How To Musty Flick In Rocket League

Want to learn one of the most popular mechanics invented by Musty? Here's how!

Updated on Aug 21, 2023
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How To Musty Flick In Rocket League

A brief introduction to amustycow a.k.a, Musty

Musty is a very popular youtube known by almost everyone who plays Rocket League. He was one of the first Rocket League Youtubers to hit 1 million and 2 million subscribers. He paved the way for a lot of other Rocket League Youtubers with his unique video ideas and concepts and a lot of players copy his gameplay settings.

Not only that but he was also pretty good at the game and eventually became a pro player after he was signed by team NRG, which is one of the most popular eSports teams out there. He also invented one of the most popular mechanics in the game called the Musty Flick.

What is the Musty Flick?

Musty Flick like all other flicks is a way to flick the ball into the net, catching your opponents off guard, and making the ball go over their heads. The Musty flick can be a lot more powerful and stylish to perform than a normal flick which is why it is used by dozens of players, especially freestyles.

During the Musty flick, the nose of your car is in a position perpendicular to the ground with the ball at the tip of the car after which, the car is forced into a back flip, which launches or flicks the ball, into the air and towards the direction you want it to go. The Musty Flick is a rather easy mechanic to grasp, which will be demonstrated below.

How to Musty Flick in Rocket League

Here are the steps to perform a Musty flick properly:


  • For the setup keep in mind that knowing how to dribble, especially knowing how to bounce dribble will dramatically improve your chances of mastering the Musty Flick quickly.


  • Next, lean forward with your car till the nose of your car is slightly perpendicular to the ground.


  • Next, as you're performing the backflip make sure to come in contact with the ball and basically flick the ball off of the tip of the nose of your car. This will end up with the ball being flicked into the direction you want it to fly towards.

 Remember that timing is key, so make sure to flick the ball at the right time otherwise you will fail the flick if you're too early or too late. 

 Some key points for the Musty Flick

  • Make sure to use a very flat car like the Dominus, and not cars like the battlebus as it is much easier to perform the Musty flick on flatter cars. 
  • Make sure to get a good jump before the flick to avoid the nose of your car from dragging on the ground which will stop you from doing the flick. 
  • Make sure to time the backflip precisely to get the best result from the flip and also make sure that the ball is in close proximity to your car to avoid missing the shot. 
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