What Is Rocket League Rule 34 - And Why You May Be Better Not Knowing

Ever think about whether Rocket League allows for…players getting close? Well, thanks to Rocket League Rule 34, it’s possible. In more ways than one.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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What Is Rocket League Rule 34 - And Why You May Be Better Not Knowing

Unwritten Rules have long been a staple of this car football obsession causing game. That being the case, they tend to be something to have to pick up by yourself. But in the case of Rocket League Rule 34, this is more true than you think.

What Is Rocket League Rule 34?

Potentially sensitive content incoming - Rule 34 is essentially inappropriate content, or at least Rocket League's version of it. Have you heard of tea bagging from other games? If not, you need to be following media and google trends more exhaustingly.


Essentially, one car "turtles", and another car, well...stands on top of it and, erm...entwines their collective exhaust pipes! Boy, that was a tough euphemism to come up with.


You know that old Internet maxim - if it exists, there is inappropriate content made of it. And on the off chance there isn't, there soon will be.

Is Everything Okay With People?

That's a philosophical question, and one we wouldn't be qualified to give an answer to. Suffice it to say, people are gonna people, and Rule 34 is the first thing that pops up when you search Rocket League on Google. Thank the lord for our search engines offering these services.

Of course, you may feel there is a sense of futility that comes with something like this, but there's a funny side as well. For example, you might say, why not go deeper? (?!) Why stop at only 2 cars?

Well thankfully, the Internet has got you covered.


Remember this article started with "potentially sensitive content incoming"? We are definitely way beyond "potentially" at this point. We admit, this article is more on the funny side, but there are more and more posts on the Internet of players...having fun with Rule 34. And in our book, who are we to judge?

Boy, that was a quick one. Pun intended.

Rocket League 34 Is Not Like Other Rocket League Unwritten Rules

This might go without saying (but then again, maybe not!), but most of Rocket League unofficial rules are actually legit, quality of life guidelines. For example, following rules 1 and 2 may earn you respect from the lobby, whereas rule 3, rule 4 and rule 5 actually help you win matches, and stay on good terms with your teammates on top.

Following Rule 34 makes you…quirky. Yes, let’s go with quirky.

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