How to get the Titanium White Dominus in Rocket League

Here are all methods on getting the Titanium White Dominus Car Body in Rocket League!

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
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How to get the Titanium White Dominus in Rocket League

The Dominating Dominus

The Dominus has proved to be one of the best cars in the game. It is an absolute weapon for defensive blocks, not to mention its amazing striking power caused by its length for stronger offensive plays. Backed by the community, the Dominus has made its way to the top 3 debate and is a strong contender despite the release of many cars over the years.

How do you get the Dominus in Rocket League?

Well, all you have to do is log into your account and access the Dominus sitting in your garage, as it's completely free! Back in August of 2015, the Supersonic Fury DLC, known for being Rocket League's first major pack release, contained two cars (Dominus and Takumi) and several cosmetics. 

A few years later in December of 2019, after the release of the Blueprints update, the Dominus was made free for every account old and new. To make things a lot simpler, here are a few steps you can follow to use the Dominus today:

  1. Open Rocket League and go to the Garage
  2. Choose a Preset and click on Customize Car
  3. Click on the Body menu 
  4. Select the Dominus and you’re ready to go!

Now, the question remains...

How do you get the Titanium White Dominus in Rocket League? 

Making its first appearance in January 2020 and having the reputation of being one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game, the Titanium White Dominus is every bit worth the hype. The car body is even more expensive than the TW Octane! If you’re one of the lucky few, who happened to get it from a rare drop, you have been blessed by the Rocket League Gods. Hoping to get any Titanium White item let alone for the Dominus from a rare drop is very unlikely and might take a ridiculous amount of patience, but is still possible.

To save you some time, here are a few ways to get you closer to owning that sweet Titanium While Dominus: 

Get Titanium White Dominus In The Rocket League Item Shop 

Although quite rare, the Titanium White Dominus has found itself in the item shop a few times and that is something you should keep an eye out for. Every time it was made available in the item shop, it cost the players around 1100 Rocket League credits which is a lot less compared to the other ways of purchasing it. The last time it was available in the item shop was in February 2023, so you might have just missed it. However, when buying the Titanium White Dominus in the item shop, you will not be able to trade it.

Get Titanium White Dominus Using Third-Party Rocket League Markets

If you’re obsessed with owning the tradable Titanium White Dominus and willing to go the expensive route, you can find it in third-party Rocket League markets. Depending on the console of your choice, the price ranges anywhere from $138-$229. 

As you can tell, the community takes their items very seriously, especially for popular cars such as the Dominus and Octane so don’t expect them to be cheap! The price varies from time to time depending on the demand so keep an eye out for lower prices. For reference, here are a few trading sites you can visit

  1. RL.Exchange
  2. Aoeah
  3. Lolga
  4. Reddit- Subreddits like and 
  5. Discord like and 

For Reddit and Discord, you usually need credits to buy items from other players because they usually don’t want real money.

Get Titanium White Dominus by Trading In/Converting Items from Lower to Higher Value 

There is a way of converting 5 of your ordinary items into Import and Exotic items using the built-in trading system. If you consider yourself to be a lucky person, there’s no harm in giving it a go.

Get TW Dominus by Trading Items Between Players/Traders in Rocket League

The trading community is very active and you’d be surprised to see how a lot of them don’t even play the game as much as they trade. You can use sites such as the RLGarage where you can find traders and see what they are buying/selling for credits. This brings in a lot of opportunities for you to trade with someone in exchange for valuable items. If you possess such items or have good negotiation skills, then it's definitely worth the shot. Discord and Reddit are also useful sites you can visit to find different traders.

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