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GarrettG Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Today we are looking at GarrettG, one of the most popular and well known Rocket League players, and what settings he uses for his gameplay.
GarrettG Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Garrett Gordon, better known by his Rocket League nickname GarrettG, is an American-born professional Rocket League player. One of the well known veterans in professional Rocket League, GarrettG was born on February 6, 2001, and we're going to take a deep dive into his Rocket League settings and bio.


Camera Settings

Every Rocket League player knows how important camera settings in this soccer game are. People have always tried to find the perfect camera settings to use, but ultimately, it's up to every player to choose their preferences. So, here are GarrettG's camera settings, which are interestingly quite similar to his teammate Squishy's. Perhaps there's something there.

Camera PresetCustom
Camera ShakeNo
FOV (Field of View)110
- 3.0
Swivel Speed
Transition Speed
Ball Camera

Control Settings

Many players like to change up their controls and deadzone settings instead of sticking to the Rocket League's default ones, and GarrettG is one of those players. You can find GarrettG's control settings in the table below.

Deadzone Shape
Dodge Deadzone
Aerial Sensitivity

Steering Sensitivity
Controller Vibration
Vibration Intensity
Keyboard Input Acceleration Time
Keyboard Aerial Safety
Mouse Sensitivity


GarrettG prefers to use a Sony Dualsense controller when playing, similar to his long-time rival from SSG Arsenal. Let's look at what binds he uses.

Power Slide

Air Roll
Air Roll Left
Air Roll Right




Ball Cam


Who Is GarrettG in Rocket League Esports

GarrettG is an active professional Rocket League player from the North American region. He was born in the United States and began his Rocket League career in as early as 2015.

He started his career in Foremost, but in the following year he changed as many as 6 different in only 13 months, before finally signing up for NRG in January, 2017.

Throughout his illustrious career so far, GarrettG has had a plethora of successes. He has helped NRG win the title of the best in North America 3 times, in RLCS Seasons 6, 7 and 8. Despite this, he was believe to have some bad luck when it comes to World Championship finals, having reached and lost 3 finals in a row. However, in 2019, his luck finally changed, and he managed to win RLCS Season 8 Finals, beating Renault Vitality in thrilling game 7 and becoming the World Champion alongside his teammates at the time JSTN and Turbopolsa

While GarrettG has failed to reach the finals in a Major tournament since the beginning of 2022, he has remained a very consistent players on the NRG roster,  and has managed to qualify for and achieve respectable success in the majority of big tournaments in recent times.

Is GarrettG Still on NRG?

Yes, he has been on NRG ever since January 2017 and is still at NRG.

How Old Is GarrettG?

GarrettG was born on February 6, 2001, so at the time of this writing he is currently 21 years old.

Who Started NRG

Mark Mastrov and Andy Miller, the co-owners of Sacramento Kings, founded NRG. In march 2016, some of the NBA stars were announced as new investors, including Shaquille O'Neal. This is the reason why there is a video on the NRG channel where the players on the roster (GarrettG, JSTN and Squishy) actually play Rocket League with Shaquille O'Neal.

GarrettG's Records

There are plenty of records that have been set by GarrettG and that haven't yet been broken, so we felt we simply wouldn't be doing him justice if we didn't list them here. 

  • GarrettG is the only player to stick to the same team and organization for more than 3 years (almost 6 at this point), and that is NRG
  • He is the first player to reach 1500 games played in his career, and the first player to score 1500 goals for one team (again, that team is NRG)
  • He is the first player to attend 100 RLCS events and tournaments in his career
  • GarrettG was the only player to each and every RLCS LAN tournament until RLCS 2021-2021 Spring Major

GarrettG's Playstyle

GarrettG is most well known as a consistent player on the pitch and a prolific scorer. He is always able to remain calm and there isn't a big difference between his floor and peak. The advantage of having him on the team is that you always know what you are going to get with GarrettG and what you can expect him to do.

Most often, you can expect him to score. He has excellent aerial mechanics, and while he isn't the type to often take the burden of the entire team (like some absolute mechanical beasts like Aztral or Yannzz), the consistency of his mechanics makes him a well-above average scorer, while still remaining a strong presence in defense.

How Much Does NRG GarrettG Make?

You may refer to the table below to see GarrettG's official tournament earnings as a professional Rocket League player. Keep in mind that this is of course subject to change, and of course, it only takes into account his tournaments earnings, and not his earnings from partnerships, sponsorships, Youtube and Twitch.

$ 66 725
$ 145 766
$ 72 647
$ 127 479
$ 58 382
2017$ 33 775
2016$ 7820

$ 50

To save you the trouble of doing math, his overall tournament earnings have eclipsed half a million dollars so far.

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