Best Dominus Designs for You to get inspired in Rocket League

Updated on Feb 05, 2024
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Best Dominus Designs for You to get inspired in Rocket League

Muscle Cars are recreated with the Dominus & Dominus GT Car Models. Both have gained unexpected popularity after multiple professional gamers began streaming this vehicle and playing it within Esport tournaments like Musty. This made me interested in the Best Dominus Designs for Rocket League. What I ended up finding will surprise & intrigue readers into replicating the liveries below.

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The Dark Knight with S12 Silver Decal

Robert Pattison’s Batman has become highly anticipated amongst moviegoers & gamers. This causes players to recreate the 80s Batmobile from this film. But there isn’t another design more realistic than The Dark Knight with S12 Silver Decal.


  • Body: Dominus
  • Decal: Season 12 – Silver Global
  • Wheels: Zambo
  • Rocket Boost: Thermal
  • Goal Explosion: Gravity Bomb
  • Topper: Black Halo
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: D6 Row D/Color 6
  • 2nd Paint Finish: A1 Row A/Color 1


I’d come to admire & embrace the bodywork that The Dark Knight design used within its design. This version of the Dominus felt more rugged and intimidating. Despite that, this design doesn’t use one of Rocket League’s Most Expensive Goal Explosions. Instead, players are provided the Gravity Bomb when recreating this design. Luckily, this cosmetic effect is popular within the casual & competitive modes of Rocket League.


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The Fireworks Mage with Mainframe Decal

There wasn’t another decade more influential to pop culture than the 80s. To this day, you’ll locate designs in Rocket League that are themed around this generation. But I’ve found that for the Dominus Battle-Car, there isn’t another option better than the Fireworks Mage. That’s because this design embodies everything about the 80s.


  • Body: Dominus
  • Decal: Mainframe
  • Wheels: Zambo
  • Rocket Boost: Flamethrower Purple
  • Goal Explosion: Fireworks
  • Topper: Purple Halo
  • Antenna: Mage Glass 3
  • 1st Paint Finish: D4 Row D/Color 4
  • 2nd Paint Finish: E13 Row E/Color 13


The Mainframe Decal impressed me as one of Rocket League’s Most Expensive Decals. It’d also remind us about the Proton Cannon Car from Rocket League’s Best Breakout Designs. But from these two vehicles, I’d found myself leaning towards the Fireworks Mage because its design felt more magical.


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The Flying Octopus with Wings Decal

There isn’t another Dominus design more unique than the Flying Octopus. I’d expected this design to become boring rather quickly. However, my assumptions were incorrect. The combination of symbols & colors created an appealing livery that nearly became my favorite on this list.


  • Body: Dominus
  • Decal: Wings
  • Wheels: Spyder
  • Rocket Boost: Sun Ray
  • Goal Explosion: Atomizer
  • Topper: Octopus
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: C4 Row C/Color 4
  • 2nd Paint Finish: D3 Row D/Color 3


The most interesting aspect about the Flying Octopus is its Atomizer Goal Explosion and Sun Ray Rocket Boost. These features caused the ground to illuminate & leave blood-red trails in my pathway. In turn, I’d have teammates asking me how this design was created.


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Cobalt Lightning with Huntress Decal

The Cobalt Lightning quickly became a popular choice amongst players, prompting me to recreate this design. There wasn’t an extensive amount of money involved with rebuilding the Cobalt Lighting & the visual rewards were immediate.


  • Body: Dominus
  • Decal: Huntress
  • Wheels: Infinium
  • Rocket Boost: Virtual Wave
  • Goal Explosion: Electroshock
  • Topper: Jolt Bangle 3
  • Antenna: Mage Glass 3
  • 1st Paint Finish: D4 Row D/Color 4
  • 2nd Paint Finish: D5 Row D/Color 5


I’ve used this car model on multiple occasions, only to realize that the Virtual Wave Rocket Boost and Electroshock Goal Explosion are really nice cosmetics.


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The Winged Demon with Dot Matrix Decal

The Dominus & Dominus GT has become popular gamers who favor muscle cars. I’d found multiple designs that selected a darker theme. However, none looked better than the Winged Demon.


  • Body: Dominus
  • Decal: Dot Matrix
  • Wheels: Metal-Corpus Inverted
  • Rocket Boost: Cirrus
  • Goal Explosion: Metro Blast
  • Topper: Devil Horns
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: D8 Row D/Color 8
  • 2nd Paint Finish: G1 Row G/Color 1


The black & red colors utilized throughout the Winged Demon created an ominous sensation. In turn, this vehicle has become ranked amongst the Best Dominus Designs in Rocket League. That isn’t exclusively because it’ll visually scare your enemies, but also because this design maintains one of Rocket League’s Best Boosts.


Testing the cosmetic features within these vehicles was enjoyable. However, I’d recommend the Dark Knight & Fireworks Mage to our readers. These vehicles deserve their placement among the best Car Designs in Rocket League. Until then, each option we’ve listed is considered a popular choice with professional players.

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