How much do Rocket League Credits Cost? [Big Price Comparaison]

What do Credits in Rocket League cost? Where can you find the cheapest prices? Find it out here!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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How much do Rocket League Credits Cost? [Big Price Comparaison]

Rocket League Credits are a currency in Rocket League that can be bought from the marketplace as well as obtained from the Rocket Pass. Whether you wanna buy a random goal explosion from the item shop or just upgrade your Rocket Pass, Rocket League Credits will get you plenty of goodies. So today, we let you in on Rocket League Credits prices and where to get it from.

Official Rocket League Credits prices

Rocket League Credits come in sets of 500, 1100, 3000 and 6500. If you want to upgrade your Rocket Pass (which costs 1000 Credits), getting those 1100 Credits will be enough.

Here’s a chart depicting the prices of Rocket League Credits in each of the regions from the official site:

ZAZAR 93.00ZAR 186.00ZAR 465.00ZAR 930.00

Psyonix reserves the right to change the pricing of Credits at any time. 

Where you can buy the cheapest Rocket League Credits?

Do you want to know what Rocket League Credits really costs. Here is a price comparaison of Rocket League credit prices from different sources:

In-Game Store$9.08

While trading communities like discord or reddit are cheaper, it can be a lot of hasle to find someone who is willing to sell it at the noted price. Plus a lot of people may want to scam you. Read the most common scam methods in Rocket Legue for help. We recomment RL.Exchange. RL.Exchange is a legit RL marketplaces to buy your credits at.


Third Party Sellers

You can also buy Credits on platforms like Aoeah or Eldorado but we wouldn’t recommend it there.

There are plenty of third-party sellers that sell items of various video games, including Rocket League. The most well-known platform dedicated to selling Rocket League Credits and other items is RL Exchange. There is also a subreddit, r/RocketLeagueExchange where players can trade all sorts of cosmetic items. Credits and items are often sold at quite a discount, so it’s imminent that you’ll score some good deals. In case you’re in the market for a Fennec, they sell for as low as $5. However, one should be extra careful when sharing login details with third-party platforms. 

Where to buy Rocket League credits from?

Rocket League Credits can be purchased from:

  • Item Shop
  • Third Party Sellers

How to purchase credits from the Item Shop?

In order to purchase Rocket League Credits within the game, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Start Rocket League on your preferred device
  2. Head into the Item Shop from the Main Menu
  3. Click on the Buy Credits buttonat the bottom left corner of your screen
  4. Feel free to purchase whatever amount of Credits you wish for
  5. Select purchase and check out
  6. Place your order and complete the transaction
  7. Your new Credits balance will be shown at the upper right corner of the Item Shop

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