What is 1600 MMR and how do you get there?

Today we will explain what MMR is, and more specifically the meaning of 1600 MMR. We will characterize 1600 MMR and give tips to reach that rating.

Updated on Aug 23, 2023
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What is 1600 MMR and how do you get there?

You could argue that the rocket league rankings as we know them are merely a visualizer for the MMR. A player's skill level can’t be determined by rank alone anymore. In 2v2, an SSL can be 1864 MMR or 2200 MMR. This difference is as big as the difference between a Champ III and a Grand Champ III, which is an enormous difference.

What rank is 1600 MMR in Rocket League?

Here is a full overview of 1600 MMR in every ranked mode:

Super Sonic Legend
Grand Champion II division II
Grand Champion II division II
Super Sonic Legend
Super Sonic Legend
Super Sonic Legend
Super Sonic Legend
Grand Champion II division II

As you can tell, quite often 1600 MMR is SSL, especially in extra modes.

How good is 1600 MMR?


Every game mode has a different MMR range. For 2s and 3s, 1600 MMR is equivalent to Grand Champion and you are a very good player. For 1s 1600 MMR is the absolute elite, and you will most likely be on the top 100 1s leaderboards, being at the top of SSL. Regardless, for all 3 of the most common game modes in ranked, 1600 MMR is a very good rating, putting you in the top 1% of the player base or above. The average rank in rocket league is much lower than 1600.

1600 MMR is characterized by players making very few critical errors per game, sometimes even none. It is characterized by high speed and efficient rotation. Most players can demonstrate a high level of control and shoot and pass very accurately.

How to get to 1600 MMR?

There is no easy way to achieve this, but here are some tips.


The tips above are good to see how to rank up from each individual rank. Keep in mind, the last rank displayed above is the former visualizer for the old Grand Champion rank. However, we have gathered some great tips to get even higher than Grand Champion. These tips are mostly applicable to 2s and 3s, as it is impossible to make a list of how to get into the top 100 in 1s. Simply put you need to devote all your time to Rocket League.

  1. It will take a lot of time and effort, no matter how fast you learn.

  2. Consistency is the key

  3. Even at Grand Champion, one of the most common defensive errors is to not back post rotate

  4. Speed is a key factor. The team that can play at a higher pace will win.

  5. If you find a teammate that you play with regularly, you will improve as a team and in MMR simply because you know eachothers playstyle well.

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