The Best Decals in Rocket League That Will Make You Stand Out

We’ve picked the top decals to help you stand out in Rocket League!

Best Decals Rocket League
Best Decals Rocket League

Decals are cosmetics in Rocket League that are vital components of your car’s design. Decals can be specific to a particular car or they can be global and used on any vehicle. Decals (sometimes referred to as “skins”) can also come in a wide range of looks and rarity. In this article, we are going to take a look at our picks for the best decals in Rocket League.

#1 Tidal Stream Decal

Put your car in motion with the Tidal Stream decal.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 1000 - 1100 credits
  • PSN: 550 - 650 credits
  • Xbox: 500 - 600 credits
  • Switch: 500 - 700 credits

The Tidal Stream decal is a Black Market decal that was introduced to Rocket League with the Ignition series of items. We think that Tidal Stream is worth the price because it makes your car model look like it’s moving even when standing still!

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#2 Labyrinth Decal

Turn your car into a maze with the Labyrinth decal.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 100 - 200 credits
  • PSN: 100 - 200 credits
  • Xbox: 200 - 350 credits
  • Switch: 200 - 300 credits

The Labyrinth is a Black Market decal that has been available as a reward in many different series releases over the years. Labyrinth was once an expensive item, but an influx of new decals into the game has recently dropped the price of this fantastic cosmetic.

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#3 Fire God Decal

This decal is too hot to handle.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 500 - 600 credits
  • PSN: 550 - 650 credits
  • Xbox: 600 - 700 credits
  • Switch: 600 - 700 credits

The image above does not do justice to how great the Fire God decal looks in-game. We picked Fire God for this list because we believe that it offers one of the best animations in the game for a serious value of only $5-7 dollars depending on your platform.

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#4 Heatwave Decal

The Heatwave decal will spice up any boring design.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 450 - 550 credits
  • PSN: 450 - 550 credits
  • Xbox One: 700 - 800 credits
  • Switch: 600 - 800 credits

The Heatwave decal has a similar animation to the Fire God but the accent color outlines the body of the car. Pair this decal with any of the best wheels in Rocket League and you have a winning combination!

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#5 20xx Decal

This flamboyant decal turns heads wherever it goes.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 300 - 400 Rocket League credits
  • PSN: 350 - 450 Rocket League credits
  • Xbox: 450 - 600 Rocket League credits
  • Switch: 400 - 600 Rocket League credits

The 20xx is a classic Black Market decal that has long been coveted in the Rocket League community for its unique aesthetic. Although the 20xx can be purchased unpainted for relatively cheap, painted versions of the decal can cost as much as 2000 credits on the open market.

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#6 Interstellar Decal

This cosmic decal is one-of-a-kind.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 1400 - 1500 credits
  • PSN: 750 - 850 credits
  • Xbox: 850 - 950 credits
  • Switch: 800 - 900 credits

Interstellar offers a unique look that no other decal in Rocket League can replicate. This decal looks amazing paired with a painted car body which helps to accent Interstellar’s galaxy-inspired animation. 

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#7 Stipple Gait Decal

Get noticed with this flashy decal.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 1100 - 1200 credits
  • PSN: 650 - 750 credits
  • Xbox: 600 - 800 credits
  • Switch: 500 - 700 credits

The Stipple Gait decal transforms your car by adding a two-tone effect that changes depending on the angle you view it. Check out our list of the best Fennec decals if you want to see examples of how to use this Season 1 reward to its fullest potential.

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#8 S1 - Supersonic Legend Decal

This decal is only available to the chosen few.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: N/A
  • PSN: N/A
  • Xbox: N/A
  • Switch: N/A

The S1 - Supersonic Legend is one of the rarest decals in Rocket League because it can only be obtained if you achieved Supersonic Legend rank during the inaugural Rocket League competitive season. For the rest of us Grand Champions and below, we can only stare with envy at this epic decal that transforms your vehicle into a silver masterpiece.

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#9 Storm Watch Decal

This twisted decal can spruce up any design.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 250 - 350 credits
  • PSN: 300 - 400 credits
  • Xbox: 450 - 600 credits
  • Switch: 400 - 500 credits

Storm Watch is a budget decal with an impressive animation that swirls like the eye of a hurricane. We recommend picking up this decal for a price of $2.50-5.00 depending on your platform if you want to upgrade the look of your car. 

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#10 Wet Paint Decal

Turn up your drip with the Wet Paint decal.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 80 - 150 credits
  • PSN: 100 - 200 credits
  • Xbox: 200 - 300 credits
  • Switch: 250 - 350 credits

The Wet Paint Decal is a favorite choice for Rocket League players around the globe. Its popularity is largely due to the sweet animation that looks like paint is dripping off of your car and it’s also one of the cheapest Black Market decals available.

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#11 Exalter Decal

This is your classic flame decal turned up a notch.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 900 - 1000 credits
  • PSN: 700 - 800 credits
  • Xbox: 500 - 600 credits
  • Switch: 500 - 600 credits

We love the Exalter decal because who doesn’t want flames running down their car? Exalter was added with the Season 2 series of items and this decal can be very pricey if you are in the market for a painted version. 

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#12 Stride Tide Decal

Owning this beauty makes you a true Rocket League baller.

Rocket League Best Decals
  • PC: 1800 - 1900 credits
  • PSN: 1400 - 1700 credits
  • Xbox: 1400 - 1700 credits
  • Switch: 1600 - 1800 credits

Stride Tide is one of the most expensive Rocket League decals you can buy and you won’t find any painted versions for less than 2000 credits. If you love being the flashiest player on the pitch, then Stride Tide is the decal for you!

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#13 Dissolver Decal

This decal is worth trading for.

  • PC: 600 - 700 credits
  • PSN: 800 - 900 credits
  • Xbox: 1100 - 1200 credits
  • Switch: 900 - 1000 credits

The Dissolver decal is a fan favorite that has been available as a reward during many Rocket League events. This decal is a great choice for those who want to showcase a single primary color with their car design.

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#14 Octane Huntress Decal Decal

Epic games knocked this Octane decal out of the park.

  • PC: N/A credits
  • PSN: N/A credits
  • Xbox: N/A credits
  • Switch: N/A credits

The Octane Huntress decal was originally available to players as a reward item in the Season 5 Rocket Pass. If you’re a true Rocket League fan then you need to add the Octane Huntress decal to your collection because it’s the basis for many of the best Octane designs in Rocket League.

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We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best decals in Rocket League. There are tons more decals that we didn’t cover in this article and we encourage you to find a decal that best suits your style. If you’re interested in learning about more cosmetics like these, check out our article where we pick the best items in Rocket League!