Every abbreviation and its meaning in Rocket League explained | TGG

Every abbreviation and its meaning in Rocket League explained

Struggling to keep up with the slang when playing Rocket League? FF, RNG, NCVR, Certified, Psy Net, mmr, LFT, Alpha Boost meaning explained.
Every abbreviation and its meaning in Rocket League explained

In Rocket League, many players use abbreviations during their matches to quickly converse with their team or the opponent. Here are some of the more common Rocket League Abbreviations that most players use.

What does "ff" mean in Rocket League?

This abbreviation is commonly used for the word “Forfeit”, in Rocket League players may want to “FF” a match if they deem the match is unable to be won, or if they do not want to play any longer.

FF Rocket League

Usually, many players may use Forfeit as a form of mockery against the other team with common phrases like "ff please", “You should FF”, or “It’s time to FF”. Furthermore, some toxic individuals may use the term FF against their team. Those who don't want to play anymore for whatever reason may use the phrase “FF or play alone” signaling to their team to forfeit or they will play without him. Players use this phrase to abandon matches, giving their team a disadvantage usually resulting in a loss.

FF Rocket League

The origin of this abbreviation is unknown, but it has been used not only in Rocket League but other popular titles as well. Any video game that contains a round-like structure has players that may want to surrender or forfeit. Resulting in the use of “FF” across many titles.

What does rng mean in Rocket League?

In Rocket League there is one meaning for RNG.

RNG Rocket League

Being granted a title to those who reach Grand Champ in Rumble, get the title of “RNG Champ”.

What does NCVR mean in Rocket League?

NCVR stands for non-crate very rare items. NCVR is an abbreviated term for items that are only obtainable by leveling up, getting drops or trade ups, and are very rare.

NCVR Rocket League

NCVR items are usually items that are sought out for by the community. Everyone wants them and many are trying to trade for them. This abbreviation was created to shorten non-crate very rare items to enable traders to quickly assert what they want and to shorten trades. These items are extremely rare and can be traded for a high price, or a multitude of other items.

What does Certified mean in Rocket League?

Certified refers to certified items. These items when equipped during matches track a different stat for that item, beyond the usual stats that would be recorded. Certified items can level up after reaching a certain stat that is being tracked a certain amount of times.

Certified Items Rocket League

Items from crates excluding paint finishes and toppers can be certified. Furthermore certified common items classify as uncommon. Many players are interested in certified items, due to their special nature in tracking uncommon statistics.For example, Acrobat tracks the amount of bicycle kicks a player scores in online matches. Tactician tracks how many times the player centers the ball on the offensive side. Players are intrigued by the special stats that they record, and depending on the stat some would be impressed by the number.Certified items titles are dependent on the level, which are determined by the amount of specific stat recorded. The levels go from “Certified”, “Capable”, “Skillful”, “Veteran”, to “Fantastic”.

What does mmr mean in rocket league?

MMR is short for matchmaking rating, this is used to determine your competitive tier and status. Those with higher MMR are the more skilled players, while those who have lower MMR are more amateurish in their play. MMR has been around since the creation of competitive video games as a means to match players based on their skill level. In many games, MMR can be a true indication of skill separating good players from great players.

MMR Rocket League

Every division in Rocket League has its range of MMR. Certain modes have different MMR, usually in the competitive setting MMR is different based on the game mode (Solos, and Standard). In other video games, MMR is also heavily used, for most competitive games players refer to their “MMR” to indicate their skill level. In some games, certain MMR may relate to a ranking like silver or gold, but some players may still refer to their true rank as MMR.

What does LFT mean?

LFT in general stands for looking for a team. But in Rocket League LFT could also refer to the LFT topper, a collectible item that players can customize their vehicles with. This item is cosmetic and very limited. Those who registered for fan rewards can get this item from a drop during live broadcasts. This topper comes in different color variants and can be traded among players. As stated before, others may use the term LFT for looking for a team.

LFT Rocket League

Saying this in a chatroom or on a forum may enable players to find a pickup team to play with. Competitive players may also use this term to find a team to play competitive matches with, by queuing up with individuals with similar skill levels. Serious players will be able to stick with that team and grind to a higher skill ranking.LFT has also been used in other games where competition exists, with players trying to join a pickup team to make use of communication better, allowing them to coordinate and create plans more efficiently.

What does Party Up mean in Rocket League?

Party Up refers to the post-game menu option of party up. Selecting this will enable you to signal to your teammates that you want to create a party and play together.If you press the party up button after someone else has already pressed the button, you will automatically join their party allowing you to play with them once again. Party up in Rocket League is similar to many other games with a “Party Up” or “Ready Up” feature.

Party Up Rocket League

Both of these features do the same thing, it allows players of a team to party up together and play again if they haven’t already partaken in a party. For solo players who believe their chemistry and play style with the other players is sufficient, party up may be beneficial if you have found the correct teammates. It’s also a great feature to use to quickly get into matches since the system doesn’t have to find extra players for you to match up with.

What does Sweating mean Rocket League?

Sweating refers to a person trying extremely hard to win the match. Someone who is sweating refers to a “Sweaty” person. This terminology is used to describe a player that always plays to win and is always trying to play like there is something on the line.

Sweating Rocket League

Sweaty players and sweating have been used in the gaming community for a long time. It always refers to someone who is a “try hard” and is extremely serious even in a casual setting. Rocket League players have adapted this abbreviation since it does indeed have a competitive mode. All competitive games will contain players who are “sweating”, due to their nature and willingness to win.

What is Alpha Boost Rocket League?

An Alpha Boost is a boost given to players who tested Rocket League during the Alpha.

Alpha Boost Rocket League

The Alpha was a closed version to help fix issues about the game before rolling out to the Beta. Players who have the Alpha Boost receive in-game rewards like the Alpha hat, wheels, and the boost. The Alpha Boost is the Gold Rush boost that is given to Alpha players. The gold rush boost is sought out for, and everyone is trying to get their hands on one. Alpha Boosts can be purchased from a third party market, for a large sum of money. These cosmetic items are extremely rare, you should be proud if you’re an owner of the Alpha Boost.

What is a 50/50 in Rocket League?

A 50/50 stands for a scenario where two Rocket League players seem to have an equal chance to hit the ball. 50/50 implies that you and your opponent both have a 50 % chance to reach the ball and shoot it in your favored direction.

50/50 Rocket League

For example, you can call a kick-off a 50/50 (even though there are tricks to have a higher chance of winning it).

Other Rocket League slangs

In the following list we explain other abbreviation used in Rocket League and other games:[note for the blogger: make a table out of it]

  • tg: it's french for "ta g*eule" and it basically means stfu ("Sh*t The F*ck Up")
  • GG: Good Game
  • mstwa: This means "You're garbage, you're bad and you should consider uninstalling the game and you should never consider playing any game in your whole life"
  • AFK: Away from keyboard
  • HS: if you're playing against germans than this is an insult meaning "son of a b*tch"
  • Trade?: player wants to trade RL Items with you
  • MB: My Bad
  • GL: Good Luck
  • GLHF: Good Luck, Have Fun
  • NP: No Problem
  • DW: Don't Worry
  • NW: No Worries
  • YH: Yeah
  • SRY: Sorry
  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • NS: Nice Shot
  • jaja: spanish-speaking person laughing
  • N1: Nice One
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