How do you half flip in Rocket League?

This article will explain what a half flip is. It will also teach you how to half flip in Rocket League. It will explain how to apply half flips in your games.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How do you half flip in Rocket League?

As players improve in Rocket League, they have to learn new mechanics. When you get to a certain level, half flipping is a must-know.

What is a half flip in Rocket League?

The picture above provides a great explanation. A half flip is basically a very quick way to turn your car 180 degrees by combining flipping with a series of other techniques. This method should be applied whenever possible when you need to drive the opposite way of were you are facing. It is much faster than simply using reverse or making a U-turn. In high level gameplay, this move is used all the time. You could even say that this move is nessesary to rank up at a certain point.

How do you half flip in Rocket League?


For many fairly new players, half flipping is the first advanced mechanic to learn. This is because it has such a huge impact on your speed, and is not as difficult as other mechanics. It is important to navigate to settings and bind either "air roll right", "air roll left" or "air roll". This is nessesary in order to half flip. We recommend the normal "air roll" as it is the easiest to master. If you are looking for a good way to bind air roll, check out this guide There are many variants of half flipping. In this guide we will cover the most simple one. This method will be good enough for almost everybody, and can be applied even in grand champion. Here is a breakdown of the steps you need to perform:

  1. Jump once
  2. turn your stick towards the direction that you want to half flip (most likely opposite direction of where you are facing)
  3.  While you are holding your stick in the chosen direction, press your air roll button

This 3 step manoeuvre should be more than enough to land your first half flip, but it may take some time if you are not used to using air roll in particular!

If you are still struggling, check out this video made by a Rocket League pro recently

Why are half flips so important?


If you are not convinced yet, here are some further arguments. Half flips can be very important whenever you have to turn around and defend your goal or go for a counter offensive quickly. The higher your rank is, the more important speed gets. As consistency increases for all players in your rank, the pace of your team will ultimately almost always decide the outcome of the game. Therefore being able to turn your car very quick is a must. Another very familiar mechanic to practise after learning the half flip is the speed flip. This is a more difficult mechanic, but something that can be learned if you managed to master half flips. Check out this guide on how to speed flip

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