How Much MMR Per Win in Rocket League? (Solved)

When busy working your way through the Rocket League Ranks, it’s important to establish how much MMR you can expect when you win.
How Much MMR Per Win in Rocket League? (Solved)

MMR is tricky business in Rocket League, determining not just (as the acronym suggests) your matchmaking rank, but also the journey you’re on as a player. Are you on the road to grand champion or supersonic legend, or are barely getting out of bronze? Well, let’s take a look at MMR in Rocket League and find out…

What is MMR in Rocket League and how does it work?

Let’s start off quickly, and not waste your time: MMR stands for “Matchmaking Rank” and is the rank in Rocket League which determines who you’ll come up against in a competitive playlist. When playing Rocket League’s ranked mode, you will first engage in placement matches which will then plop you down somewhere in the Rocket League rank distribution. After this, MMR will be calculated numerically based on your wins, losses, assists, and general performance. Your rank will shift within the distribution based on these values, between Unranked and Supersonic Legend.

How Much MMR Do You Get Per Win in Rocket League?

There is no specific amount of MMR that you will get per win, for a variety of reasons, but the value add of a win is generally between 5 and 15 points, averaging at around 8 or 9 points per win. You will also lose a similar amount due to a game loss. The quantity of points, however, is never set, as your MMR value will be affected based on who you played against, their competitive rank, and their respective MMR values. The amount you gain or loose is determined before the game and your performance does not impact the MMR gained or lost.

To explain it in a simple, easy-to-understand way, as you increase in rank your wins will gain you less MMR points despite the game getting increasingly harder. On top of that, the number of MMR points you will lose from a loss will actually decrease to counterbalance this increase in difficulty. This was backed up by a Psyonix explainer back in OG Season 1. In the end: the higher your MMR Rank, the harder it is to get more MMR points; the lower your MMR Rank, the easier it is to get more MMR points. Simple, right?

In a way that very much links to what we discussed in the previous section, if you beat a higher ranked opponent than you then you will gain more MMR value as compared to if you beat a lower ranked opponent. This, of course, also goes for lower ranked friends, though you can theoretically help boost them to the next rank by simply letting them beat you. We wouldn’t recommend it, though. After all, you want your friend to naturally win matches so that their skill increases.

How much MMR do I lose per game in Rocket League?

Similarly to how much MMR you will win, the answer to this question very much depends on your rank and the player you are up against in the match. You will generally lose between 8 and 15 points, similar to how many you will win, per loss in Rocket League. You need to remember the basic truths of the business: if you verse the same rank, you’ll win or lose the average; if you verse a higher rank, you’ll win more or lose less; if you verse a lower rank, you’ll win less or lose more. Again, it’s a pretty simple concept.

I hear you asking a question, though, ringing in my ears: “But, mate, how do I actually see my MMR Values in Rocket League?” Great question…

How to Check Your MMR after a Rocket League game

To take a look at your MMR after a Rocket League game, you will need to install a mod. This is because your MMR level is unavailable to normal Rocket League players. We’re not your typical players, though, so we’ve got a little tip: you can check your Rocket League MMR using Bakkesmod or the Tracker Network Overlay. This will take an otherwise hidden score and make it viewable for you to check out…

How Much MMR Per Rocket League Rank?

Different MMR Levels correspond to different Rocket League ranks, resulting in the journey to Grand Champion being one that is far more linear and straight forward than you would have otherwise expected.

Keep your eyes peeled on that table below, because the amount of MMR you need to level up varies greatly between the many different ranks available. If you are in a lower rank like Bronze I to Bronze II, you will need 172 (or approximately 21 wins assuming that the average MMR increase is 8 points per win) points. Meanwhile, the difference in MMR decreases as you work up the ranks with only 153 points between Grand Champion III and Supersonic Legend.

Rocket League Ranks

MMR Level Value

Supersonic Legend

1861 - 2014

Grand Champion III

1709 - 186

Grand Champion II

1575 - 1701

Grand Champion I

1435 - 1559

Champion III

1315 - 142

Champion II

1195 - 13

Champion I

1075 - 118

Diamond III

995 - 106

Diamond II

915 - 980

Diamond I

835 - 900

Platinum III

772 - 825

Platinum II

714 - 765

Platinum I


Gold III

595 - 644

Gold II

535 - 585

Gold I

475 - 524

Silver III

415 - 469

Silver II

355 - 414

Silver I

295 - 349

Bronze III

235 - 290

Bronze II

172 - 233

Bronze I

0 - 172

As you find yourself further up in the Rocket League ranks you will find that the difference between each tier in terms of MMR Level greatly increases. Once you have become a grand champion, though, do you really have much to worry about anymore?

You are already far above the average rank, and you can pretty much guarantee that your hidden score / MMR is much higher than the majority of people playing competitive matches and competitive matches. In the end, though, it’s about having fun in Rocket League’s many competitive seasons, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re below average. 

Just check out our top 50 Rocket League tips and tricks and you’ll be sweet.

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