Arsenal Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Today we are looking at Arsenal, one of the most popular and well known Rocket League players, and what settings he uses for his gameplay.

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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Arsenal Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Tshaka Lateef Taylor Jr, better known by his Rocket League nickname Arsenal, is an American-born professional Rocket League player. One of the most flamboyant and popular personalities in professional Rocket League, Arsenal was born on March 16, 2002, and we're going to take a deep dive into his Rocket League settings and bio.


Camera Settings

Every Rocket League player knows how important camera settings in this soccer game are. People have always tried to find the perfect camera settings to use, but ultimately, it's up to every player to choose their preferences. So, here are Arsenal's camera settings, which are interestingly quite similar to his teammate Daniel's. Perhaps there's something there.

Camera PresetCustom
Camera ShakeNo
FOV (Field of View)110
Angle- 3.0
Swivel Speed
Transition Speed
Ball Camera

Control Settings

Many players like to change up their controls and deadzone settings instead of sticking to the Rocket League's default ones, and Arsenal is one of those players. You can find Arsenal's control settings in the table below.

Deadzone Shape
Dodge Deadzone
Aerial Sensitivity

Steering Sensitivity
Controller Vibration
Vibration Intensity
Keyboard Input Acceleration Time
Keyboard Aerial Safety
Mouse Sensitivity


Arsenal prefers to use a Sony Dualsense controller when playing. Let's look at what binds he uses.

Power Slide
Air Roll
Air Roll Left

Air Roll Right




Ball Cam


Who is Arsenal in Rocket League Esports

Arsenal is an active professional Rocket League player from the North American region. He was born in the United States and began his professional Rocket League career in July of 2018.

He started his career in The Peeps, but in 2019 he moved to Spacestation Gaming (SSG) and has been with them ever since.

Throughout his career so far, Arsenal's most significant official success was achieving 2nd place in RLCS Season X - North American Championship, losing to General NRG in the finals, and netting SSG $80 000.

While Arsenal has failed to reach the finals in a Major tournament in the last few years, he has remained a consistent player on the SSG roster and has managed to qualify for and achieve respectable success in the majority of big tournaments over the years.

What Is Arsenal's Real Name

Arsenal's real name is Tshaka "Arsenal" Lateef Taylor Jr.

Is Arsenal Good At Rocket League?

As a professional player, Arsenal is obviously at the very top of Rocket League players. His mechanics can vary from day to day, but he has remained a constant threat on the pitch for years.

Which Team Is Arsenal On Rocket League?

Arsenal has been on Spacestation Gaming since 2019.

Arsenal's Personality

Other than being one of the staples of Rocket League and SSG, Arsenal is known as one of the biggest personalities in the Rocket League community. He is often flamboyant, brash, and funny, usually all at the same time. Altogether, this makes him very entertaining to watch and listen to, which probably explains why he has almost 700 000 subscribers on Youtube at the time of this writing. He is also well-known for typos and writing almost gibberish in games, making his streams all the more fun.

Arsenal's Playstyle

There's no denying the success he has achieved as a professional Rocket League player. Still, Arsenal is one of those players that have a very high ceiling but may at times lack consistency. In the community, this is popularly dubbed a "momentum-based" player. 

When he is at his best, he is an absolute menace on the pitch, making all kinds of crazy mechanical plays, including air dribbles, double and triple flip resets, and of course his famous bumps. He is not only dangerous in offense, but a stalwart defender as well. However, when it's not his day, his presence on the pitch can be described as average at best.

How Much Does SSG Arsenal Make?

You may refer to the table below to see Arsenal's official tournament earnings as a professional Rocket League player. Keep in mind that this is of course subject to change, and of course, it only takes into account his tournaments earnings, and not his earnings from partnerships, sponsorships, Youtube and Twitch.

$81 666
$64 166
$81 792
$28 227

What Actually Happened Between Arsenal And Retals?

Retals and Arsenal were teammates on SSG for 2 years prior to Retals's departure from the SSG roster in September of 2023. Basically, what preceded the departure by Retals was Arsenal complaining about Retals not playing good enough in the previous few tournaments. According to Arsenal, Retals was not only a liability on the pitch, but was also a toxic, passive-aggressive presence on the team.

Whether Retals truly was behaving this way towards Arsenal and Daniel is hard to say, and there are videos on Youtube by both Arsenal and Retals telling their side of the story. In terms of his performance on the pitch, Retals has always been known as a player who relies more on his high IQ plays and bumps as opposed to his mechanics.

The problem became evident during RLCS 2021-22 - World Championship in August of 2023, which is the last tournament Retals played for SSG with Arsenal before leaving for Optic Gaming. Arsenal and Daniel have since teamed up with LJ.

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