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Do Toppers Have a Hitboxes in Rocket League?

Toppers are one of the most confusing items in RL. In this article you'll find out whether toppers affect your gameplay or not.
Do Toppers Have a Hitboxes in Rocket League?

Rocket League is well known for its innovative ways of decorating cars. It provides players with great cars, car bodies, boost trails, and whatnot. One of these great items is the "Topper". Whether the toppers have hitboxes is a topic that has been a grey area for a long time since its launch. However, with years of development, we now have an answer to that question.

What are Toppers in Rocket League?

Toppers are a customization option in Rocket League. They represent a type of hat placed on top of the vehicle. They can be certified or painted. Certified items are special items that, when equipped during online matches, record a certain different-than-normal stat for that item. Certified items can be leveled up by achieving the stat being tracked a certain amount of times.

RL toppers

Toppers have another great perk. Toppers record the number of goals scored while equipped. So, when you go through the details of a topper in your RL garage, you'll be able to see how many goals you've scored while using that topper.

What is Hitbox for Rocket League Players?

Every gamer is familiar with the term "hitbox." In Rocket League, a hitbox is the same as in other games. So, the hitbox is the portion of the body of your car that can basically touch the ball. Now, we could go on and on if we started explaining hitboxes in Rocket League but that's not our topic for today. We have a whole other page about what hitboxes are and how they work. 

RL hitbox

So, do hat toppers have hitboxes in rocket league?

Toppers, do not affect the hitbox in Rocket League, but these caps can be a stylish way to make your automobile stand out. Some cars naturally stand taller than others, while others are made to appear ridiculous or fantastical. One iconic example is the Octane. Another recognizable vehicle with one of the highest hitboxes is the Nissan Skyline. But generally speaking, toppers are just ornamental and do not change the hitbox. The picture below is proof of that.

RL topper hitbox

As far as toppers go, it’s not so much about their appearance as how they affect your hitbox. As with any item that affects a player’s performance, toppers are mostly just for show. Some players claim that certain toppers change the hitbox of their car, while others claim they have no influence. If you’re a serious Rocket League player, you’ll probably skip toppers altogether, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon all of your choices.

What's the point of a Topper?

You can use toppers to personalize your car and change its appearance, but be aware that some of these are a waste of money. They only affect the appearance of the car, not its performance. So if you have several duplicates, try selling them all. In addition, hats that are designed to have an unusual effect may sell at a good price like the "White Hat".

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