What is Rule 4 in Rocket League?

If you ever wanted to learn about the unwritten rule 4 in Rocket League, then you will finally understand why your teammates become so toxic so fast.

Updated on Aug 22, 2023
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What is Rule 4 in Rocket League?

An unwritten rule is obviously not something that you can find in the official game. And as such, it is something you have to learn from simply playing the game, or being involved in the Rocket League community. Or by the other team beating you and realizing you don't want it to keep happening. That is why in this article we’re going to explain and talk about Rule 4.

What does Rule 4 Mean in Rocket League?

The Rule 4 states the following: If It's Your Kickoff, And You Tell Your Teammate "Take The Shot", It Means You Are Going To Fake.


Of course, there are also rules 1 and 2, as well as rule 3 that come before rule 4 (along with many more afterwards). However, here we are going to focus on number four specifically. While it's evident this is an unwritten rule, in many games your teammates will get angry with you if your team suffers because of your ignorance of this rule. The strategy allowed for by rule 4 ensures that your team wins the kickoff as you've caught the opponent off guard, and from there your team may use the possession to lead the attack on your opponent towards their end of the pitch. As mentioned, Rocket League matches are won or lost on kickoffs often enough.
It should be noted that this particular rule is mostly known and used by higher rocket league ranks, roughly around Diamonds or Champs and above.


What does Rule 4 Imply in Rocket League

  • "Your kickoff" means that either you are closer to the ball than other players on your team, or you are the same distance to the ball but you're on the left side, which if you remember we mentioned means that you should be going for the kickoff.
  • "You are going to fake" means that by saying "Take the shot" to another player on your team, it doesn't mean you will simply not go for the ball, but rather, that you will pretend to go for it, and then at the last second break off, making the opponent ram into the ball and give your team the possession. The reason the opposing player will ram into it is because he expects that two players from both teams will hit the ball at almost the same time, so there's no incentive for him to try and slowly dribble the ball in a controlled manner. Rather, he maxes out his speed in an attempt to just get there a fraction of a second earlier. Obviously, this play should only be used if there are at least two players on a team so that your teammate can catch the ball your opponent rammed into, otherwise, the opponent will simply pass you and score.

Tips & Tricks While Using Rule 4

A good way to follow up after Rule 4 kickoff is to keep aware of other cars on the pitch and press your right thumbstick immediately after kickoff, allowing you to rotate the camera and not miss any movement from other players on the pitch.


Don't Overdo It

You should be aware though that this strategy can work once, or possibly a few times during Rocket League matches, however if you do it too much it will become obvious. After you've played it once, the likelihood of having success with it again and again diminishes.

The Disadvantages of Rule 4 In Rocket League

On the other hand, if you are the person who receives a message "Take the shot" from your team, it does not mean you should pedal to the medal to get the ball.


If you do, you run the risk of double committing, which means two or more members of your team went for the same ball, and if you get beaten, two or more of you are beaten rather than only one. Instead, wait for the opponent to shoot the ball towards you and gain possession. Double committing is one of the most common ways to quickly concede goals in the higher ranks where opponents are less forgiving, so proper understanding and communication with your teammates is key.

Consequences Of Breaking Rule 4

If you do decide to break this rule, especially during competitive games, you will be forced to play with vengeful, and sometimes toxic rocket league teammates. There are examples when even if you're in the lead on the scoreboard, your teammates refuse to compete, and then it is simply a matter of how vengeful they become in helping out the opposing team.

Your Team Turns Into The Enemy

They may simply stop their cars, forcing you to play alone, relying on your own skills to beat a full team of opponents. A somewhat funny example is when they make a save from your own shot on the opponent's goal. At the very least, if you and your teammates are in a party, this is a surefire way to make them leave, with bonus points being spamming inside the voice chats.


However if they're particularly prickly, they may prevent you from actively playing as well, by making sure to lock their cars with yours in a bad position, or making you stuck inside the net, making all those goals your team scored thus far worthless.


Obviously, this is an extreme example and may seem a bit too much for breaking an unofficial rule, but season after season, Rocket League players have become more and more strict about making sure not to break the rules, even if the rule in question is not an official rule.

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