright and vibrant designs and want to get a hot streak going.Body : Octane (no paint)

Decal : Heatwave (primary color : orange, accent color : yellow)

Wheels : FGSP (painted orange)

Boost : “Lightning yellow”


Luster is next up on our list and this decal offers a really subtle but effective design. It’s shimmering animated design that runs through the body of the vehicle is wonderfully slick and simple. This combines great with a fade paint finish to give a really clean look to your vehicle. This one is a limited ratity item and is a steal at only approximately 100 credits or €1. So for those on a budget looking for a signature look, this could be the one for you.

The animation offers an almost holographic nature to the car. Picture a shiny new trading card being held up to the light. It’s an exquisite design that will look great as you soar through the air.Body : Octane (painted titanium white)

Decal : luster (primary color : sky blue, accent color : white)

Wheels : Dieci (painted Black)

Boost : Trinity


Now we have the technologically inspired, mainframe. This design is made to represent a vehicle that wouldn’t look out of place in the movie Tron. Picture light bikes but in battle car form. This decal is a black market rarity and is priced in and around 1550 credits or €15.50.

The accents are also animated, zooming through the car body like streams of data through a computer mainframe. This is perfect for a cold and calculated player who plays with efficiency and watches their stats.Body : Octane (painted sky blue)

Decal : mainframe (primary color : sky blue, accent color : black)

Wheels : Reactor (painted sky blue)

Boost : Slash Beam III (painted cobalt)


Now we have the nox decal. This animated design looks like bass is reverberating through the ground and pulsing through the car, shaking the decal in a rhythmic fashion. This decal was only available for players who reached level 52 of the season 5 rocket pass. So if you didn’t get this one then, I’m afraid its an untradeable item and you may have missed your chance. Though the marketplace occasionally brings back desirable items for purchase so keep an eye out.

The design is perfect for those that love an aggressive base line and love to have heavy beats pumping in the background when they play. So if you want a decal that matches your style, give this one a go.Body : Octane (painted orange)

Decal : nox (primary color : orange, accent color : black)

Wheels : Metalwork (painted orange)


Here we have the wyvern design. This decal is based of the diamond tailed mythical dragon and showcases a wonderful design that has animated scales sliding across the body of the car. This item is only available at tier 61 of the premium rocket pass for season 6, so act fast or you may miss your chance to own this one.

The animation even has motion blur at the back end to represent your speed as you soar through the air to nod a ball toward goal. If your performances are the stuff of legends, wyvern might just be fitting of your pedigree.Body : Octane (painted black)

Decal : wyvern (primary color : cobalt, accent color : black)

Wheels : Cristiano

Boost : Cloudburst III (painted cobalt)


Then there is unobtainium, this is in reference to the fictional and extremely rare material seen in many fantasy stories. This design takes this imaginary material and builds the design with this luxury stone-like material. This decal was only obtainable in the premium track of the Rocket pass from season two. So those looking to pick this one up now are sadly out of luck.

This decal can be combined with rich earthy colours to offer an overall design that makes your car look as tough as a brick wall. It’s also a design that has no animated feature to it. So if you like a rigid and subdued design, this one is ideal for you.Body : Octane (painted Titanium White)

Decal : unobtainium (primary color yellow/gold, accent color : black)

Wheels : reaper (no paint)


Then we have a geometric design called Trigon. This design is abundant with triangles. There is a wire triangle mesh covering the car body and the animated design is various shaded triangles. This decal is a black market rarity and will cost you approximately 600 credits or €6 to own.

This decal comes with subtle accents that all come together to offer a rather brilliant finish. Especially with the pulsing wire mesh running through the car body continuously. If you want to show your geometry skills and score from ridiculous angles on the pitch, give this one a try.Body : Octane (painted lime)

Decal : Trigon (primary color : blue, accent color : green/lime)

Wheels : Illuminata (painted lime)

Boost : Enchanter (painted lime)


Star scape is next on our list of best Rocket League decals. This decal offers an animation that runs through the vehicle slowly. Revealing a multitude of stars that are shrouded by the main car body colour. This decal is one that was only available in the premium track for rocket pass five. So you may have just missed your chance to own this majestic design.

This animation runs really slowly through the body allowing you to fully admire the beautiful contrasting sky. This is a perfect showpiece decal that will really wow your party members as you show off in the main menu screen between matches.Body : Octane (painted crimson)

Decal : Starscape (primary color : red, accent color : grey)

Wheels : Stella (painted crimson)

Boost : Standard (painted black)


Next, we have caution waves. This design is based on the universal warning signs that you’ll often see on the sides of perilous mountain roads. This design has a mesh of stylish chevrons that subtlety sway to offer a dynamic effect to this design. This decal is a limited rarity and currently sells at approximately 221 credits or €2.21, making this one another budget option.

These also have a slick animation that has these chevrons pulse and more dynamically, adding more layers to an already fantastic design. So if you too have a vibrant and dangerous playstyle, why not wear it on your sleeve with caution waves.Body : Nissan Skyline

Decal : Caution Waves (primary color : green, accent color : yellow)

Wheels : High Poly (no paint)


Now we have parallax, named after the phenomenon related to the supposed movement of an object based on displacement. This design plays on this with a fragmentary animation that seems to fill in the missing pieces to the car body, replacing the coat of paint under the surface. This decal is a black market item and sells for approximately 900 credits or €9.

This decal may even seem familiar to superhero fans. Picture that devastating scene from Avengers: Infinity War but in reverse. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. If this sounds like a design you would be up for trying we urge you to follow that thought.Body : Dominus (painted Titanium White)

Decal : Parallax (primary color : dark yellow, accent color : black)

Wheels : Petacio (painted Saffron)


Now we have a decal named Partly Cloudy. This design is a simple and clean design that offers no thrills, swapping more flashy assets for a more chill and serene design. This design features animations that have puffy clouds passing through the cloud body. This decal is a limited rarity and sells for approximately 150-200 credits or €1.50/€2.

This design depicts exactly what you would expect to see if laying under a shady tree on a partially cloudy day. So if you like a more subdued and tranquil design, this one is perfect.Body : Maverick GXT (painted forest green)

Decal : Partly cloudy (primary color : green, accent color : lime)

Wheels : Clockwork (painted forest green)

Boost : Season 8 - Silver


Then lastly, we finish up with the decal called Three Play. This design sets itself apart from the rest with an animation that exhibits white chevrons pulsing in alternate directions. It’s a simple but very effective design. This decal was only available in the season three rocket pass, so if you want to pick this one up now you may be out of luck sadly.

The chevrons offer an opportunity to contrast with the car body beautifully based on your colour choices, culminating to give a design which is classy and a little more subdued than more vibrant entries on this list. So if this seems like the one for you, seek it out and give it a bash.Body : Octane (painted grey)

Decal : Three play (primary color : purple, accent color : grey)

Wheels : Chakram (painted grey)

Boost : Standard purple

So that’s our list of the best Rocket League decals on the market currently. If you want to get your hands on these be sure to play matches to gather blueprints, plus keep an eye on the marketplace for a chance to buy them outright. What is your favorite decal on this list? Are there any decals we missed out that you love? Let us know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading.