How To Speed Flip In Rocket League (Visualized Guide)

Speed flip is currently the fastest way of moving around in Rocket League, this article will show you how to properly speed flip with a step-by-step guide.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How To Speed Flip In Rocket League (Visualized Guide)

What Is a Speed Flip?

The speed flip is one of the most important game mechanics in Rocket League. This skill is essential for every player who wants to get to a high rank in the game. However, at first, it can be challenging to do a speed flip correctly.

But after reading this article and some practice, you will master speed flipping sooner than you thought.

Why You Should Use a Speed Flip?

A speed flip is one of the fastest ways of moving in Rocket League. It will replace all other types of flips that you would usually use. And, it overall increases the flexibility of your movement.

Speed flip allows you to grasp the ball perfectly during a kick-off. It became a meta move that most good players use, as it is the fastest way to cross the entire field in a kick-off. It will always give you an advantage over the player, especially if your opponent doesn’t use a speed flip.

But, if he uses it too, you will reach the ball simultaneously. And that will stop him from getting the advantage over you right in the beginning.

If you have practiced enough, you will be able to hit the ball immediately with the nose of your car, which can result in an instant goal if your opponent is slower than you. But even if you don’t, you will 100% hit the ball with the rest of your car.

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How To Do a Speed Flip

A speed flip consists of three other mechanics - diagonal flip, flip cancel, and air roll. You will want to combine all these three mechanics. And you will learn how in just a few seconds.

1. Diagonal Flip

Diagonal flip is a move everyone who plays Rocket League is familiar with. It isn’t hard to do. You just have to jump and move to the preferred side at the same time.


Although it isn’t difficult, you should practice it, so you don’t have any problems with it while trying to do a speed flip. Also, avoid getting carried too much to the side when flipping.

2. Flip Cancel

Flip cancel is also a simple mechanic. All you need to do is flip in any direction you want. For example, do a front flip, then during the animation, pull back your analog stick, or your down key, to cancel it.


That will stop the front flip and make your car look up, so you hit the ball with the nose of your car instead of the body.

3. Air Roll

This is the final step for doing the speed flip, for which you will need to use the air roll button.


Start driving, then jump to do a diagonal flip, and cancel it immediately. Make sure that while doing this, you are holding the air roll button to properly land on the ground, while the car’s nose is facing forward.

Air roll combined with these two other mechanics will result in a speed flip. And in most cases, you will hit the ball with the nose of your car.

All that’s left to you is to practice it frequently enough. Then, get comfortable with the mechanics and change the key binds to whatever suits you the best.

Training Packs For Speed Fliping

If you want to find a perfect place to practice speed flipping, we left you a list of the best training packs for practicing the speed flip.


The first training pack code is Musty’s Speed Flip training pack. He is a Rocket League Youtuber who discovered it for the first time in late 2019.

  • A503-264C-A7EB-D282

  • BFAA-45A5-7A56-73CC

  • D278-781E-6C94-C1A1

  • 509F-22E6-1441-05AD

Speed flip is the mechanic that will bring you to higher ranks in Rocket League. It gives you control over the ball during the knock-off and makes you more agile. It’s a mechanic that takes practice to master, but you will have significant advantages over your opponents with enough practice.

We hope this article gave you a better insight into how to do a speed flip in Rocket League. And when you are already here, you should check out our article onthe best Rocket League boosts, so your car looks even cooler when thrusting through the air.

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