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The Best Gizmo Designs You will love in Rocket League

Want to get inspired for your next Gizmo design in Rocket League? Then look into our top 5 choices.
The Best Gizmo Designs You will love in Rocket League

Ever wanted to compete in Rocket League with a smaller hitbox? Then you needn’t look further than the Gizmo Car Models. We’ve located the top five choices for players to choose from, with each design feeling like an entirely different car. These designs should make your Gizmo feel unique & different from the competition.


The Edmonton Oiler with Lightning Decal

Canadians have recreated their national heritage by designing this Gizmo design Rocket League. However, we have not anticipated that designs for the Gizmo Hybrid Hitbox would be themed around hockey teams like the Edmonton Oilers.

  • Body: Gizmo
  • Decal: Lightning
  • Wheels: Masamune
  • Rocket Boost: Blue Ion
  • Goal Explosion: Standard Purple
  • Topper: Canadian Flag
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: D4 Row D/Color 4
  • 2nd Paint Finish: C10 Row C/Color 10

Recreating this design wasn’t difficult & every item maintained reasonable costs. We’d found that the Lightning Decal and Canadian Antenna increased the visual performance of this vehicle. I’d also noticed similarities between the Best Gizmo Designs & Best Dominus Designs in Rocket League.

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The Christmas Elf with Xmas Lights Decal

There isn’t another holiday more famous than Christmas & with every passing year; there are many designs themed around this festive period. Luckily, we werecapable of recreating one of the Rocket League’s Best Gizmo Designs. We named it The Christmas Elf.

  • Body: Gizmo
  • Decal: Xmas Lights
  • Wheels: Holiday Hearth
  • Rocket Boost: Xmas Lights
  • Goal Explosion: Happy Holidays
  • Topper: Holiday Bow
  • Antenna: Antenna
  • 1st Paint Finish: D8 Row D/Color 8
  • 2nd Paint Finish: D6 Row D/Color 6

Rebuilding the Christmas Elf Car Model was amusing. Everything about this vehicle was themed around the holidays. I enjoy the Xmas Lights Decal and Happy Holidays Goal Explosion over anything else in this design. This isn’t surprising considering that the Xmas Lights are ranked amongst Rocket League’s Best Decals.

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The Matrix with Wannabee Decal

Have you ever imagined recreating The Matrix in Rocket League? Well, you don’t need to wait any longer. We’ve located an incredible design themed around this iconic franchise. We named it the Matrix Car Model. Why? Because this decal resembles the coded algorithms seen within the Matrix Film.

The Matrix with Wannabee Decal
  • Body: Gizmo
  • Decal: Wannabee
  • Wheels: CNTCT-1 Infinite
  • Rocket Boost: Anispray
  • Goal Explosion Gravity Bomb
  • Topper: Player’s Choice
  • Antenna: Player’s Choice
  • 1st Paint Finish: F3 Row F/Color 3
  • 2nd Paint Finish: G1 Row G/Color 1

I wasn’t expecting the Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion to contrast appropriately with the Wannabe Decal. However, I’d quickly be proven wrong after changing the color spectrum from unpainted to forest green.

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The Tennis Ball with Z-Current Decal

Depending on your skills & personal preference, vehicle designs themed around international sports are enjoyable. That’s where I’d thought about recreating the Tennis Ball. However, there was some reservation that maybe this skin wouldn’t suit my preferences. I’d be proven incorrect minutes after building this great car and playing it in the game.

  • Body: Gizmo
  • Decal: Z-Current
  • Wheels: Zambia
  • Rocket Boost: Sprinkles
  • Goal Explosion: Hellfire
  • Topper: Baseball Cap (B)
  • Antenna: Gold Nugget
  • 1st Paint Finish: D1 Row D/Color 1
  • 2nd Paint Finish: G1 Row G/Color 1

It’ll be noted that players need to purchase one of Rocket League’s Most Expensive Goal Explosions to unlock the Hellfire.

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The Authoritarian with Mean Streak Decal

I’ve witnessed thousands of designs in Rocket League & never anticipated to witness decals themed around communism. However, I’ve located this car that could potentially intrigue fans. It’s named The Authoritarian & shares similarities to the Cuban Regime.

  • Body: Gizmo
  • Decal: Mean Streak
  • Wheels: Discotheque
  • Rocket Boost: Ice Red
  • Goal Explosion: Supernova 1
  • Topper: Beret
  • Antenna: Discord
  • 1st Paint Finish: E8 Row E/Color 8
  • 2nd Paint Finish: D4 Row D/Color 4

Don’t let that concept discern you from rebuilding The Authoritarian.

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