When to forfeit a match in Rocket League

Find out when you can forfeit a match in Rocket League and whether you should do it or not.
When to forfeit a match in Rocket League

Rocket League matches, just like any other multiplayer competitive game, tends to get very frustrating and tilting. It’s not really groundbreaking Rocket League News. More often than not players will want to give up and forfeit their current match because they are on a loss streak or are feeling frustrated. Let’s find out if forfeiting is worth it or not, and if it is, when should you forfeit a match in Rocket League. 

What is forfeiting in Rocket League?

Forfeiting means to give up your current match. Pretty self-explanatory. Even though the match isn’t fully concluded and there’s still time left on the clock, you may want it to finish as soon as possible so you can start another ranked match or just exit the game entirely.

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Does forfeiting a match in Rocket League give you an MMR penalty?

While you may think that if you forfeit a match to the opposing team instead of just normally losing will give you an MMR penalty, or deduce your MMR more than a normal loss would, that is not the case. If you forfeit a match, you will lose the same amount of MMR you would by normally losing a game, so there is no penalty for constantly forfeiting matches.

When can you forfeit a match in Rocket League?

In standard competitive modes and extra modes, you can forfeit a match as soon as there’s 3:30 left on the clock. A couple of years ago you could even forfeit the match as soon as it began, but Psyonix removed that option from the game since it induced toxicity in matches. If you want to forfeit while there’s more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds left in the game, you will be able to only abandon the match.

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Can I forfeit in Rocket League if I already voted to forfeit, but my opponent didn’t?

All people in a team must vote to forfeit in order for the forfeit to occur. For example, if you are playing duos your other teammate must also vote to forfeit, and if you’re playing trios both of your teammates must vote to forfeit. If you vote to forfeit and your other teammates do not, you will not be able to forfeit again unless they send in a vote to forfeit themselves. In that case, there will not be a vote to forfeit button on your menu, but an abandon match button. 

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When should you forfeit a match in Rocket League?

While we’ve concluded that it is possible to forfeit a Rocket League match to the opposing team any time after 3:30 on the clock, should you forfeit a match in Rocket League is a completely different question. Generally, you should never forfeit a Rocket League match in order to rank up in Rocket League as fast as possible

You should keep playing even when it seems the match is unwinnable. From many players’ personal experience, oftenly a match seems unwinnable, but in the end they manage to come back and win the entire game. If you build up a good mindset and stop forfeiting, you will certainly improve your rank in Rocket League and have more fun, especially in solo queue. That will give you a huge advantage over most people, especially in higher ranks such as Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend.

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The only time you can be certain that the game is unwinnable is when the goal difference is higher than the number of seconds left in the game. Even the fastest goals, i.e. kick off goals take at least 1 second to be scored. But even in those cases, it is good to continue playing and try to build up a good mindset for the next game.

What is the only reason you should forfeit in Rocket League?

While you should do your best to never forfeit a match in Rocket League, sometimes you may get frustrated a bit too much. In that case, it might be best to forfeit a match and take a lengthy break from the game. Under those circumstances, make sure to take a lengthy break until you queue up for a new game, at least 2-3 hours.