How To Switch Accounts In Clash Of Clans? [Made Easy]

Lots of serious Clash of Clans players play under multiple accounts, so how do they switch between them quickly?

Updated on Nov 07, 2023
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How To Switch Accounts In Clash Of Clans? [Made Easy]

Switching Clash of Clans Accounts

With the introduction of the Supercell ID, switching through multiple Supercell IDs has never been easier. Now, you don't need Google Play or Game Center accounts anymore!

To switch between accounts, follow the steps below:

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Open Your Supercell ID Settings

Launch Clash of Clans and go to Settings. Look for the Supercell ID section at the top of the Settings menu. Then, click on Connected.

Settings Menu

You will be brought to the Supercell ID menu. In the new menu, click the Gear icon to open the Settings.

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Look For The Switch Accounts Button

Next, scroll down until you see the Switch Accounts button above the Log Out button. Then, click the Switch Accounts button.

Switch Accounts Button

In the Switch Account menu, you will see a list of all Supercell accounts logged into your device

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Click The Account You Want To Switch To

Click on any other account and you will switch from your first account to the one you’ve selected. You can also delete Supercell accounts in this menu.

List of Accounts

And that’s pretty much it! Very simple, right? This method also works if you are playing Clash of Clans on Windows or a Mac device.

Adding Clash of Clans Accounts To Switch

However, you can’t switch Clash of Clans accounts if you only have one account logged in. To switch between accounts, you will need to have at least one more account in the same device. Therefore, you will have to add your Clash of Clans accounts to the account list.

You must go to the Switch Account menu to add a second account to your device. You can follow the procedures earlier to make your way there.

Then, under Other IDs, click Log in to Supercell ID.

Log In To Supercell ID

Now, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and enter your Supercell ID email and details.

Adding Account

Once completed, you can switch between accounts with ease!

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