What is Rule #1 and #2 in Rocket League [The Final Answer]

Professionals have standards. The most important rules in rocket league are rule #1 and #2. The community has spoken. Find out what they are.
What is Rule #1 and #2 in Rocket League [The Final Answer]

These 2 rules existed since the beginning of Rocket League. However, it wasn’t always clear which is number 1 and which is number 2.

What is Rule #1 in Rocket League?

Rule #1: a player cannot be the first to back away from a head-to-head challenge When your car runs into another car head-on, and you get stuck there, the rule is that you must both keep driving forwards and just stay connected until a goal is scored or until someone bumps into you or your opponent.

Back in 2016, the rule was called The Unwritten Rule of Rocket League. However, a big debate broke out in the Rocket League community wherever this could also be Rule #1. Finally, with over 50 000 votes, Psyonix organized a vote on Twitter that ended the debate and declared this rule as Rule #1.

What is Rule #2 in Rocket League?

Rule #2: Keep the ball up at 0:00! Rule number 2 consists of the idea that when the clock hits zero, you must, regardless of which team you're on, attempt to keep the ball up and prevent it from touching the ground. This rule firstly appeared in 2016 with a post on Reddit from Kronovi and it was long called rule number 1 but over time, things have changed and it became rule #2.