What Is The Builder Base In Clash Of Clans [Explained]

Ever wondered what people meant when they said Builder Base in Clash of Clans? We’re here to explain everything!

Updated on Nov 07, 2023
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What Is The Builder Base In Clash Of Clans [Explained]

What Is A Builder Base?

The Builder Base was added to Clash of Clans in a huge update in 2017. The Builder Base is essentially a second village you can take care of under the same account. Many people call the Builder Base the “Night Mode” of Clash of Clans since the base is under a dark area.

Builder Base

This secondary village operates with existing features and mechanics from the normal village, but it has come with new features, resources, troops, buildings, and more!

How do the Builders And Resources work

The way builders and resources work in the Builder Base follows the same concept as the Home Village but is slightly different. Instead of having up to five Builder Huts in the Home Village, you can only have two builders in the Builder Base. Fortunately, the building upgrade times are much shorter than the Main Village, so two builders will suffice.

Like the Main Village, the Builder Base also operates around Gold and Elixir. However, it uses a different type of Gold and Elixir, so you cannot transfer resources between both bases. The Gold and Elixir in the Builder Base have a different look and do not have the same color as the ones in the Home Village.

What kind of New Buildings were added

The Builder Base comes with a list of new buildings:

  • Double Cannon: A new version of the Cannon that shoots bursts of three bullets.

  • Fast Attack Archer Tower: A new version of the Archer Tower that increases attack speed at the cost of attack range.

  • Multi Mortar: A new version of the Mortar that shoots multiple shells.

  • Clock Tower: A building that speeds up everything in the Builder Base for a few minutes. This includes upgrade times for buildings and troops.

  • Crusher: A new defensive building that crushes anything around it, perfect to counter swarm ground troops.

  • Push Trap: A new type of Spring Trap that pushes enemy troops into a set direction.

  • Gem Mine: A building that pbuttively generates Gems, allowing you to get Gems fast.

Double Cannon

Clock Tower

What kind of New Troops And Heroes were added

In the Builder Base, you’ll have modified versions of your Home Village troops, but you will not have any spells.

Some examples include:

  • Raged Barbarian

  • Sneaky Archer

  • Boxer Giant

  • Beta Minion

  • Night Witch

Sneaky Archer

The interesting part about Builder Base troops is that each of them has their own unique abilities, similar to how Super Troops in the Home Village work. Troops also have zero training time.

The Builder Base also has its own Heroes. Currently, there are two of them:

  • Battle Machine: A single-target melee Hero that smashes his hammer on nearby buildings. His ability is named Electric Hammer. You can unlock him at Builder Hall Level 5.

  • Battle Copter: A ranged flying Hero that shoots from a distance. His ability is called Bomb Rush. You can unlock him at Builder Hall Level 8.

Battle Machine

How Do Multiplayer Battles Work?

In the Home Village, you would find a suitable base and raid it while the player is offline. Your victory will depend on how many stars you get and the percentage of the base’s destruction.

However, in the Builder Base, you will immediately be matched against another online player; you cannot choose your opponent. Then, both of you will raid each other’s bases, and the winner of the battle is determined by who gets more stars, and destruction is measured if both players are tied in stars.

Winning the multiplayer battle will reward you with trophies, and losing it will deduct your trophies. You will be matched against someone around your trophy range. In the Home Village, it is a viable strategy to lower your trophies to farm gold faster, but in the Builder Base, dropping trophies isn’t going to help you much.

Another important thing to know is you can change your army before attacking the base! You will have time to switch between troops before the actual attack.

How Do You Get A Builder Base?

If reading all of this has gotten you excited to play on the Builder Base, we’re happy to tell you that getting one is super easy! The only requirement you need to meet is to be at least Town Hall Level 4, which shouldn’t be a tough task.

To unlock the Builder Base, look at the bottom left corner of your Home Village. You will notice a boat with a big arrow pointing at it. All you need to do is click on the boat and rebuild it. Rebuilding it will not cost you any resources and is instant.

Rebuild Boat

Once you’ve rebuilt the boat, you can click on it to go to your Builder Base. Similarly, you can click on the boat again to go back to your Home Village.

How Can The Builder Base Benefit The Main Village?

Though the resources, troops, heroes, and buildings are different from the Home Village, the Builder Base does present some benefits to it. Here are three ways progressing your Builder Base can help you with your Home Village:

  1. Gems From Gem Mines: You can get free Clash of Clans Gems that can be used in your Home Village by upgrading and collecting Gems from the mine every day. Many players that don’t play the Builder Base upgrade their Builder Halls only for the sake of getting higher-level Gem Mines.

  2. Gear Up Defenses: As discussed earlier, the Builder Base introduces different versions of Cannons, Archer Towers, and Mortars. If these defenses are high-leveled enough, you can use your Builder from the Builder Base to Gear Up these defenses, turning your Cannons into Double Cannons, etc.

  3. Getting The Sixth Builder: Before the addition of the Builder Base, one could only have a maximum of five Builders. However, Supercell is rewarding players who commit to their Builder Base with a sixth Builder! You must be at least Town Hall 10 and Builder Hall 9 to meet all the requirements.

Gem Mine

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