Rocket League Cars in Real Life

As you may have gathered from the comically large ball rumbling around the field and the nitro-powered vehicles, Rocket League is a game that thrives on the popularity of both soccer and fast cars. Now, while the soccer aspect of the game may not be based too closely on the real-life sport, the cars featured in this title very much are. Within the game, you’ll see a variety of models which have been inspired by some of the finest cars in motorsport history and popular culture.Of course, you’ll have the original SARPBC cars like the Octane, Zippy, Backfire and Scarab. However, since those primitive days, many models have been added into the fray and we want to shine a spotlight on the cars which you can find in the real world. So here is our rundown on some of the best real cars in Rocket League.

Pontiac GTO

First up we have the Pontiac GTO. This is an all-American muscle car classic that looks absolutely stunning even amongst the more modern cars out there today. This car was first produced in 1964 and is largely credited with making the muscle car a popular choice for car owners throughout this period. This car was also made in a more compact model briefly through the years of 2003-2006. Within Rocket League, the Dominus is the car that is inspired by the Pontiac GTO’s bold and bulky frame, making it a great choice for American car aficionados.

Nissan 350z

Next, we have a flashy and curvaceous Japanese car, the Nissan 350z. This car is also commonly referred to as the Nissan Fairlady Z and comes in both a coupe and roadster variant. This was a car that was birthed from the failed concept of the 240Z which was deemed unoriginal by the manufacturers. Production for his car began in 2002/03 and ended in 2009. In Rocket League, the car that is modelled after the Fairlady is the Takumi, showcasing the beauty of Japanese motorsport and replicating the curvaceous and sleek design of the 350Z perfectly.

Delorean Time Machine

As many of you will know, this car is one that appeared in the iconic Back to the Future trilogy. However, some may be unaware that this was a real road-legal car. Manufactured in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the DMC Delorean offered a unique and modern design for the time period of the 1980’s and the car would have doors that folded out akin to modern Lamborghinis. Sadly, the manufacturing company would go bankrupt in 1983, two years after the car’s launch and only 9,000 Deloreans were ever produced. The Delorean Time Machine in Rocket League models itself after the car of this era while making nods to the iconic movie franchise with a slightly tweaked design, complete with a flux capacitor.

Ford F150

Now we have the Ford F150, easily the newest car on this list. In one of the more recent updates within Rocket League, a car modelled after the F150 was added to the title, offering players that life to play an enforcer role with a bulky and built to last American pickup truck to zoom around in. This car within Rocket League is known as the Ford F150 RLE and perfectly mirrors the rugged design of this powerful pickup.

2016 Trion Nemesis

It was only a matter of time before a supercar popped up on this list and the Trion Nemesis is the first. This car has a 9.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine, a streamlined and compact design and in terms of speed and performance, this car’s closest competitors would be the Buggati Chiron or the Koenigsegg One:1. If you want to own one of these amazing machines, you would need to pay a whopping 1.6 million dollars for the privilege. The car that resembles this one in Rocket League is simply titled the Nemesis which adds a little more rough edges to this performance vehicle but as a whole, maintains the core design of the real-life vehicle.

Formel One 70′ Dodge Charger R/T

When someone thinks of the granddaddy of all American muscle cars, it’s hard to look past the Dodge Charger. This car is best known for its appearance on The Dukes of Hazzard. The Dodge Charger would effectively retire the Dodge Coronet and proved to be one of the most adored muscle cars in history, warranting seven generations of Dodge Chargers that are still being manufactured to this day. The Rocket League variant is named the Animus GP and replicates this retro muscle car perfectly. So if you want to take the General Lee on the field, this car allows you to do just that.

Nissan Skyline GTR

Now usually within Rocket league, the models are loosely based on existing cars which act as an inspiration for their design. However, much like the Ford F150, the Nissan Skyline GTR was added into Rocket League replicating its design down to the finest detail. This Japanese car was the phone background for many back in the 2000’s, the poster car for a few titles within the Need for Speed series and still serves as one of the best offerings that Japan has contributed to the world of motorsport. Within Rocket League, this title is named the ’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

Maclaren 570S

Then lastly, we have the Maclaren 570S which much like the car above, has been replicated exactly as in real life within Rocket League. The car is simply referred to as the Maclaren 570S in-game and offers players the chance to zoom around the field in one of the most beautifully designed modern British cars around. This car began production in 2015 and is still in production to this day. So if you like a refined and polished British vehicle to ride in when you are tearing it up in matches, the Maclaren 570S is the way to go.

What other real cars are available in Rocket League?

Here are other car models that exist in real-life and in Rocket League. We will try to get this list updated over time:

  • Tesla Roadster
  • Formel 1
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Lamborghini Huracan STO
  • Cars from the Fast and the Furious series

Rocket League In Real-Life

Just like the cars we have just mentioned have penetrated our favourite games, some of the more iconic Rocket League vehicles have managed to transcend their own game and exist in reality. The popular toy manufacturer Hot wheels has produced an official Rocket League set which depicts some of the iconic vehicles from the multiplayer title. Plus, Mini Originals are aiming to do the same thing with a 12-set of car toys that showcase the 12 original car variants present in Rocket League.However, the most interesting story of the bunch is arguably the fact that someone has made a working Rocket League RC car. This RC car is modelled after the popular Octane car variant and can perform perfect barrel rolls just like the player can within the game. Through a simple propulsion mechanism and some 3D printing, Youtube content creator Mrak_Ripple managed to create something which is just about as close to real-life Rocket League as we are ever going to get.

Blurring The Lines of Reality

As you can see, the offerings within Rocket League's vast library of cars are largely inspired by the most popular cars in history. Sure, there are a number of iconic originals that are quintessentially Rocket League cars. But by and large, these vehicles take notes from the best and brightest within the world of motorsport and with Epic Games now at the helm, we cannot wait to see what else this game has in store.