The Rarest Rocket League Items Every Trader Wants

Here are our picks for the rarest items in Rocket League!

Updated on Jan 01, 2023
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The Rarest Rocket League Items Every Trader Wants

If you’re a trader, you know that wearing a rare item when entering a trade lobby can set the tone of the trade very quickly. Most players will see owning some of these rare items as a sign that you know what you’re doing and you know what you’re talking about when trading or some will even assume you’re really good at the game based on the item you have equipt. The bottom line is it can be nice to own a rare item for many reasons. So if you’re looking to get the ultimate trade respect or if you’re looking to have a presence about you in the game, here are some of the rarest items you can possibly find… if you can even find them!

Please keep in mind we have made this list from our experience in the game and the likelihood of running into one of these items in-game. So without further adieu, here is our pick for the rarest items in Rocket League.

1 /5

Z-Plate Wheels | 5500 Credits

A lime lover's dream.

Many of you may be wondering what a wheel that costs so little compared to the other items on this list is doing here. Many of you may even be confused because you’ve never seen or heard of this wheel before.

Personally, I’ve been trading in Rocket League since 2016. I’ve dabbled in big ticket items, expensive items and sets, and I still have many sets and a very expensive inventory but it took me until 2023 to actually see this wheel in the game. I’ve rolled with people decked out in Alpha Items, but expensive doesn’t always mean rare and this wheel is here to prove it. Coming from a DLC toy promotion for pull back race cars, the chances of getting one of these codes was incredibly rare, but that’s not all that makes them rare.

As far as we are aware, these are the only code items that are tradeable. If you can find someone willing to part with them, they will run you about 5k-6k in credits.

2 /5

The Gold Cap | 115,000 Credits

Heart of gold? Do you mean hat?

‍If you’re looking for a flashy topper, a topper so rare that other players will do a double take in-game, the Gold Cap is the topper for you! A flat bill cap of solid gold, tilted to the side to differentiate it from any other topper in the game, this topper only exists because it was given as a reward to those who played the original alpha of the game for the 7 months the alpha existed. This is actually the reason most people call this item the “Alpha Hat”.

Well, that and the fact that the word “ALPHA” is written across the front to remind everyone where it came from. This golden topper will be running you about 115,000c if you can find someone willing to take credits for it.

3 /5

Goldstone Wheels | $2800

Rollin’ on 24s…. karats that is.

‍Another alpha item on our list, the Goldstone wheels are probably the second most rare item used by a decent portion of professional Rocket League players. Some pros use them to show that they’ve been around since the alpha of the game, others using their tournament winnings to buy them to show their dedication to the game, these wheels have been associated with professionals for years now.

Sporting a solid gold rim and tire tread you might find in the real world, these wheels are absolutely unmistakable in game, and your opponents will undoubtedly see them and be in utter awe as you jump in victory at the end of the match. These wheels are the most expensive in the game so expect to be paying straight cash for these wheels, but if you’re lucky enough to find someone wanting items or credits you’ll be looking at a staggering $2800!

4 /5

Gold Rush Boost | $4500

Blind ‘em with the bling.

Our last alpha item entry on the list, Gold Rush, is by far the most consistently rare item used by professionals in Rocket League. You’d be hard pressed to find a pro that doesn’t use this boost making it the most consistently used rare item by professional Rocket League players in the game! The molten flow of liquid gold bursting from the back of your vehicle is sure to have your opponents and your teammates double taking and even saving the replay to see if it really was the legendary Gold Rush boost they just saw. Being the most expensive of all the Alpha Items, this golden glow may cost you, very literally, over 1 MILLION CREDITS. Selling as high as $4500, this boost (which is one of the most expensive boosts) is really only for those who have very deep pockets, but hey, that might just be you!

5 /5

The White Hat | $12,000

Welcome to the elite’s club.

Here we are, the single most rare tradable item in the game. Many of you may not even be aware of its existence! This White Hat doesn’t just come with the item though, but with a story and an exclusive invite to a discord of the other White Hat owners!

This hat was birthed as an idea of Psyonix to reward those who cared enough about the game to not exploit game-breaking bugs but go so far as to record replicating the bug, finding the error in the code, then fixing the code and sending that whole package back to Psyonix for review. These so-called “White Hat Hackers” were thanked with the rarest item attainable and tradable in the game, an item created just for them, the White Hat.

‍And with Psyonix confirming they will no longer be issuing White Hats, the rarity has been closed and confirmed. Only 25-30 hats are estimated to be in existence, and 11 of them being given directly to the owner and creator of the discord, Null, you may have to beg an owner of a White Hat to even consider selling it to you since the selling of their hat could mean their banishment from the discord (related: can you get banned for selling Rocket League items). The price of these hats can be hard to pin down since it’s basically what you and the seller can both agree to, but some hats are up for upwards of $12,000 on some posts from owners. All that said, if you want the rarest item in the game, you can make the right connections, and you have deep pockets, you just might have a chance at the rarest item in Rocket League.

Everything Comes With A Cost

Rocket League is a game of many items and boasts millions of car combinations. With that comes many items rising and falling in popularity, but for a select few of those items comes eternal rarity and the clout that comes with it. 

From a mere 5000c to upwards of $12,000, rarity can come with quite a cost (as you already saw in our rocket league rarity chart article). If you’re willing to pay the price for rarity, the rewards can be anything from in-game head turning to boasting about being a part of an exclusive discord society of elites. Hopefully, this guide was able to help you on your journey to adding some truly unique and sought after items to your inventory. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to do something for the first time and you’ll get your own rare item for doing so!

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