Drali Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Today we're going to take a look at Drali, and what settings help make this professional Rocket League player as skilled as he is.
Drali Rocket League Settings [Esports Spotlight]

Drali is a professional Rocket League player born in October 2007 and located in Morocco. He is of French/Moroccan/Canadian descent, and we have been unable to verify his real name. Drali is well known for entering, leaving, and then re-entering the Rocket League professional community, and we're going to take a deep dive into this professional player's Rocket League settings.


Camera Settings

Every Rocket League player knows how important camera settings in this soccer game are. People have always tried to find the perfect camera settings to use, but ultimately, it is up to every player to choose their preferences. So, here are Drali's camera settings. Interestingly, they are very similar to ApparentlyJack's settings.

Camera PresetCustom
Camera ShakeNo
FOV (Field of View)110
- 5.0
Swivel Speed
Transition Speed
Ball Camera

Control Settings

Many players like to change up their controls and deadzone settings instead of sticking to the Rocket League's default ones, and Aqua is one of those players. You can find Aqua's control settings in the table below.

Deadzone Shape
Dodge Deadzone
Aerial Sensitivity

Steering Sensitivity
Controller Vibration
Vibration Intensity
Keyboard Input Acceleration Time
Keyboard Aerial Safety
Mouse Sensitivity

Who is Drali in Rocket League Esports

Drali is a semi-active professional Rocket League player coming from the Middle East region. He is of Canadian / French / Moroccan descent, and began his professional Rocket League career in the summer of 2021. His first and only professional team was Pioneers, and after his signing, it was presented as Pioneers signing up one of the most promising prodigies in the game. However, he hasn't achieved any note worthy success with Pioneers.

In fact, Drali has not had any success in team Rocket League modes. Where he does excel however is 1 v 1 mode, in particular, he is great at 1 v 1 tournaments and show match formats. 

His most notable success so far has been getting 2nd place in Twitch Rivals - RL Showdown 3: Europe, netting a $6000 rewards. Apart from that, most of his earnings as a professional Rocket League players come from custom tournaments and/or show matches sponsored by casters such as Johnni Boi or Feer. 

Usually these tournaments and show matches yield certain monetary rewards, and Drali has indeed been able to compete with and even beat some of the top 1 v 1 players, such as Apparently Jack or Daniel.

At the time of this writing, Drali is only 15 years old, and there is no doubt that with his mechanical skills he could definitely be a top Rocket League player if he chose to commit to it. So far, he has been inconsistent, with intermittent flashes of brilliance followed by inactivity for months on end. Only time will tell how this will play out in the years to come.

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