See The Best Town Hall 11 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

Building your Warden and Eagle Artillery is the first thing to do after reaching Town Hall 11, but what are the subsequent upgrades to prioritize?

Updated on Jan 21, 2024
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See The Best Town Hall 11 Upgrade Order In Clash Of Clans!

At Town Hall 11, along with additional buildings, you will unlock these new buildings:

  • Grand Warden Altar

  • Eagle Artillery

The first thing you should do after upgrading your Town Hall to level 11 is to lay out all of your new buildings, especially your Warden and Eagle Artillery. You should have at least two builders getting the new buildings built. You don’t have to upgrade them immediately; just have them laid out in your base.

Top Priority Upgrades

After completing your Warden, Eagle Artillery, and additional buildings, here are the highest priority upgrades to put you on the right track.

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is always the first building to work on after upgrading your Town Hall. Upgrading your troops in the Lab does not require a builder, so getting the Lab upgraded as soon as possible is always extremely efficient.

  • Clan Castle - The next upgrade to work on is the Clan Castle, allowing you to get an extra five housing spaces. However, the most important part about this upgrade is you can now have two Spell housing spaces, allowing you to carry an Elixir spell, such as Rage and Heal Spells!

  • Barracks - The Barracks upgrade at this Town Hall level unlocks the Electro Dragon, which is probably one of the easiest yet strongest troops in all of Clash of Clans. You don’t want to miss out on the E-Drag, so getting your Barracks up quickly is the best course of action.

  • Army Camp - Upgrading four Army Camps allows you to get an extra twenty housing spaces for your army. Try getting all your Camps upgraded to increase your offensive capabilities.

  • Grand Warden - If you followed my advice earlier, you’d have the Grand Warden built already. Getting him to Level 5 as soon as possible is important, as it allows him to get his Hero Ability, which will be crucial for three-star attacks.

  • Spell Factory - Upgrading the Spell Factory will give you the Invisibility Spell, which is pretty cool. Normally, you’d get extra Spell housing spaces for every Spell Factory upgrade, but you don’t for this level, so I’ve moved it down the priority list.

Level 9 Laboratory

Second Line Of Upgrades

You have some more offensive upgrades to work on, but you’ll also start working on defenses in the second line of upgrades.

  • Dark Barracks - Upgrading your Dark Barracks will unlock the Ice Golem, an amazing substitute for the Golem. I think the Ice Golem is a much better alternative. Ice Golems are used in many prominent TH11 attack strategies, so you should unlock it soon.

  • All Storages - Town Hall 11 upgrades become quite costly and take a long time, so it’s important to upgrade all your Storages so you don’t leak any resources. Though you’d typically upgrade the Dark Elixir Storage first, I believe working on Elixir Storages takes higher priority this time.

  • Archer Queen - We’ve had to delay it a lot, but we can finally start working on our Queen. She is the strongest hero in the game, especially when Queen Charge attacks are still heavily used at this Town Hall level. We will pour as much Dark Elixir as possible to get her maxed out.

  • Eagle Artillery - Now, we can start working on our defense. The Eagle Artillery is a crazy strong defense and is a mbuttive leap from Town Hall 10 to 11. Attackers must consider the Artillery when attacking since it is so important.

  • Inferno Tower - Inferno Towers are still extremely powerful at Town Hall 11, especially against tanky troops like Lava Hounds and Electro Dragons. Ideally, you want to have one Single-Target Inferno Tower and set the other one to Multi-Target, but it depends on your base layout.

  • X-Bow - The next strongest defense on the list will be your X-Bows. They deal heavy single-target damage, which can be very helpful against Electro Dragons since X-Bows have super far attack range.

Third Line Of Upgrades

Many important buildings are out of the way, but you’re only halfway there! Here is the third line of upgrades.

  • Barbarian King - The King will be the lowest upgrade priority regarding heroes, but that doesn’t make him unimportant! The Barbarian King is vital to help you funnel your troops into the center of the base in Queen Charge attack strategies.

  • Air Defense - I’ve been making a big deal about Electro Dragons, so the Air Defense is a high upgrade priority in terms of defenses. They will be essential to take out Electro Dragons and defend your base in Clan Wars.

  • Air Sweeper - Though Air Sweepers do not deal damage, they are an absolute pain for Electro Dragons and Lava Hounds. They can buy your defenses a lot of time to soften those tanky air units.

  • Archer Tower - The Archer Tower is a defense that targets air and ground units, making it a pivotal building to fortify your base. They deal solid single-target damage, which can help with Golems, Hounds, and Dragons.

  • Mines, Collectors, and Drills - I understand that upgrades at Town Hall 11 are pretty pricey, so you might not have enough resources for your next upgrade. So, feel free to work on your pbuttive income sources if you lack resources, as they are super cheap.

  • Bomb Tower - We’ve put a lot of emphasis on air attacks, but we can’t forget about Hog Riders and Miners, two troops used a lot at Town Hall 11. So, the Bomb Tower is easily the best defensive building to deal with them.

Max Town Hall 11

Fourth Line Of Upgrades

Finally, we get to the final few upgrades, which aren’t too important defenses.

  • Wizard Tower - Wizard Towers serve a similar purpose to Bomb Towers in taking out swarm troops like Hogs and Miners, so they are next on the upgrade priority list. However, they aren’t too helpful against Electro Dragons and Lava Hounds.

  • Hidden Tesla - Teslas are similar to Archer Towers, as they deal single-target damage to air and ground targets. They aren’t the most potent defense, but they are still valuable ones that you should look to upgrade.

  • Cannon - Cannons deal decent single-target damage but only target ground units, so they aren’t as good as other defenses. We will work on cannons only after everything else is done.

  • Mortar - The last defensive building is the most useless one: the Mortar. Mortars are incredibly irrelevant, and I don’t blame you if you don’t want to get them upgraded.

  • Walls And Traps - Finally, the last thing to work on is upgrading your walls and traps. They can be a pain to max out, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Suggested Troop Upgrades

At Town Hall 11, you’ll have an abundance of troops and attack strategies, so you can follow any upgrade order you want. I’ll suggest some of the best troops at this Town Hall level.

  • Electro Dragon - The Electro Dragon is as easy as using regular Dragons, but they are much more effective. Many players are abusing Electro Dragons to get easy three stars in War Attacks.

  • Healer - The Queen Charge is used in most Town Hall 11 attack strategies, so getting your Healer leveled up is highly recommended.

  • Miner - My personal favorite attack strategy at Town Hall 11 is the Queen Charge Hybrid, which includes the Miner. If you’re looking to practice ground attacks, I highly encourage using Miners.

  • Hog Rider - Hog Riders are the second part of the Queen Charge Hybrid, so they are the second ground troop to work on at Town Hall 11. You can also combine the Queen Charge with Mbutt Hog Riders.

  • Lava Hound - The other air attack strategy other than Electro Dragons has to be the Queen Charge LaLo, so the Lava Hound is a priority troop upgrade.

  • Balloon - The LaLo involves Balloons, so they are next on the upgrade list. Balloons are also often used in Electro Dragon attacks, but you’d only include less than ten of them.

Electro Dragon

If this guide has helped you max out Town Hall 11 quickly, check out our upgrade order list for Town Hall 12!

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